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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The attached drawings illustrate an embodiment of the
present invention, and FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the electrostrictive vibrator 1 (FIG. 2 is a
central longitudinal sectional view).
иииииииии Second . 6b иииииии Lead wire, 7 ииииии Vibration absorption material, 8 иии Insulating outer shell.
Detailed Description of the Invention 11 This invention is held in water and emits super 1 "f wave
or 12 is a sealed ultrasonic transducer 11 that receives the reflected wave 11, radiation super?
The purpose is to make it possible to easily convert one wave into a streetcar's pointing angle
and to make it particularly advantageous for application to a fish finder. 161. . In general, the
directivity angle of the sound wave is 2 at the same frequency under the same frequency. The
present invention divides the radiation 5 electrode of the electrostrictive vibrator into a plurality
of parts based on this principle, changes the area of the electrode 6 to which the signal current of
vibration is applied, and changes the directivity angle of the ultrasonic radiation With reference
to the attached drawings, an example of its embodiment 8 will be described. In FIG. 9, reference
numeral l denotes an electrostrictive vibrator in which the ultrasonic wave reflection electrode 3
is joined to one surface of the piezoelectric ceramic disk 2 and the ultrasonic radiation electrode
plate is joined to the other surface by a known method. The radiation electrode holder is divided
into a central first radiation electrode holder a and a donut shaped second radiation electrode qb
at its outer periphery l'l, and the relationship between the two IJN pole areas is determined by
the first radiation electrode Qa (second radiation electrode IS [141 b. The electrostrictive vibrator
l described above is covered with a porous vibration absorbing material 7 such as cork, foam
rubber, etc. except for the surfaces of the eleventh 1st core P, J and the radiation electrodes ? a,
1b, and further the outer periphery is water And covering 5 in a fluid-tight manner with an
insulating shell such as a synthetic 4 rubber or a synthetic resin, which is substantially equal to
the acoustic impedance of the above, and the reflective electrode 3 and the radiation electrodes 4
fa, 4 (6 coated lead wires respectively connected to b! s /; a 14 b is pulled out of the insulating
tire 9. In order to make the pointing angle of the ultrasonic wave of the underwater radiation
variable, the present invention divides the ultrasonic radiation electrode into a plurality of usages
so as to make it possible to make the area of the electrode surface 111 variable. In the case of
the example, either one of the first radiation 12 electrode da or da b is used to increase the
directivity angle, and both antennas @ 4'as' Ib are used to reduce the directivity angle. Such a
change may be made by applying an oscillating current signal p4 between the lead wire S and
either one or both of the lead wires 6a and 6b, and the selection of the use electrodes is fixed 2
also by the changeover switch It is also free to make it changeable in a timely manner. It is
advantageous that facing angle is large 5 to detect the fish shadow near the surface of the
surface with a fish finder at 4 facing the surface, and 6 directional angle is small to detect the
fish shadow of the search part There are a lot of cases, so when the true 7 draft is used as a
detection sensor for a fish school 8 detector that requires a change in the detection depth
especially, improve its detection ability and power?
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