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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view showing the diaphragm of the
piezoelectric buzzer of the present invention and FIG. 2 is a side elevational view on the side of
AA 'FIG. 2 is an electric circuit diagram of the present invention; FIG. FIG. 1-... Piezoelectric
element, 2 ... diaphragm, 3 ', 4' ... 1st second electrode, 5 ... split electrode, 10 ... amplification
circuit, 11 ... resistance Condenser series circuit.
2. Detailed description of the invention A wood device is a piezoelectric material which feeds a
voltage to a thin plate-like piezoelectric element to make it prosper in the thickness direction of
seven and generate a noise. ・−5:? [2 regarding the buzzer. A piezoelectric buzzer having a
piezoelectric element as a diaphragm is highly reliable because it requires a mechanical contact
and is highly reliable. If it does not occur, it has six advantages. In addition, it is possible to look
at the types of sounds by controlling the electronic circuit alone to change the timbre and the
delay / intermittent sound, and since there is no interference with the electronic circuit due to
sparks, it can be used as an alarm or signal to electronic devices. It can be embedded. As an
example, ■ 4 am child range, am for the operation of fully automatic washing machine etc. and
for the end notification of operation ,! 2) Electronic desk calculator, for confirmation of pressing
one key, such as cash register, for alarm of turf 7 tisita, hf temple, etc., forehead of the report of
the soil J cuss etc. ρ; i etc. # Can be seen. The wood design relates to the piezoelectric buzzer to
be expected, and more specifically, it will be detailed in conjunction with the figure below in the
electricity below VcML. FIG. 1 is a 6-diaphragm (*) which is a main component of * painted
compact main body: l), and a piezoelectric element (1) is attached to a gold m plate t81 *
̶pasted first electrode + at [7] The other surface orientation is provided with 112 electrodes
(41) made of silver paste (4). When an alternating voltage is applied between the electrodes and
aln1, the piezoelectric element i1 periodically bends in the thickness direction, so that the
diaphragm is shaken and an audible sound is generated. On the other hand, the divided electrode
(5) for detecting a bed generated when the piezoelectric element 11) same as the second ll pole
t4i is bent to the piezoelectric element 11) is the second electrode plate 1 and the second
electrode plate 1 Electrically Klf! It is provided in the Vlt state. FIG. 2 shows such a diaphragm
(an electric circuit for vibrating the electric circuit, the electric circuit is an emitter or a ground,
and a load resistor (R1) connected to a collector of an emitter transistor (Ir) and a daughter
transistor ("r")). The base of the transistor (Tr) is connected by tIk and nine bias resistors (Y), the
amplifier circuit of the emitter emitter based on C-, and the base-emitter of the Hiki transistor
(Tr). And contin V <CO>, and the first electrode of the 1i 1 i b board (2), 31 is the transistor (Tr)
O emitter, and the second @ pole; 4) Connected to the collector and to the divided electrode t. −
Then, when the fourth place is supplied to the electric 111 throat bet + Va :), the power supply
narco Q! A series circuit (l @) of a resistor (Ro) and a capacitor (C8) is connected via a resistor
(horse) located between the l and the base of the transistor (Tr). ) Vc charge is finger & generally
The base potential of the transistor (Tr) is also increased depending on this charge ii &. On the
other hand, in the vibration & (phantom piezoelectric element I1), a direct electric field is applied
from the second and first electrodes 4itIl connected between the collector and the emitter of the
transistor (Tr) and bent in one direction . The divided type [j + I) of the voltage @ element Ill is
detected as a potential and is fed back to the base of the transistor (Tr). The base potential, which
is the sum of the first position due to this feedback and the potential due to the charge 11EA of
the capacitor v (co), reaches the threshold shield throttling VthK'A of the transistor (rr> & the
transistor ("r" is conductive) Since the transistor CTr) 9 contactor-emitter is lowered, the potential
cover is lowered. Since the five electric fields applied to the piezoelectric element 111 also
decrease with the decrease in potential, the piezoelectric index i1) returns to the original state of
water quantity Ki. Then, since the potential is not induced in the divided electrode titK, the base
potential of the transistor (Tr) becomes equal to or lower than the threshold potential vth in a
cylindrical manner, and the transistor (Tr) is cut off. When the transistor (Tr) is in a broken state,
a piezoelectric electric field (a DC electric field is applied to 11 again, so that the deflection
division electrode + 1i1K positive potential is registered in one direction. The positive potential is
fed back to the base to conduct the transistor (Tr). Thus, the transistor ("r") conducts. The a #
state is suddenly turned back to make an oscillation, and an audible sound is generated from the
diaphragm +1). On the other hand, when the charge to the capacitor (Co) is advanced to a fully
charged state, this capacitor (C, Charge @ load is discharged. When the base potential becomes
equal to or lower than the threshold voltage due to the discharge, the oscillation operation of the
transistor (Tr) is stopped and the audible sound is not generated. The emitter of the transistor
(Tr) depends on the stopping of this oscillation operation. (6) A reverse electromotive force is
generated in the darkness and causes a potential drop of the capacitor (Ca). That is, the potential
of the contrast (ell) is lowered as if the charge charge with the opposite polarity of the back
electromotive force and the charge has been discharged. When this discharge is completed,
charging is started again as shown in FIG. 6, and when the base potential due to this charged
charge reaches the threshold potential Vth, the transistor (? r) makes one oscillation and
produces a faint noise. Therefore, the intermittent if is separated from the diaphragm 12) at a
constant time interval.
As is apparent from the above description, according to the present invention, the thin-plate-like
pressure-sensitive-instrument's wall 111 vc and the separated electrode are connected between
the light emitter and the emitter of the transistor constituting the amplifier circuit, and one of the
electrodes is divided to form divided electrodes. The divided electrode is fed back to the base of
the transistor to make the amplified vAw1 IFI as an oscillation circuit to generate audible
corrosion from the piezoelectric element, and a series connection from the resistor and capacitor
between the base and the emitter of the transistor is generated. Since the circuit is arranged and
the compel is charged to determine the upper potential of the transistor D based on the amount
of charge of nine, the control of the oscillation operation of the transistor is controlled, so that
the hearing sound emitted from the piezoelectric element is intermittent. It sounds like
Therefore, it is possible to easily obtain intermittent noise simply by adding a resistor-capacitor
series circuit between the base and the emitter of the transistor that composes the amplifier
circuit as well as the above-mentioned resistor-capacitor series circuit. It is possible to follow
intermittent sound effects tp # just by changing the circuit constants of. And it has an alarm
effect without giving a sense of discomfort compared to intermittent 11 fan powder 4 · · 、 if · ·
考 考 Piezoelectric good for warning · lI @ for binding @ various electronic machines -1IiIK
incorporation is its effect There is a big one.
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