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Brief Description of the Drawings
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the structure of a
speaker diaphragm. As a shooting plate for speakers, it is desirable that the l # 11 character is a
dog and it has a moderate internal loss so as to absorb the unnecessary vibration generated
temporarily, and the weight is as light as possible. A paper fiber browning board is relatively
used as a conventional seven-panel board for speakers because it is relatively compatible with
the above three elements, and the pulp beating method, stock size agent at the time of beating
However, the paper fiber diaphragm generally has a large density change and a small rigidity.
For this purpose, a method of laminating a thermosetting resin adhesive on the surface of a
paper fiber imaging plate by spraying or coating and molding it with a heating mold can be
considered, but a paper fiber pregnancy plate is relatively thin. In this case, the diaphragm is
deformed and it is difficult to maintain a desired shape. If the thickness of the paper fiber web is
increased to prevent deformation, the weight increases and the rigidity decreases. Also, there was
a drawback that the rigidity of the imaging plate was insufficient to realize a heavy-piston-like
imaging movement, and the present invention was devised to eliminate the above-mentioned
drawbacks, so it is shown in the drawing as 8 Explaining the embodiment, as shown in FIG. 1, it is
an imaging plate for a speaker, which is formed by molding and bonding a casting polyurethane
resin 2 which is a polyol composition on the surface or the back surface of the fibrous diaphragm
1. . As shown in FIG. 2, the manufacturing method is such that the fiber diaphragm 1 is placed on
the lower mold 3 and the spacer ring 5 is placed on the periphery thereof, and an appropriate
amount of polyurethane resin for room temperature curing casting on the surface of the
diaphragm l. When a mixture of main agent and curing agent is injected and the upper mold 4 is
lowered, the casting polyurethane resin 2 is filled in the space surrounded by the fiber
diaphragm 11 upper mold 4 and the spacer ring 5 And demold after about 10-15 minutes.
Demolding It is kept so as not to collapse, left at room temperature overnight, or forced cured at
300e for 2 hours. Although mold release agent is not required when the mold is of Nrico /
Rubber, mold release agent of mold, resin type / Ricon type, wax type, fluoro resin type, etc. is
used. By changing the thickness of the spacer ring 5, a layer of casting polyurethane resin of an
arbitrary thickness can be formed on the surface of the silkworm imaging plate. Like i + [selfinspired, but since the fiber-imaging moving plate l and the polyurethane resin 2 are in close
contact with each other, the stiffness of the whole diaphragm is thickened and has a proper
internal loss It is.
Depending on the ratio of the thickness of the poly-Furetan resin 2 to the thickness of the fibrous
diaphragm 1, the rigidity of the moving plate and the internal loss can be selected as l'll / C for
rich water.
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