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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram showing a basic configuration
of an acoustic feedback system, FIG. 2 is a characteristic diagram of FIG. 1, and FIG. 3 is an
embodiment of an acoustic feedback system according to the present invention. 4a to 4c are
characteristic diagrams for explaining the operation of the embodiment, FIG. 5 is a circuit
diagram showing the embodiment specifically, and FIG. 6 is another diagram of the present
invention. FIG. 6 is a block diagram showing an embodiment of the present invention. 21 и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии First
variable of feedback circuit 28 иииии Amplifier 29 Variable resistor 30 Second feedback circuit
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The invention relates to the improvement of an
acoustic feedback system. As is well known, conventionally, a motional system is used to improve
the entire characteristics in the low frequency range of the speaker. And recently, as an
application of this motional feedback, the development of an acoustic 71-1 'back speaker system
has been actively promoted by G. One figure is an acoustic such as the upper h-pin (-p barahun
stem) The basic configuration is shown. That is, the 1-electric signal supplied to the input
terminal 11 is checked by the feedback amplifier 12 composed of the amplifier unit 121 and the
feedback unit 122, and is more dominant by the speaker 131 /. Here, a part of the acoustic
signal reproduced by the upper e-speaker 13 is converted to the electric @ sign by the
acoustoelectric signal 14 in the acoustic p) patter and the h% amplifier 15 is returned to the
above-mentioned feedback. It is negatively fed back to the input ? of the amplifier 12. And, an
acoustic system such as ▒ 1 can reduce distortion t-as well as a general system, and capture a
signal for return by sound wave and return it to feedback increase @ e12. Since the strain metal
of the cone of the speaker 3 can also be reduced because it is dull, it has another advantage of
species r +. However, in the conventional acoustic feedback system as described above, a phase
delay inevitably occurs until the acoustic signal from the speaker 13 reaches the acoustic
transducer 14. For this reason, in the low range of the electric signal fed back from the sound
and vacancies vI 8 unit 14 to the feedback amplifier 12, there is a periodical field which is a
positive feedback, and in the low frequency range There was a moment of having That is, as
shown in Fig. 2 in Asahi, in the middle and high lap he areas f to f, it is a negative feedback state,
but in 11: ? heirs / 1 to f, it is a positive return light and oscillates Also, Q 'tends to be a positive
feedback in the vicinity of the bass joint frequency fo of ? 11 j sby fJ 13. This idea was made in
consideration of the above-mentioned circumstances, and it can prevent public shooting in the
low tide area, and it is possible to stably negative / discard with high frequency performance 1
from his DTf0 to the bass co-photographing +1 It is an entire object to provide a very good
acoustic 1-dock system that can be applied. The following is one real ll I! i 11 11 about four
sides? Refer to i9 in detail in detail.
In FIG. NE3, the input terminal 21 is connected to the input terminal 21 of the feedback increaser
220, which is an amplification unit 221 and a return autopsy 222, at the 211f-1 human power
terminal. The output end of this * Ц i feedback amplifier 22 is connected to a speaker 2311. At 17, an air deflector 24 is provided in the vicinity of the upper i-bisby force 23 v (ij 2, acoustic) 1-fr
9 for fr #. In addition, the attraction signal of the detector 24 in this odds electricity is returned
to the feedback amplifier 22 via the one feedback circuit 27 consisting of the line width 25 and
the variable resistor 26, and the mFIW theory 28 . The feedback circuit of the brush 2 is
connected to the capacitor C9, @ anti-R4 and the variable resistor 29 and the feedback circuit of
the brush 2 is connected to the feedback amplifier vAa 22 through the feedback circuit 1-1, 74.
That is, the output of the # feedback circuit 27 at t41 and the output of the second feedback
circuit LA are combined, and the feedback gain '!' It is supplied to S2J. Here, the first feedback
circuit 27 has a feedback gain G which is constant at a predetermined high frequency f from a
low-pitched radio frequency f0 to a predetermined high frequency f, as shown in the upper part
of FIG. Then, in the low-frequency range fL, f, as shown in the upper part VC of FIG. On the other
hand, the second bladder recurrent disease 30 is for use with a loaf 9 screw 1 consisting of an
amplifier / electric 28 ░ capacitor CI and an anti-R 1 as shown in the lower part of FIG. 1 (a).
Constant # up to frequency 'LR range! It has a gain G. For this reason, only the low frequency
range / L1 to fL, in the low frequency region / L1 to fL, of PS '2 ? ? ? @ L ? ?, as shown in
the lower part of Fig. 4 (b), the insect 2 Is the feedback circuit 30 of? Reverse phase
characteristic with respect to the feedback circuit 27 of H1, with negative feedback, return + tt! !
! 4 = It is made to feed back the output electric signal from the acoustic air V fixture 24 to the
device L1. J) Then, by combining the output of the feedback circuit LL of the building 1 and the
output of the second feedback circuit LA, the first feedback circuit 27 as shown in FIG. And the
second feedback circuit jO (the negative feedback amount due to lr cancel each other out, and
there is no positive feedback in the low frequency fLI range to the high frequency range 1).
Therefore, it is possible to stop the completeness and the like due to the positive feedback state
in the low cycle and the wave front area as in the case of being in motion, and to perform the
stable operation in the area of 8 cycles from 1 frequency rhyme area it can. Fig. 5 shows an
example of the circuit of Fig. 5. The circuit of Fig. 5 is described with particular reference to the
synthesis circuit 31 for synthesizing the output of the feedback circuit L1, and the output of the
feedback circuit LA. Do.
That is, +3 force of return circuit 27 of skin 1 is supplied to soil sC synthesis circuit 31 ('+3 force
is supplied to '11 eggplant input via resistance R3 and the output of feedback circuit SO of motor
2 or resistance R, Then, the difference Rk is connected between 1 and 1 plus 1 and the resistance
R4 is connected between 1 plus 1 and 1 plus 1 force, and 'i: width 32 is more positive . In
addition, Fig. 6 shows another example of the present invention, in which two acoustic i-tracheal
tubes 33 and 14 are provided, and a porous material (not shown in FIG. Guke tape)) 35 once in a
long time, inside the sound * W air converter 34 and high frequency ring (C feeling 1 tt-reduced).
According to such a configuration, the feedback circuit L of ht half 1 continued to the
acoustoelectric conversion 433! The frequency characteristic of is as shown in the upper part of
FIG. 4 (a), and the sound 1 t ts change 3 v 1 vague power, but the field circuit 11 of 2 has no
effect characteristic of the field circuit 11 even without the characteristic # 'i rono mother Sfilter
As shown in the lower part of FIG. 4 (a), the same effect as that of the embodiment shown in FIG.
3 can be obtained. The present invention is not limited to the above four cases, and various
image formations can be implemented without departing from this outside R. Therefore, as
described above, according to the present invention For example, it is possible to prevent
oscillation in the low-frequency region, and extremely comfortable acoustic performance 1
capable of stably providing negative feedback in high-frequency range 1 from low-frequency 1,
low-frequency co-shooting frequency f и. A feedback system can be provided. 4, ?i'll simple light
9 Iz 1 ? 1 in the drawing, 1 is basic basic composition of acoustic foot 1 back system ff: ? block
machine W figure, 2 2 is the replacement of FIG. 1 A fine figure, FIG. 3 is a real texture 1 of the
finished caustic fee Y-back system according to the present invention 1 (a block block diagram of
FIG. 4 (a) to FIG. , 9 ? ? ?) ? 5) butt! FIG. 6 is a block diagram showing a circuit supply 1 and
a loop 61 according to another embodiment of the present invention. 21 и и и Input sheep, Ll и и и
feedback unit, 221 и и и 1 monk i 'AM, 222 и-B tank return, 23 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и 24 heat wave
converter, 25 ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии First feedback circuit, 28 иии Amplification and 5.29 иииии!
Resistor, J) ... second feedback circuit. 1 year old? ? * 2 ?-? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 27 (30C?
Fang 4 d8 (a) (b) и hi> part 2tof (C) fof + '+ 45 no, pfdBf. ? Flasher f = 177 177 840 (J6Applicants ? Shibaura Electric ? ? ? ? ? 5 5-R4 ? ? Z 21, 22324z x 32 222 R 331, P 8 Da
26 ? ? 25 (? 57 57 ? 71 S ? g 28 Al applicant Tokyo Shibaura Electric 2 1 ? ? '' '' '?)) ?
2 1) Power of attorney V (2) 1 statement of statement 9 (3) drawing (4) request duplicate 1 copy
6, Aij Other than ??? drafter, 1 person for utility model registration, agent agent address
Minato-ku, Tokyo Toranomon 1-chome 26-5 5th 17 forest Bitter, 4] name (5743) Patent attorney
Miki Takemen Year 1 address same place name (6881) Patent attorney Atsushi Tsuboi, -Jn. R /
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