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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view showing an
example of the sounding body according to the present invention, and a transformer comprising
a piezoelectric ceramic plate 11 and a mechanically strong resonance plate 12 A diaphragm 17 is
disposed on one surface of the user 13 and an electrical circuit component (including a printed
circuit board etc.) 15 is disposed and mounted on the opposite side, and is loaded in the wood
16. The number 14 is a support. FIG. 2 shows the electrical characteristics, and the 8 curves
show the conventional 5 curves according to the present invention and W shows the bandwidth.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the t, J
construction of a sound generator. If you need a sound generator, especially one that requires D
特性 錨 W as shown in Fig. 2 a, you can see greedy resources. For example, there are patent issue
上, upper 1 public notices 46-2716, and は are same @ 45-33464 etc., but all of these things are
sounding bodies, Sona Ichi, same figure blIlI line Only at the frequency band of the joke as shown
(Nume? J can not be used as a sound generator such as a buzzer or siren having an output
characteristic of M + a length. 1- / Thu-), a well-known speaker, for example, υn1ted5tates
Patent0ff1 csNo, 3.331.970. No. 3.271.596, JP-A-49-139.981, JP-A-5G-14370, JP (50-5574,
furthermore, for laughing); Public Notices No. 52-47980. In any case, it is possible to increase
the sound pressure by increasing the sound pressure of the bimorph type or unimorph type
transducer itself directly by using the medium that emits the vibration ω of the bimorph type or
unimorph type. If it does not exist as a phonetic body, it has a defect that is equal to Eα. At this
point, it is a T that provides various research and developments. Furthermore, as seen in the
patent publication h = r published Sho 52-85494 in the car, radial vibration is given to the
bimorph tt I + Matsuguchi I! In the case of a sound generator having a large J output, but with a
large J output, the junction is damaged in the manner of L k and j. This is also a serious drawback
as a sound generator. The specific feature of the imaging system is that it is more mechanical
than a plate with a pressure-stable ceramic 2- to an electrode, without φ joining the radial
motion plate to a bimorph in which two conventional pressure-stable ceramics are laminated.
Metal plate with 9 degrees, and connect the radial vibration plate directly or through the
connecting rod with the core plate, etc. Keep the sound pressure equal by bonding the swing U
plate to the resonance plate of appropriate revision 5J, and as shown in the “l” cross-sectional
view of 1′′J representative of 1st L 81 I, ceramic of piezoelectric and note For example, a
transducer formed by bonding a resonant plate 12 made of a metal plate, a resin plate V, and a
plate 11 provided with electricity 8 to titanium dioxide treated with an amount of 116 units of
tilcone amount I12 Place the trial LJ board 14 on one side of the 13: Attach the support stand 14
and '1 to the back light j- circuit components 1δ flush, 9. In the housing 1b where the details
were opened.
It is made six. In addition, the shape of the transformer (oppositely, the shape of the transformer
other than the square, rectangular, etc. is not unthinkable.-1.4 strongly and j ' JJ output · 2 ::!
There is nothing more to do. In the history of trans- ducers "+, r + ', M is another student j-, + is
self-excitation! Even λ is included in the scope Lii of the whole scale ·). Unthinkable P,-If it looks
like a conventional single-stage speaker. As a result, it is necessary to create a redundant l-ha,
which is one of the largest ones, in the vicinity of the resonance edge of the coupled transducer.
The support (按 ·, J) is placed to position the transducer in the method to resonate, and the
resonance and the method of the overall vibration system are made to g ′ 3 and the peak as in
the case of 21 = + bal + The point is to get the way out. In addition, (1 L, 1, 1) and 17 between
the transformer 13 are 10 pairs, and it is necessary to place the electric circuit component 14 on
the opposite side, and the party necessary for flooding The same effect can be used effectively.
According to the present invention, it is possible to obtain a high output of about 6 dB (about 2
times the sound pressure ratio) in comparison with a conventional vibrator that does not
overturn the diaphragm, and can be used as a buzzer or siren for an alarm. There are @ + i + ltL
like 1 vegetable to open too.
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