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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional
speaker, FIG. 2 is a perspective view of a diaphragm of the same speaker, and FIGS. 3 and 4 are
speaker diaphragms according to embodiments of the present invention. FIG. 5 is a view showing
the relationship between the area of the surface material of the speaker diaphragm and the
sound pressure frequency characteristic. 6 иииии Vibrator, 8 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и Surface
material, 13 и и и Surface material, 14 и и и и и и , 15 ..... Elastic body foil.
[Detailed description of the invention] In the present invention, a hollow columnar core partially
bonded with a low rigidity such as a honeycomb core or a zeta core such as aluminum is used as
a core material, and a surface material is provided on the surface of the core material. The
present invention relates to a speaker diaphragm to be bonded. FIG. 1 shows a cross section of a
conventional loudspeaker using this type of diaphragm. In FIG. 1, 1i-1: A yoke integrally formed
with the center pole 2, 3 an annular magnet fixed to the yoke 1, 4 7? -An annular plate fixed to
the upper surface of the gnet 3-"; cf (J" 1 /) 2-, and an annular surface between the inner
peripheral surface of the plate 4 and the outer periphery of the center pole 2 A cheering gap is
formed. 5 is a frame fixed to the plate 4; The diaphragm 6 is a diaphragm supported by the frame
5 via an edge member, and as shown in FIG. 2, the diaphragm 6 has a surface on the front and
back of a core 80 made of a hollow columnar core such as a honeycomb core or zeta core. The
material 9, 9 'is adhered. In FIG. 1, reference numeral 10 denotes a coil bobbin fixed to the lower
surface of the diaphragm 6, and a voice coil 11 is wound around the coil bobbin 10. 12 is beaten
with a damper. As described above, in the speaker VC using the diaphragm in which the surface
members 9.9 'are adhered to both surfaces of the core member 8 such as a honeycomb core,
rigidity is obtained as the diaphragm and the split resonance starts. The frequency expression
can be made excellent, and wide band reproduction is possible. However, in the above
conventional speaker. Since the diaphragm 6 in which the wedge phase 9.9 'is bonded to the
entire surface of the core 80 is used, the frequency f1 of the first natural resonance of the
diaphragm 6 is obtained as shown in A of FIG. While producing a large sound pressure peak at -1
H 'three, there has been a drawback that a large amount of harmonic distortion is generated and
the substantial reproduction band is narrowed. The above-mentioned conventional drawbacks to
the present invention? I: To remove. One embodiment of the present invention will be described
below with reference to FIG. In FIG. 3, reference numeral 8 is a core consisting of a honeycomb
core, the surface 9 having an area 31 is adhered to the entire surface of the core 8, and the
surface having an area 82 (S +> b2) smaller than the above is on the back. 9 'is glued. According
to the speaker using the diaphragm 6 of the present embodiment, as shown in C of FIG. 5, the
peak of the sound pressure due to the natural resonance is removed, and a wide band is
obtained. That is, as shown by AVc in FIG. 5, when the area of the surface material 9 ░ 9 'is
equal (S + 252), a sharp resonance peak is generated at one frequency f1 as described above.
As shown in FIG. 5B, a sharp resonance peak occurs at a frequency f2 lower than the frequency
f1 when the area of the surface material 9.9 'is significantly different (S + >> 32). Ru. However, as
shown in C of FIG. 6, the direct product of 1 table 1 + 1 j j no j 5 no 4-face material 9.9 'is made
to differ moderately (S1> S2), and in FIGS. The resonance is canceled each other, the resonance
peak is not sharp, the sound pressure frequency characteristic is also flat, and the reproduction
band is broadened. According to the experiments of the present inventors, if the area S2 of the
surface material 9 'is 96% to 60% of the area S1 of the surface material 9, the above effect can be
obtained. FIG. 4 shows a second embodiment of the present invention. In this embodiment, the
surface material 13 is bonded to the outer peripheral portion of the surface material 9 'of the
first embodiment shown in FIG. In the present invention, as described above, the area of one of
the surface phases adhered to both sides of the core made of the mesophilic columnar core is 95
to 80% of the area of the other. A wide band speaker with a sound peak for natural resonance is
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