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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view showing a structure of a conventional
speaker diaphragm, and FIGS. 2 and 3 are views showing a structure of a speaker diaphragm of
the present invention. 5 is a base layer, 4 is a sheet, 3 is a diaphragm base cloth O
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention i relates to a speaker backshooting motive using a woven fabric or a non-woven fabric such as silk and cotton as a moving
plate substrate. Conventionally, a dome-shaped peristalsis using a soft ant cloth (silk, cotton, etc.)
as a peristaltic plate substrate is known, as shown in FIG. 1, a base cloth (silk) (1 ) Is impregnated
with a shaping agent (phenol resin), heated and pressed to form a dome shape, and then a filler
(silicon resin, acrylic resin, etc.) (2) is applied to the surface of the base cloth (1) Has a structure
that has been treated with sealing: 目 / 30f ^ J □ 2 る. Such an fx structure is composed of three
steps of the forming step of the base fabric (1) and the sealing treatment step and the drying step
after application of the sealing agent (2), and the sealing treatment step is the sealing agent (2)
Since it was a manual operation performed by applying a brush several times, the workability
was extremely poor and the mass productivity was poor. In addition, since the coating operation
is manual work, uniform coating is difficult, and the quality of the diaphragm becomes uneven.
Furthermore, since the filler (2), such as silicone resin, has a large specific gravity, the diaphragm
mass is large and the freight car is low, and the movement loss is small, causing abnormal
movement especially in the high frequency range, causing a lot of distortion. There were
drawbacks such as In view of these points, the present invention aims to simplify the
manufacturing process and to obtain a diaphragm with vague characteristics, and the features of
the present invention are a fiber layer of non-woven fabric and a continuous microporous
structure. A sheet having substantially the same structure as that of a natural leather and a
diaphragm base cloth are stacked and integrally heated. The base layer has a base layer in which
the polymer elastomer and the polymer elastomer are three-dimensionally interlocked. It has a
pressure-formed structure. The following is an idea of the present invention. lJ will be described
along its manufacturing process with reference to FIGS. 2 and 3. [1] A thickness of 0 as a moving
plate base cloth. After preparing IIIJ silk cloth (3) and immersing this silk cloth (5) in a solution
of 5 to 10% (weight concentration) of a rubber adhesive (or acrylic, polyamide, vinyl W adhesive)
To dry naturally. [■] Then, a substrate layer having a random three-dimensional threedimensional structure, in which this silk cloth (3), a fiber layer of non-woven fabric structure and
a polymer elastomer having a continuous fine porous structure are three-dimensionally
interlocked, is used as a substrate The sheet (4) is superposed and heated and pressurized, and
the surface portion of the sheet (4) in contact with the silk cloth (8) K is penetrated between the
weaves of the silk cloth (8) and thermally sacrificed to obtain a silk cloth (18). ) And the sheet (4)
are simultaneously formed into a predetermined dome shape. In this example, as the sheet (4), hn / 'rare product, synthetic leather Clarino (registered trademark) USF-BL-04 (black) was used.
As shown in FIG. 2, a polyurethane elastomer solution having a polyurethane resin solution is
made to penetrate into a polyimide fiber layer of a non-woven fabric structure, and this fiber
layer and the polyurethane elastomer tiger having a continuous fine porous structure are threedimensional. A polyurethane elastomer having a continuous porous structure i + finer than the
above polyurethane elastomer continuously on the surface of the base layer (non-woven fabric
m) (5) having a random three-dimensional three-dimensional structure entangled in Form a
surface layer (silver surface layer) (6) (having a structure almost identical to that of natural
leather. Specifically, as the sheet (4), one having a basic physical property of thickness 0.85 sm
weight to 5 f // specific wheel (apparent density) 0.3 is used, and the back surface of this sheet
('4), ie, The silk cloth (8) is superposed on the back surface of the coarse substrate layer (5) and
integrally heated and pressed to form a dome shape. The thickness of the sheet (4) after molding
was 0.15 m. 5) Here, the reason why the silk cloth (8) is superposed on the back surface of the
sheet (4) is to make the adhesion between the coarse substrate layer (5) and the silk cloth (3)
stronger and more advanced. It is. The dome diaphragm made M as described above utilizes the
heat-sealing property of the sheet (4) during heating and pressure forming, and the surface
portion of the basic layer (5) is woven with a silk cloth (3) 1 As it penetrates the eyes and softens
and melts the silk cloth (3) K-impregnated adhesive to bond the sheet (4) and the silk cloth (3),
that is, the heat fusion property of the sheet (4) is simply In addition to using it, the adhesive
impregnated in advance to the silk cloth (3) is softened and melted during heat and pressure
forming, and the adhesive property is utilized to bond the sheet (4) and the silk cloth (8) As a
result, the adhesive strength between the two significantly increases. Therefore, the sheet (4) and
the silk cloth (8) do not separate from each other due to radical encouragement of the moving
plate, abnormal vibration of splits in the high range, etc., and the quality is stable. It has the
advantage of being able to maintain the desired characteristics for many years, and because the
bonding (bonding) process is unnecessary, the manufacturing process is simplified by about six! !
-It has the advantage that productivity improves. Moreover, although the sheet (4) has air
permeability because it has a continuous single-perforated paper porous structure (on the
property), this air permeability is a level considered to be non-air-permeable as a diaphragm, and
In this case, the fine open cells are slightly crushed and crushed to form a structure in which 11
more fine open cells and an independent gas phase are present, resulting in a substantially nonair-permeable structure. Since the non-air-permeable property is given simultaneously with the
molding, conventional manual filling and drying processes are not necessary, the quality is
uniform, the workability is remarkably improved 1, and it is suitable for mass production.
Furthermore, the sheet (4) is lighter than the conventional filler (for example, silicon) K, and the
diaphragm 'N amount can be reduced by about 80 times, thereby improving the efficiency and
increasing the sound pressure by 1 to 1.5 dB, In addition, the reproduction bandwidth in the high
range is broadened, and a good yew sound of good growth can be obtained in the high range.
Furthermore, in the forming step, the sheet (4) of the continuous microporous structure is
formed to such a degree as to retain the original physical properties, and the flexible elasticity
required as this type of diaphragm (shape 7 holding power) Since moderate vibration loss is
maintained, abnormal vibration and distortion in the high range are reduced, and along with the
increase of the above-mentioned reproduction bandwidth, a good quality reproduction sound
with good elongation, especially in the high range, can get. Furthermore, the sheet (4) is also
excellent in durability such as surface strength change, resistance to abrasion, resistance to
bending, resistance to bending fatigue, etc., and further heat resistance to cold (% -20 ° C to
70%) It also collapses at the point of ° C and holds the advantage that the expected vibration
characteristics can be maintained for many years. The present invention is not limited to the
above-described embodiment (dome-shaped diaphragm) K, and ones of various materials are
selected as the diaphragm base cloth, or the amount of the shaping agent impregnated in the
base cloth is selected. The present invention can be applied to a diaphragm of a cone shape, a flat
plate shape or the like by taking appropriate measures. As described above, the present invention
three-dimensionally entangles a diaphragm base cloth such as a silk cloth (8) impregnated with
an adhesive, a non-woven fabric-made image fiber layer, and a polymer elastomer having a
continuous fine porous structure. The combined base layer (5) and the sheet (4) having the base
as a base are integrally heated and pressure-molded so that adhesion between the base cloth and
the sheet can be performed simultaneously with forming the moving plate, and Since the non-airpermeable property is imparted, not only the manufacturing process is significantly simplified,
but also the quality is uniform, and mass production is possible, and it is possible to obtain a
diaphragm having characteristics which are vague.
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