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DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS 1. Speaker Unit (Speaker Unit) At least one
side of a cloth represented by a woven or non-woven fabric, at least one side 1: a speaker unit
comprising a vibration system in which foam layers crushed air bubbles are layered.
2 Scope of the claim
8. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a speaker unit, and more
particularly to a speaker unit C improved on an edge or a vibration system represented by a
diaphragm. A member 6 constituting a vibration system, for example, an edge or the like is
required to be lightweight and to be molded with a material having high airtightness, and as a
vibration system material often used in the prior art, a cloth 1 is coated with a diurethane resin.
To form a film, which is then heat-pressed. Furthermore, there is a thin slice of a foamed
urethane resin, which has a predetermined thickness by heat pressing. In the former case, when
molding 1: the film may be cut due to the presence of a baking sheet, and pinholes are present in
the film; there is a sealing material to improve the airtightness, etc. It must be subjected to socalled clogging treatment. In the latter case, since the gas holes connected in one foaming step
may be generated, the pinholes can not be prevented unless the wall thickness is considerably
increased, and there is a problem that any n materials need to be solved. doing. Therefore, the
present invention is to improve the problems of the materials forming the conventional vibration
system, and to obtain a speaker unit having flat sound pressure physical properties. (2: The
surface 1: a foam layer has been formed by a foam material electric foam, and the bubbles
possessed by this foam layer are crushed further than the heat breath 1: there is no change in
inertia due to temperature, and the speaker is a material without pinholes I have formed a
diaphragm such as the edge or diaphragm of the unit! It is something to be taken as #sign.
Hereinafter, the present invention will be described by being represented by an EndPage: 1 edge
that constitutes a speaker unit. First, in FIG. 0, a symbol は indicates a cotton fabric representing
a woven fabric and a non-woven fabric, and this cotton fabric / t 3% to 5% of a phenol resin
solution is dipped and impregnated to impart formability. The rigidity after molding is
determined by the amount of impregnation of the low snow mold resin 1: It is sufficient to
immerse in a high concentration phenolic resin solution in order to harden the moldability. At
least one surface of the cotton cloth / is coated with a polyurethane resin as a foam material, and
the polyurethane resin is foamed to form an integrated foam layer λ of the cotton cloth / to
obtain an edge material C. This edge material e is heated and pressed to the shape of a
predetermined edge E in an edge mold, and the molding pressure is set to a temperature of 05 to
3 to a molding temperature of 180 to 220 ° C. and a pressure time of 15 to 30 seconds. The
closed cells of the foam layer are crushed in the process of 2. to obtain an edge with a thickness
of 02 to 0.3 diopter.
An example of a polyurethane resin that forms a foamed lII will be shown. Po 11 ol 2 · · · 100 #
Stern's Offstate ... 03 II triethylenediamine ... 0125 'water soluble silicone oil ... II etc [2 1
polymerization accelerator 0 foam accelerator, cotton cloth / single-sided microcell Mix 1 at
room temperature on a #I cloth at a ratio of 601 / ws with a cell stabilizer to stabilize the. In
addition, although a prepolymer is formed by a polyol and inositol, f'L is formed. In the formation
of this preform 11, polytetramethylene ether glycol (molecular weight: 1100. Add 80 parts of OH
@ 1iloo, 90 parts of glycerin (: propylene oxide with a molecular weight of 3000 added), 70 parts
of 1 Ntriylene dicyanate, react at 115 ° C. for 150 minutes, and cool after cooling The tolylene
diisocyanate is added to make the NCO content 10%. Since the one on polyurethane resin has
remarkable thermoplastic property, it is a vibration system molded with this resin. For example,
when the temperature rises, the foam layer softens and the resonance point lowers, and when the
temperature It lowers, the resonance point rises, and the air permeability is large 110 to 40 α
4/5 eC), harmonic distortion Although there is a problem that the sensitivity is increased by
increasing the 0 foam layer-in the speaker unit of the present invention provided integrally on
the cotton cloth as 1 foam 1 11 urethane itself is not affected by the temperature, the resonance
point fluctuates Since the independent air bubbles are crushed to remove pinholes, air
permeability can be reduced, harmonic distortion is reduced, and sensitivity is improved.
Moreover, the other example of the polyurethane resin which forms 1 foam layer-is as follows.
50 parts of hexanediol and glycerine propylene oxide are added to form a molecular weight of
1000 + Neatyl 30Flit tori and tolylene dicyanate to form an NGO-containing noble 12%
prepolymer. And Bushipo II Mar ... 100 F silicone oil ... 2 I Stanas Octate ... 1. OA ') II; diamine
(polyol 4% solution) ... 5.0 jl 5- methylene chloride ... 8.5 J'. The cotton cloth / τ ni coating. h In
the above description, although the double IJfl resin is mentioned as the resin for forming the
foam layer λ, the foam layer may be made of the acrylic resin I2. As is apparent from the above
description, the speaker unit of the present invention (if it is 2 n, the vibration system which is
the edge or the diaphragm is formed integrally with the foam layer made of polyurethane resin
obtained by crushing the fabric 3 two independent cells) There is no fluctuation of resonance
point due to vibration, air permeability is small, 21st harmonic distortion decreases, sound
pressure bone property is flat, sensitivity is also improved.
4 is a vibration system I of the speaker unit of the present invention: an enlarged cross-sectional
view of the edge material used, FIG. 2 shows a molding state • a cross-sectional view, FIG. 3 is a
partially enlarged cross-sectional view of the edge At #Ib. / ... cotton cloth, co ... foam layer.
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