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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cutaway side view of a speaker, FIG. 2 is a
cutaway side view of a diaphragm of the present invention, and FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view
taken along the line of FIG. 1 ...... speaker, 2 ...... diaphragm body, 3 ...... transducer, 4 ...... lead, 5
...... grooves.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a diaphragm used
for a gravity plan L1 speaker. In conventional cone speakers etc., lead wires connected to voice
coils and other transducers and tinsel wires connected to input terminals fixed to 7 frames are
drawn out to the front and back of the diaphragm to obtain the diaphragm After connecting to
each other at the prescribed connection points above, a general formula is adopted in which the
lead wire is bonded to the front of the diaphragm to prevent the occurrence of a disconnection
accident due to its deflection, but the type that opens the front of the diaphragm recently The
number of loudspeakers is increased-the appearance is improved from appearance to
appearance, and the adhesive is attached to the lead 11iK along the lead l1iK 4) 7fiji. “J It is
required to apply correctly to a certain width, and the workability is extremely poor, and when
attaching a dust cap to a diaphragm, a gap is created between the cap and the diaphragm due to
the rise K of the bonded part Therefore, there is a disadvantage that noise is likely to occur due
to the amount of air blown out from the gap during use. An object of the present invention is to
provide a diaphragm in which such a disadvantage can be obtained. The speaker (1) K, the voice
coil and other transducers (in the front of the diaphragm body (2)) 3) A groove groove 15) for
forming a lead Mf 41 in K series is formed. In the first illustration, a coil bobbin (6) wound with a
voice coil (3), which is a converter (3), is supported via a 7 lam f 7) & C 4 f amplifier (8), and the
diaphragm main body (2) A cone-shaped speaker in which a cone paper is fitted and adhered to
the lower opening (2a) K is shown, and the diaphragm main body t2 + has a wire connection
from the lower end opening (2 &) as shown in FIG. The front groove (5) extending on the WL
(2b) is integrally formed at the time of pressure forming of the cone paper, and the lead wire (4)
derived from the converter (3) is inserted into the groove (5) (2 ))) Indented and connected part
(2b) Ki? 7 Rame (7) fixed input terminal (9) K sitting cotton thread 11fit) K to make a K
connection, then apply the inner groove adhesive (5) internal pressure adhesive and bond the
lead wire (4) to it After fixing, the diaphragm body (2) K dust cap a was adhered. In this case, the
lead wire (4) and the adhesive agent are embedded in the groove (5) as shown in FIG. 3 and do
not rise on the front surface of the diaphragm body (2). (2) It can be completely in intimate
contact and does not generate noise of air blow-out noise from the pack chamber of the cap a.
Incidentally, the above-mentioned S-portion (2b) was formed in a concave shape so that solder or
the like for wire connection would rise on the front surface of the diaphragm main body 12 and
impair the aesthetics.
As described above, according to the present invention, the groove (5) is formed on the other
surface of the diaphragm main body (2), and the lead wire (4) is added to the groove (4). As a
guide, the adhesive can be applied uniformly to the width of the groove (5) without requiring the
operation skill, and the aesthetics as well as the workability are improved 3) "), and the lead wire
(4) # 'i The adhesive strength is increased by adhesively fixing in the groove groove, and the
occurrence of the disconnection accident is prevented as much as possible because the adhesive
strength is increased, and also the swelling of the adhesion part of the lead ml + 4 + is eliminated
and the dust cap U is shaken It is also possible to attach it to the main body (2) in a close contact
state, and it has the effect of being able to reliably eliminate the above-mentioned conventional
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