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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view showing the back of a watch, where a is
a plan view, b is a cross-sectional view taken along the line AA of a, c is a bottom view, and FIG.
FIG. 3 is an enlarged view of the electrical connection between the sound generation circuit and
the piezoelectric element provided on the back of the case. 1 ...... outside Puta, 1a ...... slope ?
1Bli ...... small holes, 2 ...... Nakabuta, 3 ...... piezoelectric element, 4 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и Terminals of insulation, 5. case interior space, 9 ...... sound circuit, Tr ...... transistors,
switches in conjunction with Sw ...... timer, B ...... 1 pond, D иииииииии Diode, R иии иии Resistance, C1, C2
ииииииииии Conden f-, L ииииииии Coil, La, Lb иииииииииииииии Half of the coil, 10 ... clock movement, 11 ... glass, 12 ...
insulator taste, 13 ... terminal spring.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a friend electronic
buzzer by removing a mechanical movable member different from a waterproof arm @.
Conventional electronic buzzers for wristwatches have been used as a vibrating member such as
a magnetic Vc-driven rel hammer, and used in the form of a glass or case. However, this kind of
thing is the space of the eyebrows which is in the stroke of the image pickup member. tt, 4 'and
W magnetic drive! Since it also requires space to distribute the magnet, when the watch vc used
space-limited, there was a lack of a watch or a large one. Also, after all the assembly is completed,
it is extremely difficult to adjust the distance between the hammer's crow or the case back of the
buzzer which is f'L of the narrow space. Furthermore, when this kind of buzzer is waterproofed
into a waterproof watch, it has a drawback such as not being able to obtain sufficient sound
effect because it is completely sealed, and the present invention lamp is made to eliminate the
above-mentioned drawbacks. As the heater, use a piezoelectric element to remove mechanical
movable members and electromagnets with poor space characteristics, and bond the
piezoelectric element with the back cover of the watch case as a double structure. Work on the
pig to ensure full waterproofness, and provide an outer buzzer with one or more holes to provide
an electronic beeper with sufficient correction for sound effects. is there. Next, the first
embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings, and Fig. 1
is a diagram showing the names and minutes of the watch of the company, in which ia) is a plan
view, fb) 14La) AA # sectional view-r7 c, fc) is a bottom view. In the figure, reference numeral 1
denotes an outer hole forming a case back cover, and a plurality of small holes 1b-1i are formed
in the fi + surface portion 1a. If you put a clock on your arm, the clothes will be clogged up and
the holes will be clogged up so that the sound effects will not be strong, and the shape of the
holes will be circularly divided into prefectures. 2) It is an inside hood, iF for sealing the inside of
the case, and at the same time, it is attached to the outside lid at @ part. 61. The pressure sensing
element f 'is adhered to the center of the jt's 2'-co by a conductive adhesive 17' '', and both sides
are electrodes. Therefore, one market of the defrosting element 6 is electrically connected to the
base plate of the watch through the inner cover 2 and the outer cover 1 and is added to the other
11 poles + d, the inner cover 2 The f'T 7 mounted on the axilla 4 is electrically connected to the
shoulder bin 5 via a lead @ 6 5 ░ Fig. 2 the entire configuration of the embodiment?
The back cover, in which the outer cover 1 and the inner cover 2 are integrally formed, is fitted
at its periphery to the barrel 7 of the case 2,..., T: -6- Road 9 is being enjoyed. Therefore, the
whole tone-1 path 9 and the watch movement 10 are sealed in the space where the inner lid 2
and the case 1111 and the glass 11 [f [kneaded. -When the next is fitted to the barrel 7, as shown
in FIG. 6, the tip of the terminal bin 5 and the seat of the insulator provided on the back of the
base plate of the movement 10 are fixed by +2 vc Since the terminal spring 15 elastically
engages with the terminal spring 15, one electrode of the piezoelectric element and the sound
generation 1 path 9 are in the lead el'ff-, and the connection means by such a connection means.
Connected In the sound generation circuit 9, a transistor Tr, a timer (not shown) are connected to
a collector circuit of the transistor Tr (a switch Svr closing in series, a battery B of 1.57 is
connected in series .sigma. It is grounded to the ground plane. In addition, one pace 1 of the
transistor ((The diode D is connected, and the resistor R is connected between the input side of
the diode D and the collector. Furthermore, a 1d capacitor O + is connected between the input
side of the diode D and the ground, and the above-mentioned diode is! A time constant circuit is
formed by the 4-resistor R and the capacitor C1. Furthermore, capacitor C2 is in contact with the
base of the transistor Tr, and the coil L is connected between the other end of the capacitor C
snow and the ground, and the middle tap of the coil L is connected with the emitter of the
transistor Tr. doing. The other end of the first terminal c2 is a terminal spring 16.2. One
electrode ic of the piezoelectric element 6 is connected via the terminal pin 5 and the processing
lead wire 6. Since the sound generation circuit is configured as described above, when the
predetermined time is reached, the switch Sw of the timer is closed, and the application from the
book pond B lightens the capacitor C1 via the resistor R. The charging time is determined by the
time constant IC of the resistor R and the capacitor C1, and when the charging voltage of the
capacitor C1 exceeds a certain value, a bias voltage is applied to the base of the transistor Tr
through the diode D. For example, if a diode D is used as a diode D, the transistor Tr is via x when
L6v is exceeded. As a result, collector current flows. In this case, since the current flows to the
half La side of the coil L, an induced voltage is generated on the other half Lb side of the coil L,
and the change on the collector side is fed back to the base II. The oscillation starts at the
resonance frequency determined by the value of the capacitor C2 and the value of the capacitor
However, when the load stored in the capacitor 01 is discharged by the oscillation operation VC
of the transistor Tr, the bias snow pressure disappears, so the oscillation is stopped. Preciously,
when the capacitor C1 is lightened, oscillation starts. In this process, the oscillation is sustained
intermittently. In this case, the piezoelectric element 6 bonded to the inside lid 2 of the timepiece
is connected to both ends of the coil L, and this piezoelectric element 6 responds to the above
oscillation frequency. It vibrates intermittently and generates a noise. Therefore, the maximum
acoustic effect can be obtained by selecting the resonance frequency of the piezoelectric element
6 and the oscillation circuit number of the sound generation circuit 90 substantially equal.
Although an electronic buzzer for a watch has been described as an embodiment of the present
invention, it is needless to say that it can be used for a buzzer for an individual selection
discharge device. As described above, according to the present invention, the watch has a double
structure of the watch lid of 6-m-) LiI + '-iis. Since the inside is completely waterproof and the
sliding finger is difficult to adhere to the inside fr- and is covered with the back of the * N111 @
t7'I hole, the acoustic effect is achieved. Because there is no mechanical failure in working with a
hammer such as a hammer that uses a piezoelectric element as a sound generator, there is no
mechanical moving part at one time, so you can perform two-wave frequency once, ?, back town
It is not necessary to adjust the area, and the adjustment itself is extremely easy, and yet it is the
financial market strength? 1 miserably little. However, since a plate-like piezoelectric element is
used, an 11ra stone is not necessary without increasing the thickness of the watch, which is most
suitable for use in a watch with a limited space. Furthermore, the electrical connection between
the piezoelectric element bonded to the case lid of the case and the sound generation circuit is
performed by the terminal bin provided on the inner lid and the Jiji artist movement as the
terminal spring KL. It has the effect that the back cover of the case is very easy to desorb. ???
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