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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partially cutaway sectional view of a
diaphragm of a loudspeaker embodying the present invention. 1 ...... dome portion, 2 ......
corrugation, 3 ...... edge, 4 ...... voice coil bobbin, 6 ...... ridges.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a moving plate of
a loudspeaker, and more particularly to a dome-shaped scissor plate used in horn horn
loudspeaker C. Conventionally, so-called hard type diaphragms are used, such as those obtained
by impregnating synthetic resin with cloth and heat-molding this, and those made by night
processing of metal foil, etc. There is. 1- / ζp et al. 49 They are all thin and light weight, and
they make histone tv + pile to the cloudy wave region and improve the sound n, but in the antimi, the diaphragm 7)% i A degree I, add the cedar to the dome part, and there is a presumptive
pregnancy of the Nayama mode-J d 生 生 柵 う え 的 柵 柵 柵 強度 ”” j "C. Therefore, the dome
surface of the rosettes [a small piece of the dome surface [m: there is a small thing, or the surface
of the dome pregnancy plate (a size equal to the equalizer or throat D internal curvature or is it
normal? Therefore, if you use the ridges on the surface of the dome, if you use histone choking 1
temple equalizer still there is contact with the inner surface of the throat d, in order to reduce
this, within the shanghai sales surface and equalizer or throat "I can get a long life with l11'i 斤
τ" and I was irritated to drop one person in the old days. The four doors are open door
constructions, and do not damage the temporary strength of the swing 41, and the 1-filling point
is eliminated. Hereinafter, a description will be given of the l'Il swing example shown in FIG. The
drawing is a partially cutaway cross-sectional view of the diaphragm of the extended shoulder
according to the present invention, which is made of natural fiber or 2-contrast, cocoon fabric
woven with cocoon fiber, such as cocoon-hardenable tree such as phenol + cocoon j] Including
the effect, etc., it is a dome portion l which has been hemispherical by means of pD ド ー ム ド ー
ム, and the dome portion l may be a so-called gold-vibration first version using a thin plate of
duralmin or Sdenless, etc. Groove biting with light, rigid materials is commonly done and is not
subject to mll limitations. The open part of the dome part l is provided concentrically with the
corrugation 2 concentrically at the part 122, and a planographic edge 3 serving as the outside of
the corrugation 2 connected with the corrugation 2, and the dome part 1, corrugation 2, Bohin 4
is attached concentrically to one of the rules of the Kawaguchi side of the dome '1 tll attached to
the edge 3 or the integral K and J, and the voice coil 5 or 5 is wound around the bohin 4. Further,
a protrusion 6 is provided on the inner surface of the dome portion 1 and b is formed. The ridges
6 are formed at the same time as molding with the same material, that is, with the same material,
ie, a phenol resin-impregnated vibration cut-out plate in the case of Aq.
In the case of a metal diaphragm, a thermosetting resin is applied and cured linearly in a dome
shape after forming a solid, and a thick rib is formed respectively by breath. In any case, it is
formed so as to increase the flesh glands of the dome portion 1 substantially by the portion of
the ridges 6. In addition, the protrusion 6 has Y 惺 1. A cruciform, a '4' type, etc. is provided
symmetrically with respect to the center of the top, and the portion close to the incisor of the
dome portion l is briefly reinforced. Because of the following configuration, even if the
diaphragm or piston movement is carried out, the outer surface of the wJ plate is smooth and
hemispherical, so it can be assembled in the vicinity of the 7IfJ outer mark Since the distance
between the inner surface of the equalizer and the throat (figure xef) and the perforated plate
can be set to a minimum, it can be maintained high under the weir and weir 1 and inside the
dome part l which is a ridge 6 or a hemispherical shell, As it is being used, the value fishing girl
has increased significantly, and there has been no such thing as the Nato mode graduation being
deformed as it deforms in a part of the dome, and the sound quality is improved significantly. As
mentioned above, according to the present invention, even if thin-walled loudspeakers 4-watches
■ Dome 檄 檄 失 わ ず ず ず ず ず ず な く な く な く な く な く な く な く な く な く な く な
くIt is a wonderful thing of a very young fruit, such as being able to obtain a simple and clear
message and a thousand sounds. 4 Brief description of the drawing 1 Drawing 4 size 4: 4
expansion planer that implements the idea t) Partial cutaway section of the pregnancy board J
plate will be 1 figure ■ ・ ・ ・ Dome 811.2 ... Corrugation, 3 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · voice coil
bobbin, 6 · · · dog dog new model registration applicant 7. , Dongguan Mui 0 rest company U & 5- '. · Quaint door ',: y2 =' I /, f "a 15 (ヲ 581 real 1111i, J-made sub-special electric corporation
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