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Description of Invention
Alarm for watch
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a watchmaker
made of a transparent piezoelectric element. As a sounding device for a watch, what has been put
into practical use until now is roughly classified into an electromagnetic type and a piezoelectric
type. In the case of the electromagnetic type, the degree of freedom of the shape and the material
of the diaphragm is large, and therefore, it is often used because it is easy to obtain a good
timbre and because the diameter can be reduced. However, the drawbacks include that it is
difficult to make a waterproof structure when incorporated into a watch, and it is difficult to
make the thickness thinner than a certain degree. On the other hand, in the case of the
piezoelectric type sound generator, the structure is simplified because the plate of the
piezoelectric element is bonded to the back cover, the cover glass, etc., so the structure becomes
simple, it can be made thin, to the cover glass These are widely used because they are easily
made waterproof. However, since the sound pressure is very low even if the part touching the
arm vibrates, the diaphragm is folded from the arm and the double rubbed is used in the case of
the package to be assembled. , The inside is made to function as a diaphragm, and packing such
as putting a sound emission hole on the outer side of the lid is taken. It is obvious that the
drawback of this structure is that the structure is complicated, and in the case of a double cover,
it is necessary to devise a waterproof structure. Furthermore, as a timbre, there is also a defect
that a muffled sound is produced. The cover glass has a laminated structure, which is mainly
used for digital watches, and is laminated to a non-EndPage: 1 transparent part of the peripheral
part called a see-through. In this case, there is an advantage that the waterproof structure can be
easily done, but since only the peripheral part of the cover glass can be used, the efficiency of
vibrating the cover glass gold is poor and the visibility must be large. There is a drawback.
Furthermore, the method of Jin is a major drawback that it can hardly be applied to analog
watches. The object of the present invention is to eliminate the drawbacks of the above-described
watch sound generator, and to provide a sound generator which is thin, simple in structure, good
in waterproofness, and capable of obtaining a large sound pressure. A transparent piezoelectric
element, pLZTK with an element, and one with transparent electrodes attached on both sides are
attached to a cover glass etc., and a piezoelectric sound sound generator for watches is planted.
In this way, all the drawbacks of the structure in which the piezoelectric element is joined to the
cover glass described above can be solved. That is, since it is sufficient to position the
piezoelectric element under the cover glass, the structure is simple and it becomes easy to make
it thin.
Since there is no intruding part such as water caused by the alarm, it is easy to make a
waterproof structure. Since the cover glass vibrates integrally with the piezoelectric element and
the vibrating portion is directly directed to the outside air, no squeaky noise occurs. Since the
piezoelectric element can have the same area as the cover glass, the sound pressure can be
increased. In order to obtain a large sound pressure, it is possible to lower the degree of
resonance of the entire diaphragm and, as a result, make the frequency characteristic flat and
make a wide band sound generator. It is easy to apply to an analog watch by taking advantage of
the feature of the transparent sounding device according to the present invention, and
furthermore, for women for whom it was impossible to install the sounding device because of its
small size previously The use of the entire cover glass also makes it possible to install a sound
detector. In addition, PLZT installation place is dial plate, see-through plate. The back cover, the
front surface of the body, etc., the back surface, the inside, etc. may be used. These members,
especially transparent materials, have the meaning of making PLZT transparent. In addition, even
if it is opaque, it can also be provided on the surface of the dial and the facing plate. PLZ'l "is a
lead zirconate titanate added with lanthanum, but the addition of lanthanum gradually improves
the light transmissivity. PI and ZT used in the present invention are CP'bl-xLcL) CZryTL1-y) 1,
and X is in the range of α04 to 0.14 and y is 0.35 to α70. If X is a-04 or less, translucency is
not sufficient and if it is 0.14 or more, the dielectric constant and the piezoelectricity will be lost.
If y is less than [L55, the piezoelectricity is not sufficient, and if it is greater than L70, the electrooptical scattering effect is large in the antiferroelectric and tripolar system ferroelectrics. The
light transmissivity deteriorates. さらに、ストロンチウム、バリウム、ニオブ。 Since bismuth,
'samarium, neodymium and the like are elements that help light transmission, it is also effective
to improve light transmission and piezoelectricity by partially replacing PLZT added to PLZT. As
a method of manufacturing PLZT, ceramic techniques such as hot pressing tend to be used. In
this case, the thickness is polished to 50 to 300 mq and used. In addition, thin film PLZT has also
been obtained by thin film formation techniques such as sputtering, evaporation, ion plating and
the like. In this case, for a watch with a thickness of 15 to 50 μm and formed on a cover glass
with a transparent conductive film as described above, PLZT made of translucent piezoelectric
ceramic is attached to the cover glass] A sound eliminator is the point of the present invention.
The present invention will be specifically described in the following examples. Example 1 PLZT
manufactured by a hot press method was used. The component compositions of FT and + ZT are
(PAl−, I, cL: c) (zryTB 1-y) 1−, and o3 as 1. The value of g = 0.12 ° y = (L40 was used. The
thickness is 150 microns. Nesa electrode was used for the electrode. It was bonded to the cover
glass of the digital monitor with an epoxy adhesive. The structure of a cover glass incorporating a
piezoelectric element is shown in FIG. 1 is a cover glass, ■ is a see-through obtained by vapor
deposition of a metal, ■ is an upper EndPage: 2 Nesa electrode, ■ is a PLZT, and ■ is a lower
Nesa electrode. The connection of the electrodes to the circuit was a spring to the lower Nesa
electrode, and the upper Nesa electrode was notched in part of the PLZT at the bottom of the seethrough, and leaded from there. The sound pressure device thus incorporated in the wristwatch
has a sound pressure increased by 12 dB as compared to the case where the piezoelectric
element is sealed only at the part of the see-through. Example 2 A thin film of PLZT formed by
high frequency sputtering was used as a transparent piezoelectric element. The component
composition of PLZT was (Pb1− + z: 11ax) (Zry′I ′ ′ 1−y) 1−, as Os, 1.r = 0.12, and y =
I140, as in Example 1. A cover glass was provided with a Nesa electrode, which was used as a
substrate to form a PLZT thin film. The thickness of the PLZT thin film was 20 microns, and a
Nesa electrode was further formed thereon. This structure is the same as that in FIG. 1 on the
figure. EXAMPLE 3 The same piezoelectric element as in Example 1 was incorporated into an
analog watch. Since there is generally no line of sight in the analog watch, many efforts have
been made to extract lead wires from the upper electrode, but this is the appearance when using
a portion cut at the outer periphery of the cover glass. There is no problem above. FIG. 2 shows a
cross-sectional view when incorporated in the case. 6 is a dial and 7 is a cylinder. As described
above, by incorporating the transparent piezoelectric watch sound generator according to the
present invention into a watch, it has a waterproof structure with a large *, a high sound volume,
a female watch, and an analog watch It became possible to provide watches with high product
value, such as being able to The sounding device of the mochi ring invention can be used not
only for a watch, but also for a bell watch, a pendant watch, and a ring watch.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view in which a transparent piezoelectric
element is attached to the lower part of a cover glass, 1 is a cover glass, 2 is a see-through sheet
deposited by evaporation, 3 is an upper Nesa electrode, 4 is PLZT, 5 is a lower nesa electrode.
FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of when incorporated in an analog watch, 1 is a cover glass, 3 is
an upper Nesa electrode, 4 is a PLZT, 5 is a lower Nesa electrode, 6 is a dial, 7 barrel. Applicants
Suwa Seikosha Co., Ltd. top position 1'1 Figure 2 Figure EndPage: 3 Procedure Amendment
(Spontaneous) Showa Date 54, No. 1 11, Patent Light Showa Patent No. 58972 No. 2 name of the
invention 2 title of the invention Clock correction device (5) Those who make corrections (謁)
Suwa Seikosha Co., Ltd. 150 Tokyo, Shibuya-ku Jingumae 2-chome 6-8 (4664)! ± Top contact
Contact 565-2111 ext. Toro charge Hasegawa to correct. EndPage: 4
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