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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 1 is a longitudinal side view and FIG. 2 is a front view. In the figure, 5a is a front surface
portion, 5b is a through hole J [, 5] is a cabinet, 9 is a rib, 1 is a diaphragm, 2 is a voice coil, 3 is a
magnetic circuit portion, and 2a is a bobbin portion. In the figures, the same reference numerals
indicate the same parts.
The present invention relates to a so-called flat loudspeaker having a flat diaphragm, and in
particular to the improvement of the heat radiation thereof. Usually, heat is generated from the
voice coil of the speaker when it is energized. This heat generation is significant in high-power
speakers, and problems occur particularly when the coil portion of the voice coil is built in a
sealed cabinet. That is, the heat generated by the voice film is transmitted to the magnetic circuit
unit such as the yoke and the ball, and is released to the air in the space in the cabinet. At the
same time, when a large current above the rating flows to the voice coil for a relatively long time,
etc., the voice coil is excessive (2)? A/。 As a result, the speaker characteristics are adversely
affected, and the voice coil is burnt out. Therefore, conventionally, in order to solve this problem,
there is a problem that a large apparatus such as a separate fan for cooling the speaker main
body or cooling using a heat pipe, etc. The The present invention has been made in view of such
conventional circumstances, and it is an object of the present invention to provide a speaker
capable of performing good heat dissipation without requiring a large-scale device separately. An
embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to FIGS. 1 and 2 below.
That is, in FIG. 1 and FIG. 2, (1) is a flat diaphragm made of metal, +21 Fi voice coil, and a coil
part insulated from the metal bobbin part (2a) and this bobbin part (2a) And (2b). (3) is a
magnetic circuit unit, which includes a magnet (bowl), a yoke (5b), a center pole (5C), an air gap
(艮), and (3) two 1/1/1 play) (S @) It consists of (4) is a frame for supporting the magnetic circuit
unit 0), and is wound around a through hole (5b) in the center of the front surface (5a) of the
metal cabinet (5). (6) is an edge for supporting the diaphragm (1) to the frame (4), ff + is a bass
reflex duct for phase inversion attached to the front face of the cabinet (5a), (8) is provided for
the front face of the cabinet (5a) Small holes communicating with the bass reflex duct (7), (9) are
a number of metal ribs provided by integral molding (eg aluminum die casting) + 51K integrally
formed on the front face of the cabinet front face (5a); It is disposed at equal intervals over the
entire surface of the front face (FA) except the holes (5'1) and the small holes (8), and extends in
the vertical direction.
The front surface (A) of the multiple ribs (9) is located forward of the front surface (B) of the
diaphragm f11, and the front surface (C1) of the front surface fBl # i cabinet (5) of the diaphragm
(1). It is located in the same plane as. G · is a vertically extending groove formed between the ribs
(9). 1 and 2 above, when the speaker is used, current flows through the coil portions (4) and (2b)
of the voice coil, and heat is generated to raise the temperature of the voice coil (8), and Circuit
part (3), bobbin part of voice coil (2I! L) The heat is directly or indirectly transferred to the
diaphragm (1) and the cabinet (5), and these also rise in temperature. As apparent from the
figure, when the entire speaker is viewed, the temperature is higher in the upper part than in the
lower part and in the front side (diaphragm (1) side) than in the rear side. As indicated by the
arrows in the figure, an air flow by convection flows from the bottom to the top along the front of
the speaker, that is, the forward direction of the cabinet front portion (5a). And the flow of this
air flow is effectively flowed by a large number of ribs (9), and the air flow cools the diaphragm f
+), the lJ cup (9), the cabinet front part (5a), and the temperature of these things The rise is
suppressed, and in turn, the temperature rise of the voice coil (2b) is suppressed, and film
formation from overheating, burnout and the like is performed. From another point of view, it is
possible to obtain a speaker of the same size and a large capacity as compared with the
conventional speaker. Furthermore, the presence (5) η of the large number of ribs (9) gives the
conventional speaker an aesthetic sense that is superior to that of the conventional speaker, and
also exhibits design effects. In addition, even if there is a turbulent air flow such as the influence
of wind outside the room, the use of a heater, etc., the air flow due to convection flowing in the
gutter due to the presence of the lip (9) Expected effects can be expected without much
disturbance. In the front face of the diaphragm + rl), the same face as the front face (C) of the
cabinet good) is exemplified, but it is preferable if y is the same face, preferably, the front face
fBlO of the diaphragm is It is better to be located forward of the front of the cabinet (5). As
described above, this invention provides a large number of ribs over the entire length of the left
and right sides of the front of the cabinet except for the attachment through holes such as the
diaphragm, etc. If the front of the cabinet is located on the same side as the front of the front of
the cabinet or on the front of the cabinet, it will be located rearward of the front of the co-rtcv. As
a result, even though one fan or heat pipe is used as in the prior art (6), it does not become bulky,
and it is inexpensive and can suppress the temperature rise due to the heat generated from the
voice coil, Moreover, it is also energy-saving, and further, it has an effect such as exhibiting a
feeling of beauty which can not be obtained by the conventional book.
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