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Brief Description of the Drawings
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of a flat panel W passive speaker juxtaposed near the driving speaker of a speaker box in order
to enhance reproduction in the low frequency range. / Day / f2 Conventionally, as shown in FIG.
1, the flat type passive speaker has the outer peripheral edge of the diaphragm 2 integrally
formed with synthetic rubber and the edge part and the vibrating part attached to the peripheral
part of the frame 8 A light metal reinforcing plate 3 such as aluminum is attached to the back
surface of the vibrating portion 2 and the upper end 10 of the cylindrical body 4 is attached to
the center of the reinforcing plate 3. It is held in the center by being held by a damper 9 attached
to the When such a flat type passive speaker is placed in the vicinity of the driving speaker of the
speaker box, it resonates with air vibration generated by the driving speaker, and the diaphragm
2 of the flat type passive speaker vibrates. As the surface area of the diaphragm 2 is increased,
the weight of seven is also increased, and it is about 3501 for a 30 (7) apertured speaker. Since
this weight and the motion that vibrates violently up and down are held by the large damper 9
with an outer diameter of 80 to 2 $ $ 100 through the cylindrical body 4, it can not be held
constant to make the stroke in the diaphragm vibration direction. 9 was deformed, and the
diaphragm 2 was inclined and vibrated, and there was a defect that the frequency 3 numbersound pressure characteristic of the speaker was deteriorated. When the diaphragm has a large
amplitude, the amplitude of Kr / 'i upper and lower 2 (7) or more is generated, and for this
reason, the damper also needs a large diameter. In this case, when the damper is hardened, the
holding force is enhanced but the frequency characteristic is deteriorated. In order to eliminate
the above-mentioned drawbacks, the woodwork is devised as a method for preventing the
inclination of the diaphragm. If the embodiment shown in the drawings is described, as shown in
FIG. 2, the edge portion and the vibration portion are integrally made of synthetic rubber. The
outer peripheral edge of the molded diaphragm 2 is attached to the periphery of the frame 50,
and a reinforcing member 3 made of a light metal such as aluminum or synthetic resin is
attached to the back of the vibrating portion of the diaphragm 2 to form a vibrating portion.
Attach the upper end IO of the cylindrical body 4 to the center of the back of the vibrating part
and stand it up. Attach the wander 6 to the outer periphery of the cylindrical body 4T. It is a
pansive speaker in which a plurality of springs 1 are installed at equal intervals between the
frame 5 and the cylindrical body 4 so as to maintain equal balance. When this passive speaker is
juxtaposed 7 in the vicinity of the driving speaker of the speaker box 4, the diaphragm 2 of the
flat type bass speaker vibrates due to air vibration generated in the driving speaker However,
since each spring 1 keeps a proper balance and holds the cylindrical body 4 at the center, the
improvement of the basson beaker in which the inclination of the diaphragm 2 is prevented
before 1 4 is provided.
The effect of the present invention is that the amplitude of the diaphragm can be made larger
than before, and the spring is less fatigued than the damper, and stable against heat resistance
and moisture resistance. The inclination adjustment of the diaphragm can be adjusted by the
tensile strength of the spring IJ, and the assembly operation is easy without requiring accuracy
as in the case of a speaker having a voice coil.
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