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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view showing a structure of a conventional
speaker diaphragm, and FIGS. 2 to 95 are views showing a structure of a speaker diaphragm of
the present invention. 5 is a base layer, 4 is a sheet, 3 is a diaphragm base cloth, and 7 is a film
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a diaphragm for a
speaker using a woven or non-woven fabric made of silk, cotton or the like as a diaphragm
substrate. Conventionally, a dome-shaped swing-off plate using a flexible woven fabric (silk,
cotton, etc.) as a swing-off plate substrate is known, as shown in FIG. ) After being impregnated
with a shaping mold (phenol resin), heated and pressed to form a dome shape, and then apply a
filler (such as silicone resin, acrylic resin, etc.) 1272 (2) on the surface of the base (l Such a
structure is formed by the process of forming the base cloth (1) and the process of drying the
base fabric (1) after the application of the sealing agent (2). Workability is extremely poor, and
since the work process is a manual work that is carried out by applying the toning agent (2)
several times with the eye, etc. 3, poor, because the application work is manual work, uniform
application is difficult to sell and the quality becomes uneven as the diaphragm 5, further,
Because the city of the eye 11-eye agent (2) such as kon resin is large, the efficiency of
diaphragm acid becomes low, and the vibration loss is small, and abnormal vibration occurs
especially in the high frequency range, causing distortion or much There were drawbacks such as
In view of these points, the faucet proposal aims to simplify the manufacturing process and to
obtain a diaphragm with superior characteristics, and its features include a non-woven fiber layer
and a continuous dispersed fine porous structure. The directionality between a sheet having
substantially the same structure as that of a structure of a k-square reconnaissance and a
diaphragm base fabric, which is based on a substrate layer in which a polymer elastomer having
a molecular structure is interlocked in a sequential manner It has a structure formed by heating
and pressure forming integrally by interposing a film-like surface-grinding with no support. An
embodiment of the present invention will be described along the line of manufacture with
reference to FIGS. 2 to 5 1, 11 [11, as a diaphragm base fabric, a silk cloth of thickness U, lwm (3
) And immersing this silk cloth (3) in a solution of 5 to 10% (フ concentration) of fly and nor
resin, and then naturally dried. 1) Then, an adhesive is applied to a sheet (4) based on a base
having a random dimensional structure three-dimensionally, in which a fiber layer of non-woven
fabric structure and a polymer elastomer having a continuous micro-porous structure are twodimensionally interlocked A non-supporting book not containing yarn Too (support) for
supporting the film, and a film-like surface-cutting (7) of Sugifuchi, and laminating on the history
3), and heating 11 minutes Simultaneously bond together the silk cloth (3) and the sheet (4), and
at the same time, form a cedar in a predetermined do-/-form, 3 in this example, see; Product,
synthetic leather registered trademark] [I 84 w-BL-04 (black) was used.
As shown in FIG. 2, α-polyester ← ポ リ ウ レ タ ン is made to penetrate the polyurethane resin
solution into the polyimide fiber layer of the non-woven fabric structure, and polyurethane
elastomer tok E having this fiber layer and continuous micro-porous structure, next star On the
surface of the base layer (nonwoven layer) (5) expressing random three-dimensional four-body
structure which has been intertwined, the base layer (5) K continuously has a continuous porous
structure finer than the L polyurethane elastomer. The concrete structure of natural leather and
the structure of approximately a round are formed by forming an appearance J layer (silver
surface layer) (6) consisting of a polyurethane elastomer to be struck. Using a material having a
thickness of 0.35 foot and a specific gravity of 0.5 specific gravity (apparent density) 03 and
having a physical property of 涜 + 1 and the surface of this sheet (4), that is, the rough substrate
layer (5 Through film adhesive (7) on the back of A sheet-like adhesive (7) was a sheet (4) of a
sheet (4) after forming one ii shape in which a recording cloth (3) is laminated in the east and
integrally heated and pressurized to form a dome shape 5 As Sony Chemical Co., Ltd. products,
non-support dry multi-film adhesive (between the product name Soni) skin using 'ilmud-101) in
water. This non-support-dry film adhesive (7) is different from the conventional film-like
adhesive, and is non-supporting without a substrate (support) for supporting the bonding agent
during the bonding 1- As shown in FIG. 3, the film-like contact of rice produced by cutting the
surface of the substrate 3 (ie, paper, nonwoven fabric, etc.) on both sides of the substrate
(support) (8) (9) The support has a cocoon that has been formed and has the same homogeneity
determined by the material, structure, etc. of the support (8), while the non-support tri-film
contact of the dog dog example As shown in Fig. 4, green (7) is a small sheet of paper, non-woven
fabric, etc. in the face-to-face direction of the release paper (10). Has a non-supporting form that
covers approximately 50 microns between bonds @ (9), has no directionality for 6 h, any method
during molding Evenly spread on the entire surface of the adhesive surface, and the silk cloth (3)
is superposed on the back of the sheet (4) with the coarse substrate layer (5) This is to make the
adhesion to the silk cloth (3) stronger and complete. In addition, the sheet (4) itself retains
appropriate shape retention by molding, and the shaping force of the phenol resin (size agent)
impregnated in the silk cloth (3) does not help to support the E upper shape retention. Therefore,
the impregnation of the phenolic resin into the silk cloth (3) may be omitted if necessary. 1, The
dome diaphragm manufactured as described in the following [-1] has a sheet (4) and a silk cloth (
3) and the film-like adhesive (7) is uniformly stretched in all directions in one molding, since it is
adhered by a non-support-like formless, jj non-tropical film-like adhesive (7) The surface of (4)
(flll wrinkles are not generated, and the adhesive strength is also uniform in all directions, and
the adhesive unevenness is also 7of which is eliminated, as it is a sheet (4) or a continuous
microporous structure ( ) Although breathable, this breathability with the diaphragm In this case,
fine open cells or small open cells are crushed during molding 1 to form a structure in which fine
open cells and single air bubbles are mixed, substantially In order to form a non-air-permeable
structure, the non-air-permeable property is copied at the same time as the formation of the
diaphragm, which eliminates the need for the conventional manual eye contact and drying
process. Also, the quality is uniform, and the workability is significantly improved.
Furthermore, the sheet (4) is lighter than the conventional stuffing agent (e.g. silicon), and the
diaphragm quality is about 30% lighter, so the fk rate or pressure drop is 1 to 1 Also, the
reproduction bandwidth in the high range is broadened, and a high-quality reproduction name
with high elongation in the high range is obtained. Furthermore, molding [P7 (in which the
continuous microporous sheet (4) is molded to such an extent as to retain its original physical
properties, the flexible elasticity required for this type of diaphragm (shape 1) Force), moderate
vibration loss is maintained, so abnormal vibration and distortion at 8 treble range are also
reduced, and high quality range and stretchy good quality in particular, together with the
increase of L playback bandwidth, glossy good quality The playback sound of is obtained.
Furthermore, the sheet (4) is excellent also in terms of durability such as surface strength,
abrasion resistance, bending resistance, IFFI resistance, N fatigue resistance, etc. Furthermore,
open environment, particularly cold heat resistance (−20 ° C. to 70 C) In addition, it also has
the advantage of being able to maintain its expected predicability for many years. The present
invention is not limited to the embodiment of LE (dome-shaped diaphragm), and ones of various
materials are selected as the diaphragm base cloth, or a clearance between bone shapes
impregnated in the base cloth may be selected. It is applicable to diaphragms such as a cone
shape and a flat plate shape by Q taking measures such as appropriate determination. As
described below, the present invention is a substrate having a diaphragm base fabric such as silk
cloth (3), a fiber layer of non-woven fabric structure and a continuous fine porous structure [1
'molecule-elastomer three-dimensionally entangled] Filmy adhesive (7) in the form of a nonsupporting body on the sheet (4) with the layer (5) as the substrate], and the structure has a
shape added with FFTri and 9 formed in the body. Because it can be bonded to the base sheet
simultaneously with sheet forming and can be attached to non-air-permeable properties, not only
is the precious ball substantially simplified but also the quality is uniform, and the productivity is
rich. And has the advantage of being able to obtain a diaphragm with excellent characteristics. 4.
Brief description of the drawings (7) FIG. 1 is a view showing the structure of a conventional
speaker diaphragm, and FIGS. 2 to 5 are views showing the structure of a speaker diaphragm
according to the present invention. (5) is a base layer, (4) is a sheet, (8) is a diaphragm base cloth,
and (7) is a film adhesive scraping. Utility model registration founder Onchiyo Co., Ltd. Deputy
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