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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a structural diagram of a speaker using a
conventional soft dome diaphragm, and FIG. 2 is a structural diagram of a speaker using a soft
dome diaphragm of the present invention. 1 is an adhesive, 2 is a diaphragm substrate, 3 and 6 is
a front plate, 4 is an elastic body, and 5 is a voice coil.
[Detailed description of the invention] The present invention utilizes the visco-elasticity and the
adhesive property of ethylenehydryl acrylate resin adhesive to complete the soft dome
diaphragm, and the vibration when J is assembled into a speaker. It is about simplification.
Conventionally, a soft dome vibrator # is treated with a visco-elastic substance of rubber-based or
synthetic resin yarn on a diaphragm base material 2 in which a woven or non-woven fabric is
impregnated with an excipient and shaped like a dome. After application as an over-the-counter
preparation, dry and drain, apply voice coil 5 to the inward edge, hold the outer peripheral edge
with a relatively hard elastic body 4 such as 4Q47F '/ 2 metal or paper, -In this case, it takes time
and effort to apply and bond the adhesive to the front flat 6, two elastic members 4 and the
diaphragm outer cylinder wire part, and the dry and immediate time of the adhesive There was a
drawback that was long. The present invention has been devised to eliminate the abovementioned drawbacks, and the embodiment shown in the drawings will be described in the
following. As shown in FIG. Melt and immerse the ethylene vinyl acrylate yarn resin adhesive 1 in
the diaphragm base material 2 to melt and cure it 1) to have a retaining effect and to have an
appropriate visco-elastic property to form a rough l-1--mu Complete the diaphragm, paste the
voice coil 5 on the inner edge of the circle, place the outer edge sticking part on the front plate 3
at the time of assembling the speaker and heat it to make it hot melt adhere A diaphragm. This
ethylene vinyl acrylate resin heat-softenable adhesive 1 (surface-melts at 606 C or later, and soft
hardness hardly changes at ordinary temperature (15 ° -356 C). Also, it has an appropriate
viscoelasticity, good temperature characteristics, and exhibits a remarkable effect as a damping
material 3 and exhibits a distorted effect as a back blue scale). Therefore, as in the conventional
example, the outward edge is held between the elastic body 4 and V, there is no need to move it.
Since it has visco-elasticity and adhesiveness to t, it is sufficient to directly heat and attach it to
the front panel. The present invention, as described above G, is made by impregnating an elastic
vinyl group 2 with an ethylene vinyl acrylate-1 yarn tree 11t'iP5rTtMll1kmm to make use of the
special rule of contact agent 1, a speaker set) It is a skillful device that makes it easy to squeeze
the details, and exerts a closing effect and a damping effect.
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