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Description 1, title of the invention
Speaker diaphragm
Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a diaphragm for a speaker
useful for constructing a speaker having excellent sound reproduction characteristics. Generally,
in the diaphragm of a speaker, it is known that a light and hard material is advantageous as a
characteristic of the diaphragm. In other words, if the elastic modulus is v and the fe degree is 性,
the larger the specific elastic modulus E / 表 shown in Table V is, the more desirable.
Conventionally, a 6-DVC low- and mid-range speaker diaphragm for this purpose has been used
in which one sheet of paper is formed in a cone shape. The diaphragm is light in weight, and the
internal disturbance loss is 1iIj (and so it has the advantages of being thin, but its rigidity is low
and its strength is strong (or weak). Also, because the temperature is low, the stability is poor, so
there is a spinal cord that deteriorates with time. Hyo's open cries have been made, and a
diaphragm mainly made of carbon has recently been considered. カーボンは。 Dynamically, the
elastic modulus is 20000 hy / md, dense (about 1.5 to 2.0% /-, and therefore, it has excellent
characteristics such as a specific elastic modulus of 100 to 130 XIO'74 / S2, The rigidity is
several times better than paperwork. Like F, carbon has favorable characteristics as an fj #
material. [In order to give the strength to Meg bending over a large area for one history to the
speaker for the large low-range and mid-range range while [2] one aperture. It was necessary to
increase the thickness of the diaphragm. Therefore, if the thickness is increased, the amount of
the diaphragm eyepiece increases, and the characteristics of the carbon itself are good, but there
is a disadvantage that the characteristics are impaired due to the east of the carbon. As a solution
to this problem, there is known a metal diaphragm having a ternary reticulated structure
EndPage: 1 as disclosed in Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open Nos. 53-129619 and 53-
142220. This & moving plate is designed to be a porous body of about 80% or more structurally,
and aims at a light weight but it is not suitable for metal as a material. There was a fire that
would cut in half. In addition, the kin has a low elastic modulus (as E / 音響 as an acoustic
property, it is a pair of silks). The inventor paid attention to the fact that carbon is a light and
highly elastic material and is therefore very suitable as an acoustic material, and a ternary
network reed having a cell diameter of 0.5 to 6 rho is studied intensively. It is possible to obtain
a diaphragm with high bending strength and excellent E / ρ by forming a PIN-covered covering
material on the surface of the carbon multi-degree porous body on the surface of the carbon
multi-degree porous body. is there. 41. The ternary net-like reticulate body used in the present
invention is a self-sintered sintered carbon porous body, carbon, 41.
Unlike so-called felt carbon made of fiber, it is a sea-like one with a three-dimensional uniform
network, and the framework structure is S = where frameworks of approximately the same
thickness-frameworks are three-dimensionally connected Deaf. The size of the pores is also
substantially constant, and the concentration of the stress is concentrated on the wooden base,
and the mechanical strength is strong, and the history is also inferior to the porous material of
the pond, despite the superior porosity. I am waiting with a small amount. Part of foreign capital
of carbon porous body with upper bow pi three-dimensional net-like tradition? As shown in FIG.
1 in an enlarged manner, the structure of the frame 1 is continuous, and a stoma 2 is provided
between them. The temporary material 3 is coated on the surface of the porous body 4. The
skeleton 1 is carbon, and the porosity of the continuous wall pores 2 occupies 80% or more of
the total volume of the porous body 4. The porous carbon material of the present invention has
coupled pores having a uniform cell diameter, and the diameter of each pore of the pores is
preferably in the range of 0.5 to 6 n. If it is less than 0.5-IW, the bending strength becomes
strong but dense ((but can be salted by the dog). In the case of 6FIR or higher, the density
decreases and becomes lighter, but it is not preferable that the bending strength decreases. The
carbon porous body of the present invention is a covering material 3 for covering the surface of
the porous body 4 for one use as a friendly diaphragm of the porous body 4 having the
continuous hole 2 in the first step Is required. A coating material 3 coated with a gold 1 @ thin
film of titanium, aluminum, etc., a visco-elastic coating on the surface, a precious (1 · fat film? A
method of producing a three-dimensional mesh-like spread body used in the present invention,
including a thing adhered to the surface, a thin carbon film, or paper, etc. Urethane foam-like
foam foam injection A # finger l (挺 1 yield sieving heat af plastic tree 1 finger, thermo-hard ijs #
finger etc? Permeate, sinter and carbonize in an inert atmosphere at high temperature, or create
a three-layered reticulated remnant of resin with high carbonization yield, and heat at high
temperature in inert atmosphere. Another method is carbon 1 ts. In the diaphragm of the present
invention, the carbon diaphragm having excellent dynamic characteristics is processed to form a
ternary network structure having a cell diameter force of 0.5 to 6 mN. Light and strong strength
[2 also has the remarkable property that the elastic modulus is very high, and in the diaphragm
of a large aperture, which works on these synergistic effects, increases the specific elastic
modulus E / ρ, The loss is moderately large, and one-part vibration can be suppressed, and the
effect is exhibited such as being stable by cutting to temperature and humidity.
4. Brief Description of the Drawings FIG. 1 is a front view showing a ternary mesh web of the
present invention. 1 ... framework, 2 ... continuous m hole, 3 ... coating material. 4 · · · porous
body special f + t B applicant) く · −7-7 "Resident Stock Corporation EndPage: 2
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