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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a resonance basic
mode according to an example of a conventional flat speaker voice coil, and FIGS. 2 and 3 show
an embodiment of a flat speaker voice coil according to the present invention. FIG. 2 is a
perspective view, and FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view taken along the line A-A in FIG. Total 1 ......
voice convex yl, 2 ...... flat-shaped diaphragm, 3 ...... bobbin main body, 4 ...... coil, 5 .....・
Reinforcement material.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a voice coil for
driving a flat panel speaker entirely. Recently, a flat plate speaker using a diaphragm or the like
having a honeycomb core sandwich structure is actively used. In such a temporary speaker, as
shown in FIG. For driving, a voice coil 11 in which a coil 14 is wound around a cylindrical bobbin
13 having a large rectangular cross section is used. In this case, conventionally, a metal foil such
as aluminum foil is used as a coil bobbin, but with this, the strength is insufficient, and because of
r, the bobbin resonates and is transmitted to the diaphragm to generate unpleasant noise.
Further, when the number of the coils increases, the lateral run-out of the bobbin becomes large,
and there is a disadvantage that the magnetic pole surface contacts the magnetic pole surface to
generate abnormal noise. In the figure, the broken line indicates the basic mode at the time of
resonance of the voice coil, and resonance occurs to the second to third orders. Even if the
thickness of the bobbin is increased in order to increase the strength of the bobbin, the above
phenomenon can not be suppressed unless the thickness of the material is considerably
increased, 2-1, 2-1? As a result, the weight of the vibrating rod may be added, which may cause a
large decrease in efficiency. An object of the present invention is to provide a voice coil for flat
loudspeakers which solves the above-mentioned drawbacks of the conventional voice coil for flat
loudspeakers, is light in weight and has high rigidity, and is capable of suppressing the resonance
phenomenon. An embodiment of the present invention will be described below with reference to
FIGS. 2 and 3. In the figure, reference numeral 1 denotes an entire voice coil for a flat plate
speaker, which is attached to a flat plate type diaphragm 2 and is of a type for driving the whole
surface of the diaphragm. In the embodiment, the flat plate type moving plate 2 has a sand-inch
structure in which a honeycomb core is cored. The voice coil 1 has a tubular shape with a
rectangular cross section. The coil 4 is wound around the bottle main body 3, and the bobbin
main body 3 is made of aluminum. The shape of the bobbin body 3 is not limited to the
rectangular or square shown in the illustrated example, and may be, for example, an elliptical
shape having a straight portion. In this way, a coil bobbin having a relatively long straight part"D-" -3-. In the embodiment, it is light in weight with a core core material such as a nickel core
etc. on the long side of the straight part of the bobbin main body 3 The reinforcing member 5
formed of a sandwich structure having high bending strength is attached and reinforced, and the
reinforcing member 5 is entirely or partially wound. In the illustrated example, a sandwich
structure of a honeycomb core is used as the reinforcing member 5 and three sheets are attached
at equal intervals on the long side.
Moreover, in the embodiment, the reinforcing member 5 is thinner than the thickness of the coil
4 and is attached between the coil 4 and the movable plate 2 on the outer side surface of the
bobbin main body 3 to make the voice coil 1 substantially thick. It was made to reinforce without
doing. As described above, the reinforcing material 5 may be attached to the entire surface of the
long side, or may be attached to the short side as long as the weight allows. In the figure,
reference numeral 6 denotes a lead wire. According to the voice coil for flat panel speaker of the
present invention, the voice coil for flat panel speaker = J4 °-cell in which the coil is wound
around a coil bobbin having a relatively long straight portion, and at least the L orientation wire
portion of the bobbin main body Since a reinforcing material consisting of a sand-in structure
having a light weight and a high bending strength using a honeycomb core or the like as a core
material entirely or partially is attached, it goes without saying that the shape-retaining property
of the voice coil is excellent. The voice coil can be made light in weight and high in rigidity, and
the vibration of the coil can be transmitted to the diaphragm without loss, without generating a
resonance force in the voice coil, and the reproduction sound can be greatly improved. Can. In
particular, since a sandwich structure having a honeycomb core or the like as a core material is
used as a reinforcing material, a material different from the bobbin main body is compounded,
and resonance dispersion is made as compared with the case where the bobbin / the same
material is thickened. The resonance phenomenon can be suppressed.
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