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Specification 1, Title 2 of the Invention, Special 11f Claim (1) Skin material is bonded to both
sides of the honeycomb core material, and a convex portion is formed on the skin material
corresponding to the capsule h1 inside F # diaphragm characterized in that it is formed. (2) A
thermoplastic material or a skin material of a material containing the same is bonded to both
front and back surfaces of the honeycomb core material, and the vt and high temperature air are
expanded in the capsule inside to expand the air inside the capsule to make the skin material A
manufacturing method of a soup letter diaphragm in which a plurality of convex portions are
formed and then cooled to obtain f% vibration Ia temporary in which convex portions are formed
on both front and back sides. 3, the detailed description of the present invention The present
invention relates to the fvi oscillation similar consisting of a core and a suge and its ship light C.
As shown in FIG. 1, this II 4 Q creasing plate has a core + 41 cemented in a honeycomb groove
structure, and the skin materials 2 and 2 are attached to the bottom 41 + 1 '11 + of the core, as
shown in FIG. ■ Vs formed. This half diaphragm has recently been noted for its light weight and
relatively strong 1.1t, but it is not yet adequate enough, and when it is used for a speaker, Ki,
one-division vibration occurs, and O Invented that there was a limit to the reproduction range, 1
Incremented the strength of the skin material of the @ moving plate greatly raised, and made the
rigid whole tank of the diaphragm 0 non-divided to prevent split vibration. The purpose is to
f # 1 Limb plate and its table
EndPage: Below, the present invention will be described in detail with reference to the drawings.
First, written materials in which a row molecular material and a graphite powder are mixed are
used as the core material 1 and the skin material 2. For polymeric materials, heavy polyvinyl
chloride, vinyl chloride! : A copolymer of vinyl acetate, vinylidene chloride, acrylonitrile and the
like, and further, thermoplastic resins and polyethylenes for improving internal loss, Borin
"Ropylene", BS l 匍 tl, Nitrile rubber (NR), Nitrile A mixture 'J with butadiene rubber (NBR) or the
like is used, to which an oTlli agent and a stabilizer are added. -10,000, graphite powder is scaly,
particles i are in the range of 0.1 to 100 μm, but generally 11 small, preferably less than 5 μm
O and core 1 and skin 2 (I) To mix the above polymer material and graphite powder in a range of
10 to 90 Vit: 90 to 10 wt%, preferably 25 to sowt = 75 to so wt%, if necessary For example, a
plasticizer and a stabilizer are added and heat-kneaded with a mixer or a kneader to obtain a dreg material, which is then rolled over a roller several times to obtain a sheet material in which
the graphite powder is oriented in the same direction. Here, in consideration of the orientation of
the graphite powder, 1 series of polyvinyl chloride and graphite powder is 1: 2: 19. Mixed line in
Shih-h コ ン i, mixed 7-in 1 cedar, 6-in-one 仮 仮 、 に か け て に か け て 晶 晶 に か け て 黒 黒
黒 叱 叱 叱 叱 叱 叱 叱 叱 叱 叱 叱 叱Maki, ui 14 + board is about 3.0 X 10 N /? ? ! ! While the
latter f plate is about 7. It is understood that the orientation of the graphite powder in the
Young's modulus is f (the same as in the case of the custom index). The required number of
sheets of the sheet material obtained above is accumulated so as to obtain the thickness of the
stock, and the sheet material is made into a single sheet by a hoi-y) press. Then, using this plate,
the relatively thick core material 1 and the relatively thin skin material 2 of the cam structure are
formed, and the skin material 2 is adhered to both front and back sides of the core material 1 by
thermoplastic resin. Form a wedge diaphragm. Next, as shown in FIG. 3, the diaphragm thus
completed is put in a temperature chamber 3 at 50 ° C. to 150 ° C. for about 30 minutes and
sealed with the core material 1 and the skin material 2. The air on the 4th day of the capsule is
penetrated to thermally expand the relatively precious skin material 2 including the
thermoplastic resin material softened by the temperature of the material. Then, the vibration '41
j is taken out from the high temperature tank 3 and left in a room temperature atmosphere to
cool the whole.
As a result, since the skin It2 is cooled in the expanded state, d number of regularly arranged
convex shapes 2a are formed on both surfaces of the diaphragm, and as a result, the external
pressure (f pressure) applied to the convex shape 21L The strength is increased by 1d. Therefore,
Mi :! The regeneration limit shoulder wave number in Kaicheng will come to rise sharply as IJ
board. After the skin material 2 is expanded as described above by heating the temperature
chamber 3 for 30 minutes at 50 ° C. to 150 ° C. as the gasification without dignity, the heating
temperature is further raised. When the surface is infusibilized and then heated and fired in a
non-stabilized casting atmosphere or in vacuum while raising the temperature to a high
carbonization temperature or graphitization temperature, the diaphragm has a convex shape on
the front and back surfaces. Carbonize or graphitize. This EndPage: 2 result 1 vii 註 improve to (,
and the reproduction limit frequency band of the high region further rises. The above is the case
where the mixed material of the graphite powder and the polymer material is appropriately
treated and used for both the core material 1 and the skin material 2, but the present invention is
not limited to this.・ The heat IJ1'23 injection iM (l) effect such as vinyl chloride may be used
alone, and the tear fE! The convex shape may be previously formed on the skin material 2 by
pressing or injection, and may be pasted on the core material 1. From the above, according to the
present invention, it is possible to obtain a flat diaphragm having a large 61j property, which
makes it possible to improve the high Ij2 reproduction limit station as well as to hold down the
deflection and oscillation axis. become. 4, f + i 4 simple description of concave curve Fig. 1 is an
exploded perspective view of one plane D · D temporary, 弔 2 is a perspective view of the whole
of the crystal, Fig. 3 is an explanatory view of the manufacturing method. 1 ... core material, 2 ...
skin material, doo ... capsule, 3 ... day temperature tank. Patent Applicant Pioneer Corporation
EndPage: 3
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