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Description 1, title of the invention
Personal audio equipment
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a personal audio system
which can enjoy audio personally. -There is an audio device equipped with headphones as a
means for the listener to exclusively use the source of audio sound. This headphone is used
above the listener's head and is not only uncomfortable and uncomfortable, but also unrealistic
reproduction is made as if the apparent sound source is in the center of the listener's head,
EndPage: 1 There is a drawback. Furthermore, since both ears are blocked by headphones, it is
not possible to properly identify surrounding information during listening. For example, when
driving a car or the like, the situation judgment may be delayed and frequent occurrences of
accidents may occur because the alarm signal can not be heard. A collar type personal audio
device such as that disclosed in Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 53-tooz- * o has been
conceived to cover these drawbacks. It consists of a pair of loudspeakers housed in a collarshaped support member, decorated with a shell which looks like a collar, for example a collar,
such as leather, cloth. Then, a coiled connector cable connected to each speaker is led out from
one end of the supporting member, and a portable audio device is connected to this connector
cable. However, when it is formed in this way, it not only gives unpleasant feeling to the people
around you in a sweaty atmosphere such as summer or tropical area, but also the sweat gets wet
because the outer skin of the body gets wet. In addition to being hygienic, there is a disadvantage
of military causes such as skin diseases because sweating is significantly inhibited. -This
announcement was made to solve the fault in the upper part of F. The pair of speakers can be
softened directly on the listener's shoulders, so that ventilation is hygienic and natural. It is an
object of the present invention to provide a personal audio device capable of reproducing a
listening sound. An embodiment of the present invention will be described below with reference
to the drawings. In FIG. 1, 1.2 is a pair of speakers, and these speakers 1.2 accommodate
independent cases and speaker bodies. Connect cable 3.4 to speaker 1.2. The cable 3.4 connects
the connector cable 6 formed in a coil shape so as to extend 'to a predetermined length via the
connection portion 5. At the end of the connector cable 6, a plug 7 is provided in the illustrated
example of a connecting member for receiving an audio signal from an audio device. On the
other hand, bandits on the shoulders of the listener as shown in Figure 2 for speaker 1.2.
Are connected with a connecting member, for example, decorative rough leads 8, 9 and formed
into an annular shape with a cable 3.4. Here, 10 is a hook for linking the chains 8 and 9. With
this device, a pair of speakers 1.2 are placed on the listener's shoulders and placed near the ears,
so that there is no pressure that the head is tightened like headphones, and sound transmission is
also reduced. In addition to being transmitted through the open air, the sound is transmitted
through the body and can be heard, so that good audio sounds close to natural sounds can be
reproduced to prevent hearing loss due to excessive volume increase. If this is connected to a
portable audio device, for example, a small radio 11 as shown in FIG. 2, it can be heard while
moving, and it is possible to simultaneously listen to surrounding information such as an alarm
signal while listening. It is possible to significantly reduce the obstacles to the driving of a car,
etc. by walking in comparison with headphones. Since the enclosed annular part is composed of
the chains 8, 9 and the cables 3, 4, it is more breathable compared to a lap-around type personal
audio device, less likely to get dirty and hygienic, and sweaty Even in the atmosphere, it does not
inhibit the perspiration of the body, and no discomfort is felt by wearing it, and there is no
concern for skin diseases etc.-0 Further, the cables 3, 4 and connector cable 6 etc. It can be
fashioned by covering it with a shell that can be obtained and decorating it as if it were a pendant
at first glance. Next, another embodiment will be described with reference to FIG. In the figure,
reference numerals 21 and 22 denote a pair of speakers, and in the illustrated example of the
audio device, the F and M radio main bodies 25 are connected to cables 23.24 connected to the
respective speakers 21 and 22. The FM radio main body 25-is provided with a main switch 26
tuning scale 27 and left and right volumes 28 ° 29 on the panel surface, and a tuning dial 30 on
one side surface. In this case, as shown in FIG. 4, the electric circuit has a direct current 1! When
the source 31 is connected VC, the antenna 32 is connected. The antenna 32 is wound around a
decorative EndPage: 2 chain 33 of one of the bonding members, for example, the decorative
coppers 33 and 34, which connect the speakers 21 and 22. According to such a configuration,
the same effect as described above can be obtained, and various audio devices, here, the PM
radio main body 25 is diverted as an accessory. Therefore, it is not necessary to consider the
storage place of the FM radio main body 25.
Further, as shown in FIG. 5, the micro cassette tape recorder main body 41 can be connected to a
cable 43 connected to the pair of nosskiers 21.22 instead of the I'M radio main body
25. At this time, the cable 42.435: chain-shaped and covered with a vinyl pipe 44.45 to make the
decoration wait for a while. @ Kishu small cassette room-The f-coder main unit 41 has a cassette
room 46 and an operation unit 47 for each god mode (recording, reproduction, fast feed,
rewinding, etc.) on one side, while left and right volumes 48 on the side , 49 are provided.
Further, in the electric circuit in this case, as shown in FIG. 6, the cassette chamber portion 46 is
connected to the cassette player 5o to which the speaker 21 ° 22 is connected, and the DC
power supply 5! Connected. On the other hand, as shown in FIG. 7, the FM radio main body 65
having the antenna 64 is connected to the cassette tape recorder main body 63 having the
cassette chamber 62 connected to the cassette player 61 as shown in FIG. The present invention
can also be applied to the case where the speakers 67 and 68 of the upper cassette tape recorder
pair are connected. According to this structure, the same effect as that of each of the
embodiments shown in FIGS. 1 to 4 can be obtained and the decorativeness can be improved by
meshing the cable 42.43 in a tenen shape. Covering the respective lead wires 42. 43 with
covered plastic tubes 44. 45 can provide decorativeness (this also has the advantage of being
useful for the protection of the cables 42 and 43). The present invention is not limited to the
above embodiments, and various modifications can be made without departing from the scope of
the present invention. As described above, according to the present invention, it is possible to
place a pair of speakers directly on the listener's shoulders, thereby making it possible for
personal use to be able to reproduce hygienic and natural audible sounds with good ventilation.
Audio production can be provided.
4. Brief description of the drawings Fig. 1 is a block diagram showing one embodiment of the
present invention, Fig. 2 is a diagram for explaining the same # serial, and Fig. 3 is a
configuration diagram showing another embodiment. FIG. 4 is a schematic circuit M1 for
describing FIG. 3 FIG. 5 is a block diagram showing another embodiment different from FIG. 5,
and FIG. 6 is a schematic circuit diagram for explaining and clarifying FIG. FIG. 7 is a schematic
circuit diagram e showing still another different embodiment. 1.2 · · · Speakers 3, 4 · · · Cable 5 · · ·
Connection portion 6 · · · Core, lid cable 7 · · · · plug 8, 9 · · · decoration side chain IO · · · hook 11 ·
· · · Small radio 21.22 · · · Speaker 23. 24 · · · Cable 32 · · · Antenna 33. 34 · · · decoration side
chain 41 · · · · · 42 · 43 main body small cassette tape recorder main body 45: Vinyl pipe 46:
Cassette chamber portion 47: Operation portion 48, 49: Volume 50: Cassette player 51--DC
power supply 61: Cassette player 62: Cassette chamber Part-63 ... cassette tape recorder main
body 64 ... antenna 65 ... F'M radio main body 66 ... @ elliptical power supply 67, 68 ... speaker
69. 70 ... cable EndPage: 3
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