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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an example of
an electret microphone according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view
showing the main part of another example. 11: Case, 16: diaphragm, 17: back electrode plate, 18:
electret film, 26: rough surface.
[Detailed description of the invention] This Jl is a pair of motives and misery, and its '1 IIIh &' s
peristaltic plate is electret film, polarized to @ and t film is heavy snow t so-called pack electretselected t-electret microphones @ -7. First, the structure of the electret microphone of the
present invention will be described. As shown in FIG. 11, the front end & 32 Kt of the cylindrical
case 11 at the front end & the sound introduction hole 13 to be inserted at the bottom of the
cylindrical case 11 is rL and the sound introduction hole 13 is a reception of goze etc. (1) yl-P; j
'8 crosses 14 crosses. The same face or face of the 11 nK ring 15 of the @ -second step 12 is held
by one of the ring 15 itself. It is disastrous 17 or is placed in opposition to the monk IP number
16. One $ @ IS @ [of the back button 17 is an electronic film 18 or a group lightning. The electret
film 18 is a permanent film in the thickness direction. The dorsal fin 17 is a dorsal fin f-19 [憬 侍.
The distance between the spine 6 * 18 and the number W + number 16 is determined 21). 1'a13
@ 1 'L'll @ KT, l, 振動 16 峻 峻 峻 埴 埴 か か 愛 愛 愛 愛 愛 オ ー · ホ ル ダ ー holder 19 ソ 筒 會
會In the first part of the jP, 4L # 22 # 22 is misunderstood, and # 1 of the disastrous 22
abolished misery 17 is considered to be a back wealth. 1'T11. In other words, the back of the
holder 19 is based on the basics 24 of distribution. , The number 4f number 24 is a single
combination i 忰 circuit 25 or a form Fli, and the human power m of this circuit 25 is electrically
connected with the back pole 1h17. Distribution-+ back of the number 24 of the ti-1-back-other
holder 19 and-on the opposite side (2)-γ-11 彎 @ 11 l l l l l Case 110 four orchid t body scare v,
r only n this so-called punk electret inside 1fe Elegrenot Mike U hon in that punk electret
misery% l 7 Klq electre notra 1 rum 18 Of the monk #J relatively V) ρ · 他 and others number
17 against its common \ L lectrenot film or addiction, 4: due to 珈, 碇 or & LJl There is an electret
film 18 or back 17 η · ら fe よ っ て よ っ て by ヒ 4 Fr Fr, this exfoliated Kg is a microphone
and anything that can not be used. The purpose of this paper is to electretotofu 1 ム 七 惟 Ha Ha
Ha 儂 儂 儂 儂 儂 従 っ て 従 っ て 従 っ て 従 っ て 環境 環境 環境 K?
Tt L, 瀬 4 劣化 劣化 4 マ イ ク ロ ホ ン 4t is to provide an electret microphone km without
unnecessary parts. This 蕨 岑 KLn is a misery electret film or blood to be sprayed is roughly
transferred. (3) According to the cause of the problem I11, the character 1n of the K11 l image
teacher 17σ1 elect 1 film 1 1811 is a river direction 26. This Sonan 26 can be formed by sand
blasting of example I No. 80 to No. F100, i.e., a reverse of the sand with a reverse amra. エレクト
レットフィルム! As for 8 polycarbonate films, f, propylene films, 6-fluoro-p-a-pyrene 4-fluoroethylene-coalescent film, poly-fluorinated viniterin films, etc. it can. The tc4 film is formed in a
number of 17 ff xt and is hot-rolled or cast 1-tanda. # I The unevenness 26 exists in the darkness
26 and the light on the film 18 becomes a plucking effect-it improves to <the superior wear 1
vertical or large @. lI! The electret film 18 is polarized and is well-known, and there is also a
place where it is pre-polarized t #II # as its form llt method, or the film failure is observed on the
disastrous plate 17 and the film thickness of the film is small. There is also something to do. The
second pole which is polarized after welding is to use W pole plate 17t as one of the electrodes of
the second gun (4). It is struck by the ups and downs where the opening 26 is formed in this
four-finish gutter * slightly. In the conventional odor C, as described in Section C, the number of
spines and the film's S self is flat and tt 体 tt 分 分 分 め め め め め te め te N め N 印 加 印 加 印
加 印 加 ル ル 1 Relatively 18 to the 18th, there is a minute @ lK garbled of the @ position selfproportional to the film. -Merchandising or disease <* The habit is also short. Moreover, if the
back plate and film have an "i-touch" 匍 KI 'J convex, even if the field piece of 1 field-field edge of
R1 the gradient of R1 檀 檀 人 人 電位 電位-potential-scatter occurs, lIL The number of turtle
spots on the film per rank III] @ increases the potential potential of the unit II to the number of
potentials per burst I-i, or a small amount of potential warmth, that is, a fist level 4! The j = 1 =
11 applied voltage or the like is appreciably increased, and the 1-part is also sufficiently beaten
tL, and uniform polarization is obtained, and the polarization becomes stable. Moreover, the
temperature with the film 18 ζ ** & J7 is the same as above. Therefore, it is stable.
In Fig. 1, -1 is used for the iJ apostocracy 17 with the elitist (ko) crectleft film W #, S collaring,
and t is shown in Fig. 2 as L2 K4Ji + 1'l 嚇 27. Loading C is also good. That kIk 吟 middle
intermediate layer 27, α α Eta レ ン ト rent film ll '1 & r @ @ point is ugly%-use, middle layer
27 case with one point atrtr, m heat to electret film 18 back number 17 I'm sorry. For example,
as an electret film 18, a 6-fluoro-poa-pyrene-tetra-fluorinated ethylene ** a film 會 using a
polyethylene film as an intermediate film 27 to a field piece? …いることかできる。 Among
them, 1-film 271 rFfJ ffZ L L, I can think of the lefttlet film by the conventional force or 7 electret
film 18 pre-layered on t'Lt thing 會 會 17 Construction work) take a bath to the snoring 什 慟
well, even if the love of Sf 七 seven ugly. 41! 1 Fist explanation of 3TII + 皐 1 is a # ■
diagram showing -fIIt-1Ittfk 1 shown, 1 @ 2 flash company 1q) マ イ ク ロ ホ ン 117) cost
section of this @@ VCL nirebutret microphone. 11: Case, 18: II Motion temporary, 17: Back
electrode plate. (6) + 8 = 2 Tat I / Nodo 1 ile ,,, 2 (,: ill + -1 to # I 寥 1 号 ・ 桿 鏝 ・ ・ 含 含 − 閘
隼 ζ − ζ − − 弐People + 411 A grass' 1 +1 (7) life 10 + 2 + 6! 31. 42 I-'15 618 + 1' '-1 922
254 2 〒 6 エ エ ・ ・ ・ ・??? & -Kuo Osaka Prefecture Hachi Il IM Kitakyu Takaraji 1-chome
No. 4-33-vf Shi · Consul Il Iden Den II-Road Co., Ltd. Yen Yas f An 1)-Murakami Shi V Eki p 13 WI
4 Places Murakami Yushin 91 Life 1y Eve Same equipment 伯 τ-4τ 瞬 / / / l-5; 1 r 喝
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