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Description of Invention
Speaker of small sound device
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the structure of
the speaker of a small electronic device such as a small electronic desktop calculator or watch
EndPage: 1. Conventionally, there have been many cases in which a small electronic device such
as a small electronic desktop calculator or a wristwatch has a built-in speaker for generating
sound. Although the speakers mounted in these devices have been considerably miniaturized, it is
desirable that the speakers be further miniaturized in order to make the entire device thin in
order to further improve the portability. Here, an example of a speaker of a conventional watch is
shown in FIG. 1, 1 is a watch case containing an internal device of the watch, and a rectangular
window 1a is opened on the front of the case 1 , Glass 1b is fitted. And, on the lower surface of
the glass 1h, a display panel 2 for displaying time is provided. In the upper part of the case 1, a
window 6 for generating a speaker sound is provided, from which the speaker sound is emitted.
In FIG. 2, 4 is a speaker, and 5 is a circuit board on which many circuit elements are wired.
Reference numeral 6 denotes a back cover for closing the lower surface of the watch case 1. The
speaker 4 includes a tubular speaker frame 4a, a sound emitting plate 4C attached to a step 4b
formed on the inner peripheral surface of the speaker frame 4α, and a ring press-fitted to the
inner periphery of the speaker frame 4α Speaker core receiving frame 4d, and diaphragm 4g
and core plate 4 held by inner step portions 4g and 4f of the speaker core receiving frame 4d,
and attached to the core plate 4h and disposed on the diaphragm 4g side The magnetic core bin
No. 4, the coil 4 and the magnet 4K are included. A sound emitting tube 41 is provided on the
top of the speaker frame 4a. The speaker frame 4α and the sound output plate 4C are fixed by
means such as adhesion and welding. A resonance chamber A is formed between the sound
output plate 4C and the speaker frame 4α. That is, the speaker 4 is electrically connected to the
circuit board 5 and excites the coil 4 by an electric signal supplied from an electronic circuit (not
shown) of the circuit board 5 to thereby excite the coil 4. Diaphragm 4 g with a predetermined
frequency! I is vibrated, resonated in the resonance chamber A, and emitted from the sound
emitting tube 41. However, since such a conventional speaker requires parts such as the speaker
frame 4α and the sound output plate 4C, the number of parts is also large, and it is difficult to
make the entire speaker thin. The present invention has been made in view of the abovedescribed conventional drawbacks, and it is an object of the present invention to provide a
speaker in which the small-sized acoustic device is thinned in the small-sized acoustic device.
Hereinafter, the present invention will be described with reference to an embodiment shown in
the attached drawings. First, an electromagnetic drive type speaker core receiving frame shown
in FIGS. 3 to 5 will be described. In FIG. 3, the speaker No. of this embodiment, the wristwatch
case 11, the circuit board 21 housed in the case 11, and the speaker 61). The wristwatch case 11
has a case 11a and a back i1 lb similarly to the conventional watch case described above, and the
case 11 (the inner peripheral surface of Z is provided with a concave recess 11C. A step 11d is
formed on the inner peripheral side wall of the concave recess 11C. Further, the concave recess
11C has a sound output hole 11g penetrating to the outside of the watch case 11, and a
decoration plate 11f having a small hole is attached to the sound output hole 11g. The circuit
board 21 has circuit elements for sufficiently performing a function as a wristwatch, and supplies
an electrical signal to the speaker. The speaker 31 includes a diaphragm 31 (L having an outer
peripheral portion engaged with the step portion 11 d, a ring-shaped magnetic core receiving
frame 31 b press-fit into the inner peripheral portion of the concave recess 11 C, and the core
receiving frame 31 b). A speaker core 31C whose outer periphery is supported at the lower part,
a cylindrical speaker core 31d fixed to the speaker core 31C, a ring-shaped coil 51g
concentrically attached to the core 31tL, and a magnet 31g and force) are configured. EndPage: 2
The diaphragm 31α is formed in a disk shape, and a movable iron piece 311α made of a
material attracted to a magnet is provided at the center of the diaphragm 31α. The diaphragm
31α is coated with resin 3: i1h on the outer periphery except for the movable iron piece 311α.
The outer peripheral portion of the vibration ′ and 31α is pressed and fixed to the step 11d by
the plate spring 41 via the magnetic core receiving frame 31h and the speaker magnetic core
plate 31c. That is, in the speaker of this embodiment, the resonance chamber A is formed by the
concave recess XC of the watch case 11 and the diaphragm 31α, and the conventional speaker
frame is omitted, and the diaphragm 61α is coated with resin. The diaphragm 31α prevents
moisture and the like from entering the case 11 through the hole of the decorative plate 11f
outside the wristwatch case 11, and at the same time, the oxidation of the diaphragm 3jg itself is
also prevented. A second embodiment will now be described with reference to FIG. Since the
loudspeaker of this embodiment has many structures similar to the above-described embodiment,
only the portions which are particularly different from the above-described embodiment will be
described in detail with the corresponding reference numerals of the previous embodiment. I
omit it.
The difference between this embodiment and the previous embodiment is the core receiving
frame 31h and the recess 11C, and instead of omitting the step 11d of the recess 11c, the upper
end surface of the core receiving frame 32h is stepped A ring-shaped spacer 32d is formed to
form a portion 32c and hold the outer peripheral portion of the diaphragm 31α in this step, and
to form an appropriate resonance space between the zero diaphragm 31α and the concave
recess 12c. The structure provided with is greatly different from the previous embodiment. The
advantage of this embodiment is that the step 511d of the concave recess 11C of the previous
embodiment is omitted, so that the processing of the recess 11c becomes easy, and the spacer
32d is formed on the inner peripheral portion of the step 32C of the core receiving frame 52b. In
this case, it is easy to assemble a storage watch in which a series of speaker parts such as the
spacer 32d, the diaphragm 311Z, the core receiving frame 32b, and the core plate 31C are
integrally formed into a unit. Further, since the size of the resonance space A can be freely
controlled by changing the thickness of the spacer, the resonance space A can be freely set
according to the thickness of the wristwatch, and the degree of freedom in design is large. FIGS. 5
to 7 show other embodiments of the diaphragm 31α, and the one shown in FIG. 5 includes the
diaphragm main body 311α and the movable plate piece 311b made of a metal plate. Is
integrally formed with the resin 311C coated only on the top surface. As a result, the coating
area can be reduced while securing the prevention of the waterproof surface or the corrosion
described before the diaphragm 31a, and the work can be facilitated. The diaphragm shown in
FIG. 6 has a diaphragm main body 3121Z made of a synthetic resin in a disk shape, and a plate
piece 512b made of a material to be attracted by a magnet is embedded in the central portion
thereof. The diaphragm 312α is applied to the loudspeaker of the above embodiment, and the
diaphragm itself also plays the role of a pachinko, so that a loudspeaker with good
waterproofness is always provided. Further, since they are made of resin, they can be easily
manufactured in large quantities as compared with conventional ones, and the manufacturing
cost can be reduced. In the case shown in FIG. 7, the diaphragm is made of resin 322b in the
same manner as in the previous example, in which particles 322a made of a material to be
attracted to the magnet are interposed. As a result, it is only necessary to mix and injection-mold
the particles in the resin during manufacture, so that manufacture can be further facilitated. Next,
a third embodiment of the present invention will be described which shows an example in the
case of driving the diaphragm with a piezoelectric element.
First, the sixth embodiment shown in FIG. 8 will be described. This embodiment shows an
example in which the speaker of the present invention is used in a wristwatch as in the previous
embodiment. The watch of this embodiment comprises a watch case 13, a circuit board 23, a
speaker unit 33 and the like. The case 13 is configured to have the same EndPage: 3 as the first
embodiment described above, and is attached to the concave recess 13α, the step 15b thereof,
the sound output hole 13C, and the sound output hole 13C. A decorative plate 1311 M is
provided on the barrel 130. Reference numeral 131 denotes a back cover. The circuit board 23
has a clock and other circuit elements, and an appropriate electrical signal can be supplied to the
speaker unit 33 through a lead 23α. The speaker unit 63 includes a part of the watch case 13
described above, a diaphragm 33α, and a piezoelectric element 33h bonded to the back surface
of the diaphragm 33a. The whole of the diaphragm 33α and the piezoelectric element 33b are It
is covered with a synthetic resin 33C (may be rubber). The diaphragm 55 (L has an outer
peripheral portion applied to the step portion 13b of the case 16 and a fixing ring 46 press-fitted
to the periphery of the opening of the concave recess 16α is attached. Thus, the diaphragm 369
is in pressure contact with the disconnecting portion 13b. In this case, the fixing ring may be
removable by a screw or the like. In this case, as shown in FIG. 9, a spacer 44 which also serves
as a packing may be provided between the stepped portion 13A and the diaphragm 63α, as
shown in FIG. Further, as shown in FIG. 9, the synthetic resin 's3c covering the diaphragm 33α
and the piezoelectric element 33b may be a part of the diaphragm 36α. According to the
configuration of the present invention as described above, the acoustic space (resonance
chamber) of the speaker is formed by forming a recess in a part of the case of a small acoustic
device such as a wrist watch, and closing the recess with a diaphragm. As a result, the thickness
of the entire device can of course be reduced for the speaker itself. Has the effect of being able to
reduce the number of parts of the speaker, etc.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1 and 2 are a plan view and a partial crosssectional view of a conventional watch. FIG. 3 is a partial cross-sectional view showing an
essential part (speaker part) of a wristwatch showing a first embodiment of the present
invention. FIG. 4 is a partial cross-sectional view showing an essential part of a wristwatch
showing a second embodiment of the present invention. Fig. 5.6.7 is a longitudinal sectional view
showing another embodiment of the diaphragm. FIGS. 8 and 9 are partial cross-sectional views of
the main part of the watch showing the third embodiment. 11.13 ... Watch case 31.53 ... Speaker
unit 21.23 ... Circuit board 11C, 12C, 13α ... Concave recess 31 (L, 33CL--Diaphragm 31h, 32b · ·
· Magnetic core receiving frame 32d, a4: Spacer 311h, 33C: Resin 31d: Magnetic core 3111: Coil
31g: Magnet 53h: Piezoelectric element A: Resonant space: FIG. Figure EndPage: 4 弔 4 銅 f 第 80
躬 q 4 4333 n 33 bt 314 37 1 End Page: 5
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