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Specification 1. Name of invention
In the EP-concave diaphragm formed by applying a skin material to both front and back ml of the
core plate d with the shaft d and the honeycomb groove structure as a core material, at least one
of the front and back both concaves is used. A flat directional diaphragm characterized in that
the holes in the skin materials of all are rfpFi so that the air inside the capsule communicates
with the outside air.
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The invention relates to a + m diaphragm of a sound t #
transducer such as a speaker or microphone. A honeycomb groove made of aluminum foil or
other material is used as the core material 1 in the 1000-one plate, and the back of the vortex
1IliII! A bobbin 4 is attached to the side of the skin material 3 on the back side of the nikam copy
1 plate, which is formed by attaching a metal sheet, a synthetic coffin (a skin material 2 such as a
cocoon sheet, etc.) to Ii. Four voice coils 5 are mounted on the pins 4. However, in the case where
the voice signal Km is supplied to the voice coil 5 and the pivot force is applied to the vibrating
rod, heat is generated in the pois-coil 5 and the heat is transmitted to the bobbin 4 to the swing
plate. (The expansion of the study inside the capsule shell which is Ial by the core material 1 and
the skin materials 2 and 3 of the expansion plate, the skin materials 2 and 3 are broken, and the
skin materials 2, 3 There is heat deformation in the case of heat-sensitive substances such as
vinyl chloride. Therefore, the conventional honeycomb diaphragm is uneven for high output. In
the present invention, the air in the capsule of the honeycomb diaphragm is moved into and out
of EndPage: 1 to solve the above-mentioned problems. It is In the following, the row of "苓 @ 苓"
will be described with reference to the drawings. Fig. 4 shows holes 21L and 3m in the front side
skin material 2 and the back side skin material 3 so that air can flow there. It is. As a result, since
the capsule a is not sealed, heat does not build up there, so that there is no occurrence of discord
S due to thermal expansion, and the input resistance can be improved. Further, in this case, since
the condensed gas also escapes, the processing becomes easy, and the inserting power becomes
excellent. The 5th factor i-ha is 21f6 to the skin material 3 on the back side! In the abovementioned capsule, the continuous holes 3b and 3b3 are formed, and according to this practical
row, in addition to the heat release, it becomes possible to reduce the size of the diaphragm eye
by 1 kt- It is possible to extend the limit frequency. In FIG. 6, small holes 3a are made in the skin
material 3 on the back side, and holes 11Lt- are formed in the core material 1 such that mutual
capsule turtles pass through. The air in the capsule 1 is also made to go out through the huge
hole 3a moving between the capsules a. In the above example, all the capsules were made to
communicate with the outside air, but actually the capsule where the thermal echo occurs is the
capsule part of the part near the bobbin, so it is possible to make holes in the capsule of only that
part It may be K.
Moreover, although the skin materials 2 and 3 of the front and back were made into sheet
material in the above Example, the sheet sweet 3 of the back side is i! (1) It may be used as a
non-static or non-static cloth, and the cloth may be partially sealed by applying a saponifying
agent. From the above, according to the present invention, since the air in Kabul becomes one
with the outside air, there is no wrinkle or deformation of the skin material due to the thermal
expansion length, and it is improved to jt large input large diameter A large output can be
realized. In addition, if the holes formed in the skin material are enlarged, it is possible to
improve the frequency a characteristic by connecting the diaphragm eyepiece to the basin.
4. Brief description of the drawings The first problem is an exploded perspective view of the
honeycomb loss plate, FIG. 2 is a view from the top of the whole view, FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional
view, and FIG. Partial cross-sectional view of the diaphragm of the fifth factor, the fifth factor I to
C is a moi-e of another sun material in the direction of 冥 m, and FIG. 6 is a partial cross-sectional
view of another swash plate of another 夷 N It is. 1 ... core t, 2.3 ... skin material, a ... capsule, 1a,
2a, 3a ', 3b,-3b, ...-hole. EndPage: 2
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