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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram showing a stereo reproduction
apparatus according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a layout diagram of its speakers, and FIG.
3 is a diagram for explaining the condition of sound field in each adjustment state. is there. In the
figure, 3 is an adding circuit, 4 is a subtracting circuit, 5 and 6 are attenuators, and 8.9 and 16
are speakers.
[Detailed description of the invention] Name of the device a stereo device No. 2 device
reproduction device 2 utility model registration contracting range of the front a homogeneous
speaker in the middle fire, left 1! 11 "left 10" speaker, right-handed slayer is on Ishisagi l, and the
sum signal of the left channel No. of the three-dimensional leader transmission Goto and the
stone channel signal is reproduced from the above-same front speaker The stereo signal Nisei #e
特 徴, which is characterized in that it is reproduced from the left-turning speaker and the stone
facing speaker in the reverse phase in the reverse phase to the above-mentioned No. 2 の. To
sand 9 "*: L Toyosuga. It relates to a device that can be taken into care 3-care, good-bye, -1.
Conventional Eri, stereo transmission, left and right 2 (= ML, addition and subtraction of a are
performed and sumoyoshi S = L + le, difference sign DL = L-R and its σ) anti-phase repulsion 1)
R = 1 (-L ? There has been known a stereo reproduction apparatus which reproduces from a
central signal of a single sum signal S, and reproduces from both speakers left and right of
difference signals DL and IJB. In this case, since the left and right speakers are provided with the
same plane, J: vc, they are opposite each other, tl) 1: 5 Q c I% phase, and the difference m
between the above difference signals DL and DR Interference with the point causes disturbance
of the neck field due to the sound field-like crosstalk, which causes deterioration of the
localization effect and the payoff effect. In addition, there is also a drawback of the temple where
Nisei 6 becomes a large size because there is a feeling of silence that three speakers are installed
side by side on the same black soil. It will be over 1 point Q on the other hand (the one to remove
the spots, etc.) The central part 1 will be described in total. Fig. 1 presents the plan Q) The circuit
circuit of the circuit is a single application vI Ge nail 1-02 suspension) The tele second signal and
the R signal 1 interrogation 3 which is carried by the human power terminals 1 and 2 And, it is
signaled to +111 惰 和 S S in the circuit 4 and it can be colored in 2 steps of anti-deterioration
devices 5 and 6 for oyster field expansion adjustment. A differential signal D ル power end knob
7-7 '飄 power increase rl J L 2)) loudspeakers 8 and 9 駆 動 drive in reverse phase with each
other. And 7. Sum 14 mS expanded and adjusted with fixture 5? Munekoe twin resistor
attenuator θ for Hen侠) - horn L e to the force 11, the other sigma) - ten thousand 〇] Zohaba
the attenuator 10 by voice who bet up width [13 than a micro-small Bruno 12 1 *, + 21'1. Add
the 薯. This 0) double resistance attenuator IQ, 1N Mikin Nogo adjusted signal Sword LIxF! ! 真 u
〃 true in the l path 14 and the power 7 knob 15 票 力 ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ 11 11 11. Hard!
@]″fる。 Fig. 2 vJ m-1 of the arrangement of the three speakers 8 and 9 attached to the
above-mentioned three speakers 8 and 9. 16 and the finger at the same time in the sound of the
reproduction written signal @ @.
In the figure, the center speaker 16c is arranged in the direction of the left speaker, and the left
column speaker s + I: X left 1111 arranged at the right side 11 σ) LLlc [tl: J-Ru 3 speakers 8, 9.
16 fi> et al a homology Battano (L-) L) shown by dotted line, (R-L). (L + tt) are respectively written
and become 2 L and 2 R butter / shown by the synthetic solid i collapse line. In this case, the
signals applied to the left and right speakers 8 and 9 are in opposite phase to each other, and
since the walls of the speakers 8 and 9 are mutually reversed, they are inserted into the waste as
they are inserted. And can not interfere with each other. In addition, since the right speaker or
the opposite speaker is the same as in the past, the left and right speakers are as shown by 42〆
1 dotted line in the field, and they take 4 positions, +31 people near as before Smell ° C never
interfere with each other. In addition, attenuators for it field expansion auxiliary 5, 6 0 6
breakout ratio: n 'ff 望 調 和 和 信号 和 和 第 変 化 (((((( "(R) Taro 愼 = n, rinse as 虻 1 (J) エ リ n
er stereo synthetic sound field 2 L and 2 RQ) Spread angle scale city 1. I can do it. In the general
stereo transmission signal, it is included in many of the 16 pi sums 15 because it is an in-phase
component that is a 0 room room sound that greatly influences the sense of localization, such as
solo vocals and instrument sound σ) localization, -Gives a sense of fullness, a sense of expansion,
a1 reflection effect, residual V sound, etc., all in all including 咥 + c4'4DL and Dp. Originally, as
mentioned above σ) Attenuator 5 and 6σ) Decreasing metamorphosis and adrenaline and m:
Shake the ratio of m and so on, so that the angles of the left and right synthetic sound field
appear as shown by the solid line in xi The ingredients that change to the Buddha, and the book
will be reduced as well, and i = 1 +? m? What can I do? Father As mentioned above, the writing
device 17rI may be small with Q) in which two of the three sliders are placed on one side. Also,
with 11 fixtures zero, the Eri microphone 12 =, the sound of '14 + 'in the 10 ° C. attenuator 10,
is localized in the center of the speaker 16 in the loudspeaker 16) hoarse voice. Since the left and
right signals and the vocal signal to be localized at the center included in R are included at the
same times in the right and left doubles +-jL and R, the difference signals DL and DRvca and the
vocal signal are included. Canocell will not come out. Therefore, as the sliders-1 of the
attenuators 10 and 11 move as if they are out of stock, the vocals 1g etc. to be localized in the
center of the front left and right signals LR) gradually become 7F1 and the volume of the
microphone 12 or the vocal signal It will be inserted.
なおi! As shown in Fig. 1 (Speaker 0) on page 11, as shown in Fig. 1, it is not necessary for r
'to be the same sideways, but it's a little diagonally forward in the same direction. According to
this one, the stereo playback device can be excellent (it can be effective to the love of the temple
which can be made small.
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