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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional
speaker, and FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of the speaker of the present invention. 1 is a sound
absorbing material, 2.5 is a diaphragm, 3 and 6 is an edge, 4 is a frame, 7 is a restraining ring,
and 8.9 is a peripheral portion.
[Detailed description of the invention] This invention? Is related to a speaker that extends the
high frequency range limit frequency and extends the working frequency range by sandwiching
the sound absorbing material between the end of the driving and driving plate and the end of the
passive diaphragm. . Conventionally, as shown in 11th X +, center pole 10, magnet 11. Pre-) 12
llbl air atmosphere, frame 4 on the side of the plate 12 721, 57 square 2 put, forming a magnetic
gap between the center ball 10, plate 12 and voice at the center of the magnetic gap The coil 13
is arranged, and a frusto-conical shape is attached to the upper end of the voice coil 13. The
central part of the No. 1 board 2 is attached. The voice coil 13 is held at the center of the speaker
by a damper 14 which adheres the inner peripheral edge, adheres the peripheral portion 8 which
is the outer peripheral edge of the edge 3 to the outer peripheral edge of the frame 4 and
attaches the outer peripheral end to the inner periphery of the frame 40 . A dustproof cap 15
was attached to the central portion of the swing plate I. Place the passive vibrator 5 on the front
curve of the transmission plate 2 and cut off the outer circumference of the vibration 1 plate 5 ...
"Attach the inner circumferential edge of the circular arc-shaped annular edge 6 to the outer
circumferential edge of the edge 6 The portion 9 is attached to the upper surface of a lump
restraining ring 7 which is attached to the outer peripheral edge of the frame 4. At this time, the
vibration plate 2 and the dustproof cap 15. Shake 1 plate 5, edge 3.6, 枦] Eurling 7 surrounded
by '° Through the compliment of the air chamber 16 through, the vibration is transmitted to 振
# ih5. If the capacity of the nitrogen gas chamber 16 is reduced to increase the stool frequency
band in the high range, the distance between the edge 33 and the edge 6 becomes short, and
there is a drawback that both edges come in contact with each other. This proposal was devised
to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks, and the embodiment shown in Fig. 2 will be
described in the following. Attach the inner peripheral edge of the one-digit arc edged annular
edge 3 to the outer chest of the 5 frustum-shaped vibrational analysis 2 of the frusto-conical
shape, and make the peripheral portion 8 which is the outer peripheral edge of the edge 3 the
outer peripheral edge of the frame 4 At the same time as it is attached, the pansive shock wave 1
board 5 is placed on the front of the driving board 1 vibration board 2, and the outside of the
bassoff diaphragm 5 /! The inner peripheral edge of the edge 6 of the cross section arc shape
and ring shape is adhered to the Ili peripheral portion, and the peripheral portion 9 which is the
outer peripheral edge of the edge 6 is attached to the outer peripheral edge of the frame I In the
case of an erasable f'M speaker, it is a speaker in which 1's of edge 3 and edge 6 "hold one or
several sounds pz'1 such as glass wool or softwood wallet.
Since the wood note speaker is a bond like -bs pi, it can prevent the contact of the edges of both
the edge 3 and the collar 26 so that the 1 t 41-distance between 179 of one line is fixed. In this
case, the volume of the acupuncture chamber 16 is small 4 <, and the resonance between the
drive diaphragm 2 and the passive diaphragm 5 is transferred to the temporary temporary band
1 so that the 1-law frequency band is expanded. , High range-to extend one wave number. Insert
the plug
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