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DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of acoustic devices, and more particularly to an on-vehicle 3D system acoustic device. Nowadays,
in-vehicle acoustic devices are used in a total of 1- / 3 power and performance improvements to
reproduce better sound even in environments that come from car-specific living spaces and the
noise of cars themselves. ing. However, since the sound space of the car is sealed and masked by
each noise, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect. Club Chii (Even if the music played back
from the original sound is generated from the speakers, the car's engine sounds etc. will be
masked by the musicians in 1 leading to the listener. It is not possible in practice to hear good
pleasure (because it is mixed in). In particular, since the engine sound of a car or the like falls in a
low river number band, the listener has a music question without low frequency components.
The present invention has been made in view of such circumstances, and will be described below
with reference to the embodiments shown in the drawings. In the figure, + L is the left channel, R
is the right channel, 1 and 2 are buffer amplifiers, 3 and 4 are high pass filters, 5 and 6 are
power amplifiers, 7 and 8 are speakers, VR, VR,. Is a variable resistor for gain adjustment.
Further, C is a low band part, 9 is an amplifier, 10 is a low band flyover, 11 is a power amplifier,
12 is a low band 2-beaker ・ hy-y amplifier 6 x, 2 are left and right channels The impedance
conversion 7 is performed to prevent the change of the cutoff frequency of the filter due to the
influence of the signal source impedance of the high-pass filter 3.4. The filter 10 is designed to
reverse the phase without disturbing the separation of the left and right channels by giving the
signals of the left and right channels to the spreader 9 via the resistors R1 ° R2 and mixing
them. . In this case, the low-pass and high-pass filters can be reduced in cost by switching the
three stages with resistance [sigma]] switching on. The variable resistors R1 and vR2 are
intended to balance the high pass filter output and the low pass filter output. Thus, only the lowpitched component that is difficult to sense in the direction is taken out from the left and right
channels and reproduced from the low-mid-range speaker (W ----) and also the above-mentioned
vehicle unique condition 121j. In order to improve the power, the amplifier 11 performs power
amplification so as to reproduce the original sound that has been aurally corrected. In this case, if
middle and high tones are powered up along with the power-up of the bass 3-, then the previous
sound field will be just right when it is powered up. Make your hearing flat and in a state of
As described above, although the bass does not have a sense of direction, in the living space
unique to a car, it is preferable that the low-range speaker 12 be localized at the center of the
soator (speaker 7 ° 8) because stone image localization is known. Also, if one field is side-sloped
by the variable resistors vR1 and VR2 of the soiter, it becomes easy to make a sound matched to
the acoustic space. As is apparent from the above description, according to the present invention,
the left and right power amplifiers can be smaller in power than the low frequency fii 1, so in a
narrow car, etc., not only safety can be enhanced by a small bag. Contributing to low cost.
Moreover, the music that is listened to in the car is flat and a sound image close to the original
height reproduction can be obtained. And the frequency component is strong in directionality
and decays quickly, but it is small power and it can not be heard by the ear. In addition, the lowpitched sound of engine noise and the like is more than i-4-(there is less fatigue as music in a
state close to nature. In addition, since the river number division is performed by the filter, it is
economically advantageous, for example, because it can be used as a speaker / speaker which
has been used for stereo reproduction up to now, and as a lighter / speaker of a water system. If
the car is predetermined, the filter characteristics may be analyzed to determine the filter cut-off
frequency C, and the switch of the filter may be unnecessary.
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