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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view showing the structure of a conventional
speaker, FIG. 2 is a view showing the structure of a speaker of the present invention, and FIG. 3 is
a view showing another embodiment of the present invention. 1 is an elliptical diaphragm, 2 is a
dustproof body, 3 is a corrugation, and 5 is a rigid ring.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a cut-and-warm
body '7) stuttering structure in a loudspeaker having an elliptical frequency. The adhesion
structure of the anti-M body in the speaker having the conventional elliptical frequency, as
shown in FIG. 1, adheres the dustproof body (2) to the inner surface of the central part of the
oval vibration / sun (1) Have the same structure, but because the fitting surfaces of the fullthrough hole (1) and the dustproof body (2) are both elliptical, the central axis of the both or the
major axis (or short 4) / rib θ- It is easy to form a space between the rods in the bonded part,
and it becomes scorching, and there is not enough dust and dust. The present invention is an
improvement on such a conventional defect, which will be described in the following section. The
2147 悦 1 1 悦 楕 円 楕 円 楕 円 楕 円 楕 円 楕 円 錐 1 1 錐 錐 コ ル コ ル コ ル コ ル コ ル コ ル
コ ル コ ル コ ル コ ル コ ル コ ル コ ル コ ル コ ル コ ル コ ル コ ル (3) (rmi, this corké / yono (
3) Then (Ji 7, non-bonds of aluminum, synthetic trees) Buy, bond non-stick / gu (5) and bond to
this hard □ book / gu (5) A speaker unit (4) for the stone 3 is placed in the center of the fi'i
'Tsukisugi Shirosuke (1), which is a structure in which the outward 4 of the shield body (2) is
bonded. Have you done 1 也 in the application I blue, C application? l) Close one of the shields (2)
with the same corrugation / yaw / provided on the outer surface of the quotient d rigid speaker 1
unit (4), and attach the outer edge to the secondary ring It is a structure adhered to (5). Since the
1 ring (5) bonded to the groove ai-i and the cordon yoon (3) is in the circular separation surface
H of the south circular diaphragm (1), the dustproof body (2) The outer 3 circumference edge
and the 1111I ring (5) come out, and a gap 1- can be made between the 111Ii joint, and the
adhesion of the C1 protection / carcass (2) becomes easy and nobody loses, and the slump defect
disappears , 175 things also become light. In addition, since the rigid ring (5) is complemented
by an elliptical low-pitched break (1) or an insect, it is buried in which abnormal copying such as
itching of the diaphragm (flexure copying) is obtained, l! ! A white trespassing figure is worn.
Furthermore, it acts as a rigid body / gug (5) or a weight ring, and the diaphragm is a very thick
O, and the reproduction of a 1-m area: the lowest co-most hes number f0 that defines a swath,
the reproduction The band will be expanded. As described above, attach the Corga / Yo / vrC
rigid ring provided on the isosurface of the conical surface of the elliptical cone of the basic plan
plus the elliptical shakihan. As it turned to the right, there is no contact failure with M1 anticorrosion, and the diaphragm is squeezed out, and the circular plate 41) appearance book is
further expanded, so that the reproduction band in the low range is expanded-" Have.
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