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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing an embodiment of
the present invention, and FIGS. 2 and 3 are diagrams for explaining the operation of the present
invention. In the figure, 3 and 7 are addition circuits, 4 is a subtraction circuit, and 5 and 6 are
variable resistors.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In the present invention, I A, I T to a suro device
capable of expanding the stereo undersized by more than the speaker spacing. In order to
expand sound #A pieces more than the slider black bite conventionally, the sum signal of the left
and right signals is emitted from the center speaker, and the difference signal is emitted so as to
be in opposite phase from the left and right speakers. Are offered by the ridges. Book i: In a
stereo device as described above according to the draft, freely adjust the spread of the stereo
sound scale with a green structure, and replace the above sum signal with another audio signal to
obtain (l,-,-) θ3ob The same stereo device is provided, and will be described in detail according
to the drawings. FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention. In the figure, the stereo
transmission (N No. and H added to N and H with N path 3 and subtraction (ro) path 4 added to
input terminals 1 and 2 are added to the C sum signal (L + R) and red signal (L-) L3. f is replaced.
Sum signal (L +) t) a 1-tenth-piece 7-c of the variable resistor 5 and addition (difference signal (L■) is added to the four-way 7) O of the O 1 f resistor 5 10 thousand , A parallel W pitch n, .pi.
Speaker 13 and a floating force amplifier 11 that drives in parallel. The terminal of the terminal J
of variable resistance t ', 5 is grounded. -Another i voice signal manually input to the microphone
microphone 了 Mic ryon ノ 91 'amplitude r 1 town rally resistance 6 level adjusted, -1 adjusted,
sum signal + L -4-) t) 7 YTJII'tj, the city Aliyln! g, y + Of WE sword L width L "(Speaker 12: 1
drive. Here, two variable resistors 5 and 6 are connected to the knob operation r, and for the
variable resistor 6, the starting point a to the middle point is configured as the l conductor, and
the middle point b to the end point, only the point is the resistor Part. 7121 FIG. 2 shows an
example of the distribution of the three speakers 12, 13.14 allocated to the small stereo
reproduction device m15, and an example of the synthetic reproduction sound field. Here, the
sum signal (L + R) from the speaker 12 directed to the center front and the difference signal (LR1) from the left side-same speaker 13 and the antiphase difference signal (R-L) from the right
side same-speaker 14 are reproduced. If these are sound-formed Butterno straight lines, then η
<f2L and 2R. Therefore, at the (alσ) position of the knob a. [[1. monaural σ by only the
loudspeaker 12 shown in (a) of FIG. 3 sound increase-playback, the knob is shifted from the (α)
position to the (h) digit As the setting is gradually turned, difference signals 1L-14) and () 1-L) for
expanding the sound field are respectively added to each other, and a stereo error is generated
on the right and left shown in FIG. 3 (b).
Further, if 8 knobs f + 61 to (c) K [gl] are added to the difference signals from the left and right
speakers 13 and 14 while the sum signal becomes zero. Here, it is known that the voice of the
singer disappears when the left and right signals are taken, since in many cases the sound is
recorded so as to be located at the center of the singer's voice in a normal record performance or
the like. (5) ± (3) (L ′ ′ ′) Therefore, the voices of α singers can not be heard from the
speakers 13 and 14 and only accompaniment sounds are produced, and the voice from the
microphone 8 is added to the adding circuit 7, so It is exchanged for the song south signal 4. In
this way, you can gradually convert from mono to an enlarged stereo, and then to a karaoke
performance that can be further exchanged by a pressure song exchange, simply by operating
the knob 'fr (g) = f &) = tal. Can go. Further, as shown in FIG. 2, since the central speaker is
disposed frontward, and the left and right speakers are respectively directed leftward and right,
the size can be reduced compared to the conventional case in which all three speakers have the
same front angle. . In the above embodiment, the addition is made to the sound Af dwelling adder
7 of the microphone 8. However, the present invention is not limited to this, and may be equally
divided and added to the parallel pipe input terminals 1 and 2 of the microphone 8. It is a mochi
theory. As described above, according to the present invention, conversion from mono to stereo,
stereo sound field expansion .sigma. Adjustment, solo-vocal cancellation control in stereo
program, microphone voice input, microphone, karaoke by singing voice exchange Q, can you
adjust the performance continuously? (41 can be obtained excellent effect tube.
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