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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 1 are perspective views of the core
material used for the speaker diaphragm of the present invention, and FIGS. 3 and 4 show an
embodiment of the speaker diaphragm of the present invention. It is a cross-sectional perspective
view, and 1 and 3 show a core material, 2 shows a skin material, respectively.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a diaphragm for a
loudspeaker, and more particularly to a diaphragm for a loudspeaker useful for a flat type
loudspeaker. The present speaker is a cone-shaped speaker in which most of the seven coneshaped vibration 'lk is a cone-shaped speaker, but this speaker is configured to punish a coneshaped ring and a cavity caused by a depression The effect has the disadvantage of disturbing
the circumference of the plate. Nono 2 A flat diaphragm as a speaker capable of covering such a
defect? This flat type speaker, which has half jm single-cased loudspeakers, is being realized,
although it has all the disadvantages mentioned above, it has the advantage of being able to WR
in the speaker itself Wr4 type, but the flat vibration of shadowing force ' It is a requirement to
use a material whose bending II is large compared to that of a cone-type speaker. A flat
diaphragm that meets such a requirement is a sandwich that is supported by a two-sided cover of
seven materials Structure t-Have had II! There is a need to treat it and its effectiveness has been
recognized. The flexural rigidity Ll of this Suntoy 1-ch structure is determined according to the
following equation: (j + F + z ░ C 2 (t 1 + t + 2) 2D-иииииии 7tj + + 2412 ░ C 2 ('Cj + t 2) where G 1
core As is apparent from the Young's modulus T of the outer skin material, the thickness t2 of
the outer skin material, and the thickness 110 of the outer skin material, the shear elasticity of
the material is increased relative to the core material in order to enhance the bending elasticity
of the Sender E * structure. Therefore, it is preferable to meet such conditions that it is preferable
to have a large shear strength U1 and a large thickness C 1, ie, a large material with a small
cross-sectional deformation or a small thickness for 5 stress. In the case of flat # J vibration
treatment of the Santoy ? edge structure using the core material, the location of the leg holes,
the foam metal diaphragm such as Niliker and the like foam core material and the honeycomb
structure made of foamed metal diaphragm or aluminum etc. There is a honeycomb frequency
with the core material as In the case of vibration and vibration 'lk, special manufacturing
techniques are required because cranes of the core material are complicated, so that the cost is
high (in the case of such an idea in the present invention) It is intended to provide a flat type
speaker system with a new core material. In each of FIGS. 1 and 2, the embodiment of the
speaker carrier of the present invention [the example of the core material used? Quasi-paragraph
11 (The core toy formed by corrugating the Guarumi # #-This is a core toy formed by
corrugation II '1 U k J r X along the hammering direction, which is formed by the force form [[].
Fig. 2 shows a core material similar to that of Fig. 1, but in which the cross section of the core
material of the 3114 limbs is different from that of the nineteen in Fig. 2; It can be easily
obtained by molding.
FIG. 6 shows an embodiment of the configuration of the vibrator for the speaker according to the
present invention, in which flltl + is the two core members shown in FIG. 1, and these core
members are the respective numbers. It is joined by a bonding agent so that the striking direction
and the corner cross. It is a skin material which is a skin observed by using a ? M agent on the
surface and the back surface of IHII bonded to +21 +21. FIG. 4 shows another embodiment of the
speaker river frequency according to the present invention. In the same figure (31t31 is two
sheets of core shown in FIG. 2), five sheets of skin + 21f2N21 are alternately laminated, and in
this laminate, two sheets of core (3 ++ 31) The speaker Kawanari 111 & of the structure shown
in FIG. 5 and the small 41's I shown in FIG. 5 and the small 41's I together with the surface
material + 21t 2 +121 so that the direction of corrugation crosses at right angles is due to the
core material tll + 31 The interior is hollowed and has the same density and bending rigidity as
the foam metal diaphragm and the honeycomb repulsion. In addition, since the core material fi +
(31 and the core material fi + (31 are respectively laminated in the case of these five), since two
core materials + 11 tll and + 31 + 31 are used, When the cross angle is 90-or 5 sheets, the cross
angle ?IJ <60 ░ for each, and balance of the bending rigidity anisotropy generated due to the
punching method of the core material: this cross so as to be able to saturate A corner is selected.
As is apparent from the above description, since the outer material for the speaker according to
the present invention is a core material obtained by stamping and forming the fourth grade
metal, the skin material is observed, so the core material 'kF' which can be easily formed. F8 and
low density and bending rigidity? It can be enlarged. Loudspeaker style of this invention in
history! Since vI & is a multi-piece sheet of core material and laminated so that the direction of
fIr of adjacent core material intersects, a large curved piece without anisotropy has rigidity and it
is a flat-plate fine motor Excellent echo characteristics are obtained. 4, 1 8 1 2] is a perspective
view of the core material for use in the vibration weir of the prior proposal speaker, * 3 bad and
Figure 4 is an example of the wooden vibration speaker Wa & II + perspective view, + IH 31 is a
core material, (2) is a skin material widely shown 6. For husband's model registration and sales
representative Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. representative ? ? First UA 4 J 212 Figure 7. ;; ?; ? ?
F, Fig. 3 ?! ! Fig. 4 и ? 2 'Utility model registration applicant Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.-░ 46
representative Iyusuke ? ? 5 @ inventor outside of the designer's side "1" 1 "и и 1. ', To'] ? ? ?
) ? i] ? ? Sanyo Electric Co.?
1 ? Name ? ?? ? Vi H Vi Vi ? ? ?-. ?????????????
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