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Description 1, title of the invention
Speaker diaphragm
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a speaker diaphragm
which forms a small air chamber when skin materials are attached to both sides of a core
material. A diaphragm is used for the speaker so that a whistling noise generated in the voice coil
is easily generated. The diaphragm is light, and it is necessary that it be strong and not v-folded
in order to faithfully move each part with a uniform joint name. For this reason, in order to
satisfy the conditions as described above, it is formed of a light and relatively rigid material such
as aluminum foil or polymer graphite, etc. · A core material of nick-like is used as a central
member, both cities of this core material A speaker diaphragm made by attaching a skin cage
consisting of polyvinyl chloride or a material obtained by adding 6j5 of carob to it by applying a C, and forming a large number of small air chambers in the diaphragm. Is conventionally used.
However, in the conventional diaphragm, as shown in FIG. 1, since the core material 1 and the
skin material 2 are directly put in contact by the adhesive, the air weir 3 is in an airtight state.
For this reason, if room temperature rises, or EndPage: 1 heats the imaging plate etc via the
bobbin 4 by heating the voice coil 5 wound on the bobbin 4 attached to the back of the
diaphragm, the air chamber The air in 3 is expanded to exert a force to push the skin material 2
outward as shown by the arrow in FIG. Since the skin material is made of a thermoplastic
material as described above, it simply deforms into heat when it is applied, resulting in an
expansion as shown in FIG. If such a wedge shape occurs, many problems will occur such as the
intended low dynamic characteristics of the diaphragm can not be obtained, or the bobbin tends
to come off the diaphragm. This invention was made in view of the problems as described above,
and the purpose of the invention is to provide a speaker diaphragm in which the squeeze
material is not deformed to cause expansion even when heat is applied to the diaphragm or the
like. In order to achieve such an object, in the Svic cano 11 diaphragm according to the present
invention made in 1 •, the air permeability lhJ of the core material and at least one of the skin
materials interspersed if l) what is intervened ing. The following is an explanation of Fig.5, but
the same member as Fig.1 and Fig.2 has a 1 □ ""-turned light. I am. In the large flow shown in
FIG. 3, a sheet-like member 10 having breathability such as urethane (I or urethane M of a
continuous M source foam) such as vitreous fluoride or non-woven fabric is provided on both
sides of the core 1 of the half face method. Are bonded with an adhesive, and the skin material 2
is further adhered to the outside of the member 10 with an adhesive to constitute a forest
moving plate.
In addition, 11 is an edge formed by extending the outer periphery of the skin plate 2 on the
front side to support the diaphragm, and 12 is an arrow sheet which presses the periphery of the
edge 11 to the frame 13. In another embodiment shown in FIG. 4, the air-permeable member 10
is interposed only between, for example, the skin material 2 on the front side of the imaging plate
and the core material 1. The air-permeable member 10 can be seen in the enlarged view shown
in FIG. 5. Even if the small air chamber 3 of the core material 1 is expanded for some reason, the
air is not Since it is discharged as shown by the arrows to the peripheral portion of the
diaphragm, the force to push the skin material 2 outward becomes extremely small, and the skin
material 2 is not deformed and deformed. Therefore, an exothermic material can be applied to
the adhesive used when adhering to the entire core material such as a skin material, which is
advantageous in increasing the flexibility of the manufacturing process. As described above,
according to the present invention, the air weir of the vC1 core material in which the airpermeable member is interposed between the core material and the skin material comes into
communication with the outside air through the air-permeable mls material, As a result, even if
the air in the air chamber expands due to the heat being applied to the diaphragm etc., the low
dynamic characteristics of the diaphragm will not be caused by 4 u. r
4. Brief description of the drawings. The first problem and FIG. 2 show the conventional wIJ. ”(A
complete view, FIG. 3 and FIG. 4 show the embodiment of the present invention. The figure is a
magnified -f curve of a portion of FIGS. 3 and 4. Reference Signs List 1: core material 2: skin
material 3: small air chamber 10: air-permeable member EndPage: 2 FIG. 1 FIG. 2 FIG. 5 EndPage:
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