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Description 1, title of the invention
Composite diaphragm for speaker
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a composite diaphragm
for a speaker, and more particularly to a structure of a lighter or rigid speaker diaphragm.
Heretofore, natural or synthetic fibers, polymer foams or films, metal foils and the like have been
used as materials for diaphragms for speakers. Generally, the material of the diaphragm is
required to have low density (light weight) and high Young's modulus (high rigidity), but the
above-mentioned conventional materials have advantages and disadvantages and are not
necessarily satisfactory. . Therefore, an attempt is made to satisfy the required properties by
compensating for the merits and demerits of the respective materials by a composite structure in
which the materials are not used alone but are combined with two or more different materials
having different physical properties. It is done variously. For example, on one or both surfaces of
titanium (hereinafter referred to as Ti) or aluminum (hereinafter referred to as A1), IJIJium
(hereinafter referred to as Be) or boron (hereinafter referred to as B) or It is the compound
diaphragm which stratified (it is noted). The above-mentioned composite diaphragm can not be
press-molded, e, and is also developed for the purpose of processing technology of using B1 SiC
or the like as a diaphragm material using surface treatment technology. In the invention of L-hi,
in such a composite diaphragm, the Young's modulus of the material to be laminated on the
surface is affected by the Young's modulus as a composite as compared with the Young's
modulus of the central substrate, and the substrate Focusing on the point that the thickness can
be made larger and the rigidity EndPage: 1 can be further increased when using a material with a
low density and compared as an equal weight diaphragm, it is possible to increase the rigidity
EndPage: 1. A compound such as boron, boron or nitrogen, and at least one side of which has a
Young's modulus such as BeB1SiC of 1. In the following examples, a material of OXIQ12 dynAi or
more is laminated, and magnesyl carbide AMgC2 (p-i, 88 'ArANE-= 0.906 x 10 dyn / c4) and
boronated magne / lam Mg 3132 (p = 1.72 iil Attl, E) It will be described in detail what is
obtained by layering Be at 0.970 × 1012 dynA4). The MgC2 diaphragm is made by rolling
MgC2 obtained by heating Mg at 400 ° to 500'C in a stream of acetylene, ethylene, benzene,
etc. with a specified thickness 捷 and pressing it in a diaphragm-shaped mold can get. The
MgaB2 diaphragm is obtained by rolling to a predetermined thickness the Mgs 82 obtained by
igniting diboron trioxide together with a large amount of Mg in hydrogen or in the air, and
pressing it in a diaphragm-shaped mold, Be
Then, a thin layer of Be1B, sic is laminated on one side of the MgC2 or MgsB2 diaphragm by
vacuum evaporation, deposition or vapor phase deposition on both sides of the glaze. The
characteristics of the diaphragm thus obtained and the diaphragms based on the conventional A1
and Ti are compared in the table below. Substrate-H, vapor deposition material hEpEt 3 '12' Ti
'20. Be51. . 6442.4063.699 AI'33Bel51.204.409.315 MMC2, 48'Be51.3062.03721. . In the
above 234, H: thickness of the substrate μ) which is the thickness that each substrate can take
when formed into a diaphragm having the same weight and shape as the 20-metre-thick Ti
diaphragm : Thickness of the vapor deposition substrate layer p) E: Young's modulus (10 dyn / c
J) :: Density (1 薗) The above E and ρ are Be (E = 1.869 × 10 ′ ′) dyn / with 5 μ thickness on
both sides of the diaphragm. / CtA, ρ = 1.82 ylcrd) It is an overall value of a diaphragm formed.
EtB / 12: A value indicating the stiffness of the diaphragm (dyn · 0 n) t: Overall diaphragm
thickness H + 2h) As is apparent from this table, when the diaphragm weights are the same,
MgC2, The diaphragm in which Be is layered on Mg + B2 is an indicator of the rigidity as an
actual diaphragm I // 1 °. Since the density of MgC 2 and Mg 3 B 2 as the base is small, the
thickness can be increased, and the rigidity due to the shape can be remarkably enhanced. In the
above example, Be was laminated on both sides of the substrate, but it is needless to say that the
same effect can be obtained by laminating only on one side, and in addition to Be, B (p = 2, 34 fl /
crtl, E = 4. It is desirable that the Young's modulus is as large as IX1012 dynA / L or more, such
as' Ox10 '' dynAi), 5iC (ρ = 4, 1y / cA, E = 4.9 x 1012 dyn% J). The substrate MgC2 and Mg8B2
are oxidized to a smaller extent in air compared to Mg, but are still oxidized in air and are
affected by moisture in the air, but as in the present invention both sides are in air. By laminating
a stable metal, the rigidity of the diaphragm can be enhanced and the whiteness can be extremely
improved. Patents issued by J. Ino / Kyio Co., Ltd. Attorney attorneys, Inc. EndPage: Amendment
to the 2nd Series (Spontaneous) Depression 9/9/55 Executive Director General Director, / Show
the case of Showa 55 Year Patent Application No. 46499 3 Title of the Invention 3 Name of the
Invention Double Shooting Moving Plate 8 for Speaker, Correction を ~ Relationship with Case
(Not Included) C1: I ′ ′ (ij ′, 2) Length M!
'hX: W7 :: WMM':% y Noritoshi, (o, 27) Hunkyo Co., Ltd. representative control tax five
generations 弐 q third generations address (: li ::, 5.7 λ) one hundred for Osaka Ma shame I de
["Mushi town" check / 脣 on kyoho formula hiroi "I will correct as shown in the attached sheet.
EndPage: 3
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