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Description 嘗 1, Name of Invention
Method of improving sound image reproduction characteristics in a record player system and
current equalizer amplifier
3. Detailed description of the invention Fiery FiA is a method of improving sound image
reproduction characteristics in a three or more-channel record player system when using
moving-coil type (hereinafter MCHI and IU) cards, and using it Relates to the current equalizer
amplifier. As well known, a cartridge for recording and reproduction of a record is also widely
available in the MM type (moving マ グ ネ ッ ト magnet type) cartridge and the MC type
cartridge. MM type cartridges are widely used in medium- and low-grade record player systems
because they can be easily mass-produced and can be provided inexpensively. Compared with
this MM-type cartridge, MC-type cartridge is more suitable for mass production than hand-made,
so it is a high-class player, but the sound quality is extremely clear and the reproduction sound
with tension is obtained. It is used by people and broadcasters. The inventor of the present
invention found that the difference in sound quality and the localization of the sound image with
respect to two kinds of cartridges and the like as a result of various experimental studies, MM
type car) The cause of inferiority of IJ We have found that the effect of the problem is large, and
we have previously found improvements that can be made to the same or higher level as or
better than when using an MC-type cartridge. On the other hand, in the case of using the MC
type cartridge, since the number of turns of the winding of the MC type cartridge is small and the
inductance is considered to be almost zero, it seems that significant improvement of the sound
image reproduction custom is not difficult. However, if the entire circuit is configured so that the
current-frequency characteristics become constant from the research in the case of the MIM type
cart IJ server, the result of the further research based on the finding that the sound quality and
the localization of the sound image are improved. It has been found that the sound image
reproduction characteristics can be significantly improved by carrying the sound 5ij even in the
case of using the pMC type cartridge by the method described. That is, the present invention, in
short, uses a step-up transformer and a head-amplifier (or main amplifier), or a step-up
transformer, which is used in the case of using an MC type cartridge, in a record player system.
Instead, a special current equalizer amplifier is provided directly between the MC type cartridge
and the head amplifier (or main amplifier) so that the current-frequency characteristics of the
pickup circuit become constant. When the MC type cartridge is used, as shown in FIG. 1, since
the MC type cartridge MC has a low output pressure, the load impedance R is set between the
input terminals through the step-up transformer sT. Connect to the head amplifier HA.
In this case, since the recording width of the recording groove is approximately equal and the
recording width of the recording groove becomes substantially equal, as is well known, since the
RIA and A equalizer curves are recorded, the output of the MC type cartridge 'Mezadadate is as
shown in Fig. 2 (a), and the t7'jMc type cartridge has only a small number of winding turns, so
the inductance component is equal to 0 with only internal resistance, so the current 1 flowing in
the pickup circuit It becomes like 1). This means that the load power of the cartridge increases at
high frequencies, which are elements of fine parts of texture such as directionality of sound, rise
and afterglow, and the sound quality and localization of sound image are laborious It will
Therefore, in the present invention, as the frequency increases at the load of the pickup circuit,
an inductance whose impedance is increased is connected so that the current flowing in the MC
type cartridge or the pickup circuit becomes constant for each frequency. . This is the first
feature of the present invention. However, when an inductance is provided to the load of the MC
type cartridge or the pickup circuit in this way, distortion occurs on the low frequency side
reproduced sound, and it becomes easy to be influenced by the external magnetic field.
Therefore, in the case of non-invention, cancel it and use a differential voltage amplifier, connect
the inductance of the inductor on the positive input side, and also connect the inductance of the
same size on the negative input side and the negative input. The negative feedback circuit is
completely connected on the side. This is the second feature of the present invention. Next, an
embodiment of the present invention will be described. FIG. 3 shows an embodiment of the
present invention, in which MC is an EndPage: 2 MC type cartridge, and CEA is a current
equalizer amplifier according to the present invention. The current equalizer amplifier CEA
includes a DC differential amplifier OA, an inductance coil L1 whose one end is all connected to
the positive input side and the input terminal and whose other end is connected to the input
terminal, and one end is DC differential amplification Inductance coil L 'of the same size as the
inductance coil L1 connected to the negative input side of the switch OA and the other end
connected to the input terminal 1 and an MC type cartridge connected to the inductance coil I.' It
comprises a correction resistor R'1 having the same size as the internal resistor R1 of MC and a
negative feedback resistor R8. The relation between each inductance and each resistance is as
follows. L-L 'IRI-R' + R, + R '9 R 嘴 <<R 8 Note that the inductance coil is not affected by the
external magnetic field, and 18 inductance coils L and L' i are placed close to each other and
sealed) is there.
Since the impedance of the pickup circuit is as shown by the dotted line in FIG. 4 because it is
configured as described above, the frequency characteristics of t cascade and i 'flowing in the MC
type cartridge MC are constant as shown in FIG. Become. In addition, the low frequency t current
and voltage drop that occur when only the inductance coil L continues by greetings are provided
from the negative feedback circuit and the differential amplifier l and the inductance coil L
'connected to the negative input side thereof. The constant current characteristic is compensated
even at low frequencies. And, as a further advantage of this current equalizer amplifier, by
placing the inductance coils L and L 'close to each other, it is possible to eliminate the influence
of an external magnetic field like a fire chamber. That is, when the inductance coils L and L 'are
simultaneously affected by the external magnetic field, the inductance changes in the same
manner, so that the same result as in the case where there is no external magnetic field can be
obtained. As described above, according to this circuit, since the pickup circuit has a constant
current% note, the sound quality and the localization characteristic of the sound image are
improved. As a result of the experiment, it has been confirmed that the performance of the
recording and detention apparatus using the IJ tweezers, which has been considered to be a
luxury vehicle, is astoundingly upgraded. In this embodiment, the same effect can be obtained by
providing the MC type cartridge MC and the spatula between the push transformer and the headamplifier.
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIG. 1 is a recording and reproducing circuit diagram using a
conventional MC type cartridge IJ flange, FIG. 2 is a generated voltage and current of the MC
type cartridge; Is an electric circuit diagram of the embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 4 is
its impedance characteristic diagram, and FIG. 5 is a current percentage diagram. MC... MC type
cartridge, OA... '1 ..... Correction resistance, R. ......... Negative feedback resistance. Patent Assignee
Audio Engineering Co., Ltd. EndPage: 3----Qi 534-EndPage: 4
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