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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a conventional stereo
device, and FIG. 2 is a perspective view of the stereo device according to the present invention,
wherein 1 is a stereo device body, 2 is a speaker, 5 is a connector It is
The present invention relates to a stereo device in which a player, a cassette deck, an amplifier, a
tee, a speaker, etc. are integrally housed, and in particular, the connection between the stereo
device main body and the speaker is easy to carry [L and easily carried Is made possible. FIG. 1
shows an embodiment of a conventional stereo device. (1) Are the player and receiver part? The
stereo device main body 12 provided has a speaker, (3) a lead wire connecting the main body 11)
and the speaker (2), and +41 is a speaker (one terminal of a speaker disposed on the rear surface
of the main body 11). (1)チー−! In such a conventional stereo device, the main body must
be removed from the rear speaker terminal (4) (31) when moving, and carried separately from
the stereo device body and the two speaker bodies. It has to be connected and then lead wires
have to be connected, which may lead to incorrect connection. The present invention has been
made to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks, and will be described in detail below with
reference to the drawings. Figure 2 is one embodiment of this invention? In the perspective view
shown. The stereo device main body ill has a nine vertical structure in which a part of the player
is disposed vertically. 12) is a speaker equipped with connector +51 on the side. また。 A
connector receiver (6) capable of mechanically and electrically connecting with the connector (5)
is provided on the side of the stereo device body (11). Therefore, the connection between the
stereo device body and the speaker, the MR disconnection is very easy, and can be carried with
the connection when moving. If necessary, the shield pipe may be installed at a position 1 'apart
via a lead + @ having a connector and a connector (2) one nectar receiver at both ends.
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