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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view showing a structure of a conventional
honeycomb diaphragm for a speaker, FIG. 2 is a view showing a structure of a honeycomb
diaphragm for a speaker of the present invention, and FIG. It is a figure which shows the
structure of an Example. 3 is a honeycomb structure, 2a and 2b are skin materials
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a honeycomb
diaphragm for a speaker, wherein skin materials are attached to both sides of a honeycomb
structure. Conventionally, as shown in FIG. 1, a honeycomb diaphragm for a speaker has a
structure in which skin materials (2a) and (2b) are attached to both sides of a nick structure (1),
but a honeycomb structure ( 1) Since the skins U '(2a) and (2b) are made of metal foil such as
aluminum, the weight of the diaphragm is increased, making it difficult to realize a highly
efficient speaker. In addition, since the vibration loss is small, abnormal vibration is likely to be
generated, and a significant peak or tip is generated on the frequency characteristic by 7 · 6 6 τ
2 and distortion is also generated. The present invention is an improvement of such a
conventional defect. Referring to FIG. 2, the honeycomb structure (3) is composed of a single
paper of synthetic fibers such as natural fibers and acrylic fibers, or a mixed paper of these. It
has a structure. FIG. 3 also shows another embodiment of the present invention, which has a
structure in which a honeycomb structure (3) is impregnated with a heat tj J plastic resin such as
acrylic resin or a thermosetting resin (4) such as phenol resin or epoxy resin. In the above
structure, since the honeycomb structure (3) is made of natural fibers, single sheets of synthetic
fibers, or mixed paper of these fibers, the diaphragm becomes extremely lightweight, and a
highly efficient speaker is large. In addition, since the vibration loss is significantly larger than
that of the conventional metal foil, abnormal vibration such as split resonance is effectively
suppressed to obtain flat four frequency characteristics without peaks and dips, and good quality
reproduction with little distortion. Sound is obtained. Furthermore, in the embodiment of FIG. 3,
since the rigidity of the nonicam structure 3 (3), that is, the diaphragm is significantly increased
by the impregnation of the thermoplastic resin or the thermosetting resin, the split resonance
frequency becomes high, The piston vibration range can be expanded. Accordingly, it has an
advantage that flat frequency characteristics with less distortion can be obtained with an even
wider frequency range.
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