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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a diagram for explaining the directivity
characteristic of a disk-like plane diaphragm, FIG. 2 is a graph showing a change of a function
representing the directivity characteristic, and FIG. FIG. 4 is a view showing directional frequency
characteristics of a loudspeaker according to the third embodiment and a conventional
loudspeaker according to an embodiment of the present invention. 3 · · · diaphragm, 4 · · · porous
body, · · · · · · · · central part with good air permeability, 6 · · · peripheral part of poor air
permeability, 7 · · · radiation surface, 8 · · · sound wave Transfer pathway. Stem 3'′θ
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of a loudspeaker diaphragm. Conventionally, the speaker diaphragm has a concave shape such as
a cone shape, a convex shape such as a dome shape, a flat shape, etc. However, when the
vibration root has a cone shape or a dome shape, the characteristics as a speaker It is extremely
difficult to analyze in theory theoretically, and in an actual speaker, the occurrence of
disturbances in reproduction frequency characteristics, increase in distortion, disturbances in
directivity characteristics, etc. originating in parts where analysis is difficult can not be expected.
In recent years, a planar speaker diaphragm is formed of a light-weight, crystal-rigid material,
and drives a point corresponding to a node that causes two-division and two-to-one by any
method as a rigid body piston in a certain frequency range. A speaker that can be made to be
produced has been developed in the state close to the analysis result. (2) By the way, as shown in
FIG. 1, (1) is an imaging plate which is a disk-like rigid body of radius a ((2I is an infinite plane
baffle by a side plane which spreads to infinity) Although there is no space between 1) and the
infinite plane baffle +21, the diaphragm (1) can move freely and 1 to. Furthermore, a threedimensional surface angle coordinate system with an infinite plane panful (2) as the XY plane, a
center of shooting @ 叛 (1) as its origin, and a normal to the infinite plane baffle (2) passing
through the origin as Z 141 Assuming that the sound pressure in the direction P of the angle
between the Z axis and θ is the first Bessel function, Kl, by integrating the phase differences due
to the distance from each point on the diaphragm (1). As the wave number. The ratio is obtained
by D = l 2 J 1 (Ka sin θ) / Ka sin θ 1. And the value of D. As shown in FIG. 2, when Ka sin θ
becomes large, one frequency is f and the speed of sound (r−C). Since K = 2πf / c, it can be seen
that, as the 9 frequencies increase at the same position, generally, the sound pressure is lower FL
and directivity is worse than on the two axes at θ−0. , <3) The deterioration of the directivity is
that the sound wave is directly emitted from the surface of the vibrator to the inside [-. This is an
essential problem in the direct radiation type speaker, and in order to improve this, it is
necessary to take measures such as reducing the shape of the awning motive or adding an
appropriate acoustic lens. But Ki 4! When reducing the shape of I &, the efficiency of the speaker
in the lower equatorial zone is lower by + Ec. In order to build up efficiency and directivity CReproduction as a speaker C. Several bands X-A large number of different sizes of pregnancy
plates It is necessary to divide into speakers and play, which is very cost effective. Become a
book. In addition, when adding a sound storage lens, the speaker for the low frequency range has
a large protection of 昏 昏, and the sound 4 lens does not have a dull contact with it when it
comes to the diaphragm or face q) If you must be quite distracted from the average position of
the video camera 1.
Since the contrast of the air between the diaphragm and the diaphragm for this purpose is
changed by taking a picture of the diaphragm, cross modulation when reproducing
simultaneously with the high frequency component or the low periodic mantissa component.
There is a problem (4) that writing sound as a speaker is easily distorted. In the present
invention, therefore, a porous body, in which the degree of the obstacle to the fire propagation
has been partially changed, is changed by changing the gas phase to the radiation face of the
sound wave of the speaker vibrator. FIG. 3 is j! Of one embodiment of the present invention. li
cross section ((3) is a vibrator, (4) is a gold electrode, a three-way 庖 -shaped structure, etc.,
which is recorded in Japanese Patent Publication No. 1f47-10524 and the like. As the air
permeability is shifted away from the center, the porosity% equal to the force-two-point
symmetry, +51 is a three-element net-like structure of gold for the porous body (4), etc. i = more
than some One central part of the porous body + 41 which has been dissolved and air
permeability is fully elongated (enlarged view in the circle). (6) is the peripheral portion of the
porous body + 41 where air permeability is given by applying 7111 mesh to the @
complementary ternary network structure of the porous body (4) (enlarged view in the circle), +
71 is the porous body ( The radiation surface by the non-air-permeable thin film 5 joined in the
backward direction of 4), 181 is a transmission path from the radiation surface (7) of the sound
wave radiated to the forward space by 3 summers. In the above embodiment, when the nine
vibrators (31 are driven from the rear of the radiation D11 (7), the sound waves radiated forward
(5) by the radiation surface (71) propagate the inside of the porous body (4) It travels along (8)
and is emitted from the front of the porous body (4) to the front space. The one side + 61 of the
porous body (4) has lower air permeability than the central part 15) and is a large obstacle to
sound propagation, and the sound wave has to bend back [long path 1 path (8) Because the order
of the sound wave radiated from the 9 peripheral parts (6) is slower than the middle part 15) of
breathability h ≦ well t and small size of transmission and drawing t: @ damage. This action of
the porous body (4) is so great that it can be seen from the center, and because it has two points
of one-point symmetry, the sound waves radiated from the surface direction of the porous body
(4) It will be done. 4 FIG. 1: For the speaker (lower stage) using the conventional flat-plate 1diaphragm of aperture 301 (a 10-meter aperture) speaker (ten meters) using a one-sided
aperture plate of the above-mentioned implementation 11 ". It is an indication of the result of
alteration of the finger characteristics. In the porous material of the upper eye C example, a
sound field which is diffused in a fan-like manner in the front space can be obtained, with the airconditioning point symmetry divided by 4 hr equally left and right 711. (6) The radiation surface
of the diaphragm of the nineteenth invention may have a three-dimensional shape such as a cone
shape or a dome shape.
In addition, the porous body allows almost no loss of sound waves as in the case of the goldplated three-dimensional network structure. A laminate of punched metal, a sintered porous
body, or the like may be used. As described above, according to the nineteenth aspect of the
present invention, it is possible to obtain a moving plate that can be made to be disturbed in
directivity without causing distortion of the speakers.
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