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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram of a speaker apparatus
according to an embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2 is an electric circuit diagram of the
main part of the apparatus, and FIG. 3 is an upper surface of a speaker box of the speaker
apparatus. FIG. 4 is a side view of the same. 1 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
Loudspeaker for direct sound, 3 ░ 3 L, 311 и и и и и и и и frequency characteristics correction circuit,
4.4 '. 4 ? ? иииииии Delay circuit, 5.5 ?, 5 ? ? ииииии Voltage control attenuator, 6.6 ?, 6 ? ? ииииии
Amplifier, 7 ░ 8.9 иии .... indirect sound speaker, 10 ...... autocorrelation coefficient calculation
circuit, 11 ииииии absolute value circuit, 12 ииииии level conversion control circuit, 13 ... ... speaker box.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The fourth aspect of the present invention is to
provide a speaker apparatus capable of optimally controlling the "sounding feeling", "broadening
feeling", "clarity" and the like in the listening room according to an input signal. The speaker
device according to the present invention enables effective use of -gcQ2 reflection by the wall of
the listening room, and automatically reduces the level of the reflected sound according to the
autocorrelation coefficient of the human power signal. It is an object of the present invention to
provide a speaker device which can be obtained by using a conventional speaker device (i.e., onesounding feeling that can not be obtained, "spreading feeling", "clarity", and the like. General C:
reflected sound: 1, direct sound (time delay, wall reflection circularity, decrease in reaching
sound pressure level, incident angle of sound to one listener, etc. (Thus, "expansive feeling-1"
sounding Feeling A ?differentiating degree J or the like is different. The present invention (.1
manual signal: according to which the indirect sound is controlled to optimally control the
"feeling of brilliance", "feeling of resounding", "clarity" etc. automatically. Example V will be
described with reference to the drawings. In FIG. 11, it is a 1j-J amplifier, and an output signal of
this amplifier 1 (one direct sound speaker 2 is applied. The direct sound speaker 2 has a 313.
41A (as small as possible, one side tf I of the Scove Bonox 13) t is provided and directed towards
the listener 3.3 '. Reference numeral 3 "is a frequency characteristic correction circuit. The
frequency characteristic correction circuits 3 and 3 'mainly perform one-piece correction of high
frequency components of the human power signal. 4. a ?, 4 ? ?: t4 [[1 path, delay times ?,
~?3 of the delay circuits 4 to 4 ? ?, a delay time of 1 ░ in which a feeling of resounding, a
feeling of spreading, etc. are simultaneously set. .About..tau.3 is normally set to 200 ms or less.
?????? "5" is a commercially available attenuator, and the voltage is controlled by 1) the
attenuator 5-5 ": 1 according to the value of the autocorrelation coefficient of 1 product number
1 item number. 6 to 6 'are amplifiers and speakers for 7, 8 and 9i1 respectively for indirect
sound, and these speakers 7.8.9 are directed to the right wall surface, left wall surface and front
wall direction of the receiving room (the 41st. Su, 51st) 7) These speakers for indirect sound? 8.9
is determined by the size of the listening room, but the part of 6 to 8 tatami и ? -1, the direction
of the speaker 2 for direct sound (as opposed to the speaker 7 in the horizontal direction 46 ░ j:
40 ░, speaker 8: 1 water, F-sud-cube, horizontal horizontal-1 / revised, f / l 'direction towards
290 ░ + 15 c is optimal, indirect sound noise! The angle between the speaker hook 13 and the
cuff 8.9 is independently adjusted.
Note that the upper j pith deer 2, 7, 8.9 are arranged symmetrically in front of the listener. M ?
? Z + i ? Here, 1 o is an autocorrelation coefficient calculation circuit, which is an input signal
and this input signal ? as shown in FIG. After being multiplied by the delayed signal, the resistor
is integrated by an integrating circuit consisting of a capacitor C1, and an autocorrelation
coefficient 'straight' is output. The autocorrelation coefficient value is determined by the diode
D1. The absolute value of the absolute value circuit 116 consisting of D2, resistor R2 and
capacitor C2, and the absolute value of the autocorrelation coefficient value thereof or the level
conversion control circuit 12 the absolute value of the autocorrelation coefficient (control signal
according to C (The control signal is applied to the voltage control circuit 5 to 5 "(and is
converted according to the autocorrelation coefficient 0 to 1 of the input signal. m Generally, the
value of the autocorrelation coefficient becomes ((1) smaller, (1) slower, and (.0. 0) larger at the
early tempo of the input signal. In this embodiment, when the input signal and the
autocorrelation coefficient are large, the attenuation degree of the voltage control attenuators 5
and 5 '' is increased by 1, and the voltage applied to the indirect sound speakers 7 to 9 is large
and the indirect sound component is A feeling of expansion by doing so many? Emphasizing the
feeling of forgiveness, and also when the autocorrelation coefficient of the human being 5 chi 8
is small! Reduce the voltage applied to the speakers 7 to 9 for indirect sound by reducing the
attenuation of the t'5 'f control attenuator 5 to 5 to a large value, and reduce the east sound
component while emphasizing the direct sound component. It is intended to improve the clarity
and the sense of localization, and has the advantage that the feeling of spreading, the feeling of
reverberation, the clarity, etc. are optimally controlled by the manual signal.
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