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Description or title of the invention
Car moon shade and radio / speaker assembly
The present invention relates to an audio system used in a car. 0 A car radio plays a very
important role in obtaining the best audio performance possible in a car radio system and other
sound culture systems. O Traditional Dashboard Speakers had the disadvantage of being in a
relatively low position and misleading sound into the windscreen 0 door speaker is mounted in a
very low position, directing the sound to the listener's leg, No internal space. In addition, door
speakers or dash-board speakers are typically fixed in position so that they can not redirect
sound to various locations within the vehicle so far as there are either sunshade or windowstopped speakers. Although used, this has various drawbacks. A windowed speaker with
fasteners is required to open the store, and a sunshaded speaker with fasteners can be dangerous
if the wires are pulled out. These loudspeakers take up too much space, and furthermore the
sunshade loudspeakers are attached only to one side of the sunshade and are crushed against the
roof or the windbreaker. The present invention solves these and other problems by providing an
automotive shade and radio speaker assembly. Mounted above the windscreen glass, the
loudspeaker assembly propagates the sound radially downward and thus receives a superior
sound. In addition, the present invention takes advantage of the adjustability of conventional
sunshades. The present invention also gives a compact. By placing the radio and speakers within
the sunshade, the assembly of the present invention does not take up as much space as the
conventional sunshade it replaces. The present invention further minimizes O degree of wiring
and minimizes visible randomness. These and other advantages of the present invention are
characterized by the thinness encapsulated within 1-of the blue transparent material A speaker
assembly, a module housed within the speaker assembly and connected to the speaker assembly
to drive the speaker assembly, and a sunshade mounting assembly for pivotally mounting a
sunshade This is accomplished by an automotive sunshade and radio speaker assembly
comprising mounting means for mounting the speaker assembly above the windshield and wiring
extending from the speaker assembly for connection to an external power supply. Embodiments
of the present invention will now be described in detail with reference to the drawings. First,
referring to FIG. 1, the present invention comprises a ninety-one pair of automotive sunshade
and loudspeaker assembly 10 located above the windbreaker crows 11 of the automobile and in
a normal sunshade position. It consists of.
Although both radio-speaker assemblies IQa, 10b appear to be identical, one radio-speaker
assembly 10a has a knob control and the other loudspeaker assembly To1) is keyed on the
loudspeaker assembly 10a. It differs in a certain point. As shown in FIG. 2, the radio speaker
assembly] Oa is a thin flat speaker glazed with no blue transmitting material 13] 2; a radio
module 15 having a radio tuner amplifier; The loudspeaker 12 is bi-directional and made of
compatible plastic material, consisting of mounting means 14 for mounting the assembly above
the windscreen 11 like a sunshade It has a lightweight acoustic panel 16 supported by a frame
17. The speaker 12 is made of expanded polystyrene and its associated plastic, giving it both
thinness and lightness with bi-directional polar output. This speaker 12 is electronic research
Inc., Inc., located in Munachie, New Chassis, USA! Ll!! oEndoPE: 2 radio module 15 is
commercially available in the form of a Polyplana-P-5B wafer type loudspeaker commercially
available from PolyPlane-Davission of oTRoN Engineering ORES RCRCHAs 5OC Em T18,
Engineering mO,) Mounted within the frame 17 and covered by the material 13. This module 15
includes the same tuner and amplifier as used in a conventional automotive radio. The module 15
has a knob 19 which projects from the module over the material 13 so that it can be touched by
the driver. These knobs are used to control the volume and tuning of the radio. The mounting
means 14 consist of a small plate with a central opening 21 and a short, hollow, L-shaped tubular
axis ρ. A hole 23 is provided at one corner of the speaker 12. The shaft ρ is provided with an
annular serration (see FIG. 6) which engages with a corresponding series of annular teeth in the
borehole (see FIG. 6). One pivot is formed. When repositioning is required, the other end of the
zero axis す る, which rotates the speaker 12 about the axis 蝶 as the butterfly, extends through
the central opening of the plate (FIG. 4), the other end of this axis being by the plate 20 It has a
rim S slightly larger than the opening to be retained. It is possible to rotate within this end
butterfly plate n of the axis n to form a second pivot connection.
As shown in FIG. 2, FIG. 3 and FIG. 4, since the plate has one side of the hole for screw n, the
upper side of the windshield is in the position where it is used for the conventional sunshade.
Can mount the mounting means assembled inside the car (1st! Bad) ○ Radio-speaker assembly
"body 10" can provide a sufficient range of adjustment in conjunction with a conventional
awning. The other speaker assembly tob is essentially the same as the radio-speaker assembly
10a, except that it does not have the assembly 10bt / 'i radio module 15. Thus, this assembly
101) acts as an external speaker. The radio module 15 may be omitted from the assembly 10a if
there is a radio or audio system provided at another position of the vehicle such as a dashboard
board, and it is also intended to be used only as an external speaker of the speaker assembly 10d
of the present invention . Although the radio module 15 is a self-contained radio, such a small
radio can not provide the desired output. In this case, the radio may be mounted elsewhere, such
as a dashboard board, glove compartment or trunk, and this module 15 simply accommodates
the control for the external radio or to accommodate the amplifier for the speaker assembly. You
may use. If module J5 is only used for the amplifier, the control knob 19 can be omitted to
connect the 0 radio module 15 to the car power supply and antenna or to connect the
loudspeaker 12 to the external car audio system provided on the dashboard. The wiring 29Fi
extends from the acoustic panel 16 to a hole through a groove. The wiring 23 is provided
through the central opening 21 coaxial with the central opening 21 of the 0 hole 321'i plate
which reaches the wall 31 inside the car through the hollow shaft ρ. This wire 4 then passes
through the hole 32 and descends inside the wall and along the support beside the windscreen to
the dash board o An additional handle M extending from the corner of the loudspeaker 12
opposite the axis 軸May be provided. The handle 34 is attached to the loudspeaker 12 by
providing the loudspeaker with a hole with an annular indentation which engages at one end
with the corresponding letter. Allowing the free end of the handle 34Fi radio speaker assembly
10 to be secured to the fastener orchid above the windscreen 11. It may be fixed to the speaker
frame 17 with a glue 34t / 'i, glue or other adhesive. The present invention does not sacrifice the
advantages of the conventional sunshade.
The shade and radio speaker assembly 10 can be adjusted as desired to block either the driver or
the passenger's eyes from sunlight or glare. The loudspeaker 12 has favorable bidirectional
characteristics so that the radio-speaker assembly 10 acts well as a loudspeaker regardless of its
orientation as a shade. Because it is rounded at one corner. Instead of a single two-way speaker
120, multiple small and thin speakers may be attached to the frame corresponding to the frame
17. A multi-speaker will avoid using the EndPage: 3 separate speaker 12 in particular. It is
unlikely to produce the same sound.
Fig. 1 shows the interior of a car with a radio-speaker assembly mounted instead of a
conventional sunshade, and Fig. 2 shows a part of it removed to a downward vertical position.
One group of the radio-speaker assembly shown in FIG. 1, a cross-sectional view taken along line
3-3 of FIG. 2, and FIG. 4 a mounting means of the radio-speaker assembly shown in FIG. And FIG.
5 is a detailed cross-sectional view of another portion of the mounting means of the radiospeaker assembly of FIG. 10----One-day-over-Geo book speaker assembly, 11-one-one-one
windscreen, 10a, 10b ---- radio speaker assembly, 1.2-one-- Speaker, 13 --- blue transmitting
material, 14 --- one mounting means, 15 ---- radio module, 22-- one hollow shaft, four-one-one-
one wiring. Patent Applicant Attorney Patent Attorney Kikuchi Shin-14EndPage: 4
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