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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a ribbon-type speaker
unit according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of another ribbon-type
speaker unit, and FIG. 3 is a ribbon-type speaker unit according to the present invention It is a
figure which shows the frequency characteristic of a ribbon type speaker unit. DESCRIPTION OF
SYMBOLS 1 ... Diaphragm, 10 ... Magnetic circuit, 11 ... Yoke, 12 ... Magnet, 13 ... Top plate, 15 ...
Sound absorption material, 2 ... Magnetic fluid.
This 21 # relates to a ribbon type speaker unit, and more particularly to a speaker unit using a
ribbon type diaphragm with high sound pressure. Since the ribbon type speaker is configured to
use the metal of the conductor as the diaphragm and place it in the magnetic field to directly
flow the audio current to the wRjIIl plate, it does not cause divided vibration up to the diseased
frequency. It has the characteristic that the output sound pressure and flat frequency
characteristics can be flat, but it has a small area of the diaphragm and the efficiency is poor.
Depending on the structure of the suspension of the diaphragm, it is effective between the
diaphragms. There is a problem that the packaging becomes small and the above 1-A port feature
can not be utilized. Therefore, this device is intended to make full use of the area of the ribbon
type moving plate to make it highly efficient, and the entire area of the vibrating plate is taken
without sacrificing the area of the vibrating plate by the suspension. The construction that can be
used for the effective area as a moving plate is to be a metal feature. In the following, the
embodiment of the present invention will be described along with water. First of all, in the figure,
reference numeral lj aluminum, beryllium or other conductor, or a gold plate thin plate to which
conductivity is given by printing the conductor, or a ribbon type imaging plate formed of a film,
and this vibration is shown. The plate l is supported in the magnetic circuit io. In this magnetic
circuit IO, an annular magnet / 2 is attached to the yoke //, and a dog flat 3 with a window hole /
Ja is fixed to the center of the other part of the magnet / 2, and the periphery of the window hole
The Horns are formed on the. Then, the vibration & l is disposed in the window hole / Ja of the
top plate / J, and both end portions 2- of the moving plate l are supported by the top plate / J by
magnetic fluid co. The magnetorheological fluid is a suspension of fine particles of magnetic
material in an organic bath agent, and is in the form of a colloidal solution of magnetic material.
More specifically, fine particles of iron oxide, fine particles of ferrite, etc. Fine particles of oil,
silicone bath liquid! ! In the magnetic gap of the top plate 13, in other words, the top plate 13 is
located in the window hole / Ja. Reference numeral 15 denotes a sound absorbing material filled
in the inner space. Since the ribbon type speaker unit of this invention is configured as described
above, when an audio current is supplied to the sliding plate l, since the support of the vibrating
plate l is constituted by the magnetic fluid core, the piston movement of the vibrating plate is
restrained. There is nothing to do, and the whole area of the diaphragm can be utilized, and a
sufficient pregnancy moving plate orientation can be obtained without increasing the magnetic
gap and the opposing area of the top plate.
Therefore, an efficient ribbon-type speaker unit can be obtained without a decrease in magnetic
flux density. 3- Note that FIG. 2 shows a ribbon type speaker unit of a type having two ribbon
diaphragms 9, the same parts as those in the pre-laying example have the same reference
numerals, The effective area of the moving plate has been expanded. In addition, when the
frequency characteristics are examined, as shown in FIG. 3, the characteristic of the still sound
pressure is obtained as flat as compared with the conventional product. As is apparent from the
above description, since the ribbon type diaphragm of the present invention is supported by the
magnetic fluid in the magnetic circuit, the entire area of the moving plate can be used as an
effective area. Therefore, the area of the diaphragm itself may be made so large << that the
expansion of the magnetic gear rough is unnecessary and there is no reduction in the magnetic
flux density, and the magnetic flux also reduces the leakage flux 9, and the effective magnetic
flux density is large. And other effects.
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