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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows a conventional piezoelectric buzzer, FIG. 1
a is a sectional view, FIG. 1 is an enlarged view of the main part, and FIGS. 2 to 5 show an
embodiment of the piezoelectric buzzer according to the present invention. Fig. 2 shows an
example, Fig. 2 shows a schematic cross sectional view, Fig. 3 shows a mounting hole of the back
cover, Fig. A shows a front view, Fig. Shows a cross sectional view, Fig. C shows a back view and
Fig. 4 shows a terminal FIG. 5A shows a perspective view, FIG. 5B shows a front view, FIG. 5C
shows a side elevation view, FIG. 5D shows a bottom view and FIG. 5 shows a state in which
terminals are attached to mounting holes. 10 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · mounting hole, 15 · · · · · · · · · ·.
complex, 16 ...... terminal, 17 ...... terminal portion, 18 ... ... mounting portion 19 ...... contact.
Figure 3-Figure 4-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a piezoelectric
buzzer, and in particular, a pruning means from piezoelectric belly combination. In the
conventional honest buzzer, as shown by a second pull, round gold parts 1 and 2 and 6 are pressfitted and fixed to the back lid 1, and several fgi wires such as polyurethane steel wire are
respectively attached to terminals 2 ° 3. Connect the twisted lead wires 4 and 5 by hand, while
making the metal plate in the case body 6 piezoelectric element? The bonded composite 7 was
attached, and the other ends of the lead wires 4 and 5 were soldered to the metal plate of the
composite 7 and the piezoelectric element, respectively. In addition, since such a piezoelectric
buzzer is usually attached directly to a printed circuit board, the terminals 2, 3 are sometimes
solder baths when attached to the board opening), 蒼 / "rd", "'7," "v 邊 2". Immersed in high
temperature. This rounding has the disadvantage that the soldered connections of the lead wires
4 and 5 to the terminals 3 melt and lead to poor connection. In order to eliminate this
defect, as shown in FIG. 1-1, the lead wire 4.5 is wound around the terminals 2 and 3 two or
three times. As described above, in the conventional piezoelectric buzzer, there are many solder
points, and furthermore, it is necessary to wind the lead wire around the terminal (^, there is a
disadvantage that 1 workability is bad and 1 assembly processing takes a long time. Only LQ,
which must be soldered to a piezoelectric element and a piezoelectric element, is likely to cause
silver erosion of the electrode, and there are still problems with the solder flux cleaning method.
The present invention has been made in view of the prior art in the case of the above-described
piezoelectric buzzer having the terminal pin attached thereto, and the soldering eliminates the
need for work and greatly improves the workability and makes it possible to sink. An object of
the present invention is to provide a terminal bin type piezoelectric buzzer. An embodiment of
the present invention will be described in detail with reference to the drawings. 2) Go to the
dragon shown in Fig. 2 (in Fig. 5, 10 is a buzzer case, consisting of a case body 11 with an open
end and a back cover 12 attached to the opening) There is. A sound emitting hole 11 & is formed
on the top surface of the case body 11. A step 111) is provided on the inner peripheral wall so
that the opening side is expanded (/). Depending on the number (for example, two) K of the back
cover 12, a mounting portion which is made to project to the front and back of the cover is
provided with a square terminal mounting hole 13.14, which is 11. Protrusions 13a + 13bl14 &,
141) are provided at opposite positions on both sides of the square hole 13.14, respectively. The
protruding island 14b is configured to protrude from three directions and narrow the entrance
by three sizes. A piezoelectric composite 15 is formed by attaching a metal plate 15aK and a
piezoelectric element 15b with an adhesive.
The composite 15 is attached to the step 11 t in the case 10 with the piezoelectric element 15 b
directed to the opening side of the case body 11. A terminal 16 is formed by punching and
forming a metal plate made of a spring material such as phosphor bronze. The mounting portion
18 and the contact portion 19 are disposed continuously (3), and placed on the tray. The
terminal portion 17 is formed in an elongated strip shape, and is bent and formed along the
lengthwise direction so that the cross section becomes V-shaped or U-shaped. By this molding,
the rigidity of the first child portion 17 is increased to one. Also, the tip of the terminal portion
17 (11 is sharpened to an acute angle; る。 The mounting portion 18 is configured to be wide,
and provided with '18' + 18b from one side in a right angle direction, and the lateral @ surface is
formed in a U-shape to come in contact with the turtle. In the enlarged part, the tongue piece
18C is formed by cutting and raising the contact m 1911 in the direction opposite to the
direction of 413a and 18b; The dovetail portion 1 is formed obliquely from the first child portion
17 and is followed by the wing 18a. The F-end of IBb is also configured obliquely and is 1 ^. The
contact portion 19 is composed of narrow strips continuous from the width and width of the
attachment portion 18. The contact portion 19 is bent so as to have an attenuating angle in the
longitudinal direction of the terminal portion 17 and the attachment portion 18, It is configured
to function as a leaf spring and goes to I. It is hemispherically configured to function as a lightweight contact point of the contact portion 19 and is connected to I. Further, the length of the
contact portion 197 is set to a length (4) such that the tip of the traveling line contacts the metal
plate 15 8 and the piezoelectric element 15b in a spring-contacting manner with the terminal 16
and the case 10. The terminal 16 is inserted from the square hole 13 (14) K terminal portion 17
side of the back cover 12. Mounted so as to hold the mounting portion 18 in the square hole 13
(14); At this time, as is apparent from FIG. 5, the movement of the terminal 16 to the contact
portion 19 side can be prevented by the cut and raised tongue piece IBc being engaged with the
projection 13a (141L), and the movement in the opposite direction is (1) The wide lower end of
the wings 18a and 18b can be prevented from being engaged with the projecting piece 13b (1ab)
K so that the terminal 16 is securely fixed to the back cover 12. The back cover 12 holding the
terminal 16 is attached to the opening of the case body 11, and at the same time, the contact
portion 19 makes a spring contact with the metal plate 15a and the piezoelectric element 151) K:
each electrically contacts the terminal 16 of the composite 15 Connection can be realized.
According to the embodiment described above, since one end of the terminal 16 is made springy
to form the contact portion 19, the terminal 16 is held through the back cover 12 and the back
cover 12 is simply attached to the case main body 11, Electrical connection from the composite
body 15 to the terminal portion 17 can be performed, and soldering (h);
H) There is no need for any work or winding of lead wires. This is a piezoelectric buzzer of the
type provided with a terminal pin (eight in fact has a very large effect. Further, in the above
embodiment, the back lid 12 is provided with an annular convex portion, and the composite 15 is
held between the convex portion and the case main body 11, and the groove in the opening of
the case main body 1 By fitting the groove 12 into this groove, complicated work such as
bonding work and soldering work can be completely eliminated from the assembly process of the
piezoelectric buzzer, which can greatly contribute to the improvement of mass productivity. In
the above embodiment, the piezoelectric element 15b is a two-terminal type (whole electrode on
both sides) (in accordance with the present invention). The feedback electrode may be
additionally provided to be a six-terminal type. In this case, six terminals are provided, and six
mounting holes are also provided in 5612. In this case, one end of the terminal has a spring
property, and the other end is spring-contacted with a predetermined place of the complex so
that the terminal type piezoelectric buzzer is electrically connected only by the terminal type
registration to the case. Is complete. However, the soldering operation and the winding of the +
fil lead wire are not performed, and a stable piezoelectric buzzer can be obtained without the
problem of the operator's skill. Moreover, one operation time can be significantly reduced, and an
inexpensive piezoelectric buzzer can be supplied.
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