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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic perspective view of an
embodiment of a speaker system according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a sectional
view taken along the line A-A shown in FIG. [FIG. 2] is a perspective view which shows the state
which took out the auxiliary speaker box in the system shown by FIG. 10 ...... speaker box body,
12 ...... low band speaker (woofer -), 14 ...... auxiliary speaker box, 16 ...... squawker -11B · · .... Tsu,
Ita 0
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker system,
and it is an object of the present invention to realize a portable simple stereo with sound effects
such as a stereo effect according to the preference of the listener. Aims to provide a speaker
system that makes it possible. The following is an example of the speaker system according to
the present invention, together with the attached drawings. 2 Light up. ',. 43. Referring to
FIGS. 1 to 3, reference numeral 1111 denotes a speaker box main body, in which a low band
speaker, that is, a woofer part QB is disposed at the center. The α nourishment is an auxiliary
speaker box accommodating the middle and high band loudspeakers. In the embodiment, since
the three-in-one type is adopted, the auxiliary speaker box q4 is provided with a squawler tl19
tweeter Q19. Further, as is well understood from FIG. 2 showing the A-Aiiei plane of FIG. 1, (14A)
is the auxiliary speaker pock nice (the sh @ sh @ provided on the upper and lower surfaces of the
141, The moving shaft (14A) is inserted into a recess (not shown) provided on the upper and
lower surfaces of the housing portion of the speaker box main body On. As a result, the auxiliary
speaker box I is housed in the housing portion 1 so as to pivot about the pivot shaft (14A). When
the auxiliary speaker box I is further moved upward, the downward turning wheel (14A) of the
auxiliary speaker box Q41 is disengaged from the recess of the lower surface of the storage
portion (2), and the storage of the speaker box 011 is performed as shown in FIG. It is provided
to be removable from the part (i). In addition, a jack (not shown) is provided below the curved
back surface of the auxiliary speaker box (2) 04J cox 04, and a plug of four connection cords
which are divided into the speaker box main body Q1) Kg & is inserted into this jack. Since one
embodiment of the present invention is configured as described above, the auxiliary speaker box!
The directivity of the sound of the two speakers housed in 141, namely, the Skooka U υ and the
lighter (C), is directed substantially to the previous issue, and the lateral spread is relatively small.
Also, the directivity of the uniform sound of the woofer-CD housed in the center of the speed or
box body Q1 has a relatively wide spread in the lateral direction. When the two auxiliary speaker
boxes I are turned so as to face each other, the central range and the low range overlap point
according to the IgI excitation angle, that is, the point where the stereo effect occurs changes in
the front of the speaker box α [forward .
Therefore, when listening to a stereo performance or the like with such a speaker or system, a
stereo effect can be easily generated by rotating the auxiliary speaker box I by a desired angle
according to a place to listen to the performance. (3) When used in a wide place where the
operation can not be satisfied by the 0bJ rotation operation, the auxiliary speaker box Q4 is
removed from the main body of the speaker box and moved to an appropriate position as
described L. It is easy to improve the sound effect. As described above, the speaker system
according to the present invention is a two-in-one stereo type 1 speaker system having at least
two low-range and two-range low-range speakers, with the low-range speaker at the center. Since
the auxiliary speaker box accommodating the middle and high band speakers is rotatably
accommodated in the arranged speaker box main body, the medium-band parking lot and the low
band can be obtained simply by rotating the auxiliary speaker box. The field b can be overlapped
to easily generate a stereo effect. Therefore, it is possible to realize a portable simple stereo with
a simple configuration and at a low cost, in which preference and hearing of listeners (f effects
such as stereo effects according to the position of the person can easily be overcome).
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