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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view showing an example of a
diaphragm of an electrodynamic electroacoustic transducer, FIG. 2 is a cross sectional view
showing a method of pressure heating molding of a plastic film, FIG. FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional
view of a plastic film having a textured surface according to the present invention, and FIG. 4 is a
cross-sectional view showing a case where the diaphragm of the present invention is attached to
a yoke. In the figure, 1, 10: diaphragm, 1 ?, 11 ?: plastic film, 2: heater, 3: female type, 4 male
type, 5 yoke, 6 ... voice coil, 7 ... Z gnet.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a diaphragm in an
electrodynamic electroacoustic transducer such as a headphone or a microphone. The diaphragm
of an electrodynamic electroacoustic transducer such as a headphone or a microphone is made
of a very thin plastic film in a circular shape, and attached by attaching its outer peripheral
portion to a case or a yoke. This will be described with reference to the drawings. First, in FIG. 1,
1 is a diaphragm. The diaphragm 1 is made of, for example, a plastic film having a thickness of
about 25 to 50 microns, and a central portion (1), '94!, From the central portion 1a to the outer
peripheral portion 1bK. J '(A large number of ribs 1C on the tangent of ? / ?1a, and an outer
peripheral portion 1bVc lips 1d and 1e are provided. The production of such a diaphragm is
usually carried out by heating with a heater 2 from below and pressing and forming a film 1 'into
a cavity 6' of a fc female die 6 with a film 1 'as shown in FIG. It is bamboo. At this time, in order
to improve the working efficiency, several films 1 'are laminated and formed, and the film is
taken off from the individual films. Therefore, since the conventional film has a very flat surface
on both sides of the umbilical scent, when several such films are stacked and pressure-heated
and formed into -1, it is one sheet It was very difficult to peel off one by one. In particular,
diaphragms used for microphones, headphones, etc. have recently become very thick, for
example 12 to 20 microns, for the same purpose as their characteristics. Because of the
complexity of the eye 1180, the overmolding is more difficult. Therefore, it has good
performance, and hJ (2) of Oiso's physiology, and 9. It has been desired to provide a versatile
diaphragm. The present invention is made to solve such problems. That is, the diaphragm
according to the present invention is characterized in that a plastic film having at least one
surface as a textured surface is formed into a predetermined shape. The present invention will be
described below with reference to the drawings. FIG. m5 is an embodiment of the present
invention and is a cross-sectional view of a film 11 'having a textured surface on one side.
According to such a film, as shown in the figure, even if several sheets are stacked and pressureheated and formed at one time, at least one of the contact surfaces is uneven, so it is very fine on
the polymerization surface Since the voids are present, each film molded body can be easily
peeled off after molding.
Therefore, since the diaphragm can be mass-produced, it is cheap and strange, and it is easy to
peel off, so it does not deform because it is easy, and since the unevenness is also fine, it has the
same good performance as the conventional one. Furthermore, upon application, for example, as
shown in FIG. 4, the outer peripheral portion 10b of the sliding plate 10 (3) j1Y pattern иииииии 09:
vL of the present invention is pasted on the outer portion 5a of the yoke 5 as shown in FIG. If it
wears, but the lapping surface of the shooting motion & 10 is in a satin-like direction, the @
property of the care agent is improved by the increase of the specific surface area or the void of
the contact agent, etc. Or a perfect joint tl-to the yoke can be obtained. In the figure, 6 is a voice
coil and 7 is a magnet. Moreover, since there is no slippage on the film surface, it has advantages
such as easy handling and good workability.
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