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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of the prior art, FIG. 2 is
a cross-sectional view of the embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 3 is a side view of a relay
21 and FIG. FIG. 6 is a cross-sectional view of a modification, FIG. 6 is a side view of the relay 31,
and FIG. 7 is a front view of the same. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1: .. Conducting diaphragm, 3
... voice coil, 21 degree 31 ... relay tool, 21A, 31A ... cylindrical part, 21B. 31B: collar portion,
22.32: gold wire, L □, L2: length of cylindrical portion 21A, 31A.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a loudspeaker, the
purpose of which is to eliminate the vibration of a fluorescent wire when relaying a gold wire
drawn from a voice coil at a specific position on a four-person, last-name diaphragm. t! While
preventing contact or short circuit with the conductive diaphragm due to 1st order, at the same
time, inside l + in Kai position 1! It is about eliminating the clatter of the tool. (1)(Jd・
1/y;>l、? 1) An example of a speaker using a conducting-injecting diaphragm is shown
in FIG. That is, (1) is a 'width' injection-displacement plate. The conductive material is & 411 as
the material. (2) is a frame that can be used on the outside of the vibration plate (1). (3) indicates
a voice coil, 14) indicates a damper, (5) indicates a top plate, (6) indicates a magnet, (7) indicates
a frame attached to the center board, +81 indicates a dust cap, and 19) indicates a gasket. Gold
wire 11 [1 is pulled out from Poiskoi I 3), or this gold, ll pulse (101 is an insulating middle rod
01) through the spit 4 injection plate (1) special position 1 = jYc ball through, and ladder board
supported by frame (2) (up to 121 IIC, !!! It will be set up. The conventional center fitting (11) is
placed side by side with a pouring tube, and after it is inserted into a hole formed in the
discharge plate (1) and fixed in place, the gold thread is inserted. By connecting 1101 to each
other, it was possible to grasp gold wire 1101 and 4 屯 1+ copying board (1). Such a
conventional edging method is easy to cause flickering, rattling, and conductivity (Xo 98 core 1
】】 1】 i ゐ ゐ i ゐ ゐ i た め た め た め た め た め た め た め ビ ビ ビ 7 按 V ビ ビ ビ 注 注
注 注 注 注 注 注 注) It is very difficult to form a tube by bonding and fixing the tube in the
middle of the perturbed plate and to pass the gold wire 110i, and the working part is extremely
bad. The present invention has been made in view of the above, and an embodiment thereof will
be described below. In FIG. 21 1∼ 1, c 211 squeezes the inner fitting. The relay equipment] is
molded from an inexpensive material such as resin, and as shown in FIG. 3 and FIG. 4, the
cylindrical portion (21A) and one end thereof are shown. It has a buttock (21B) formed in a row.
The length Lo of the tubular portion (21A) is configured to be longer than the thickness of the
conductive diaphragm (1) V, and in the example shown, the tubular portion (21A) is conductive,
and the d-type diaphragm (In addition to being fitted in the hole formed in the eyelid, the eyelid
(21B) at one end is in contact with the inner surface of the electroconductive diaphragm (1), and
in this state, the inner disc) is the electroconductive diaphragm It is crimped and fixed to (1).
The radius (Hl) of the buttocks (21B) is smaller than the length Ll of the buttocks (21A). In this
manner, in the case of the inner hook having a thin thickness of 鍔 -m (+ xA /), the gold thread
wire rod contacts the conductive diaphragm (1) between the voice coil (3) and the relay terminal.
(3) 9a +. Is effective when it is installed without any risk. That is, as is apparent from FIG. 2, a
gold thread wire is pulled out from near the upper end of the voice coil (3);
“B′tJhW(j)””1°−tl! ffi “6 j j な 汐 汐 に 対 し て に 対 し て に 対 し て 有
有 有 有 有 有 有! , Q is effective. The gold wire .mu. Is extracted from the through hole (21c) of
the intermediate device 1) and joined to the terminal plate a21. On the other hand, in some cases,
the gold wire may be conducted in a state in which there is a possibility of contacting the
conductive diaphragm (1) between the pois cay v (3) and the inner tool. This case is shown in
FIG. That is, the button has a hole in the cylindrical portion (31A) at the center or in the middle,
or the relay tool has a through hole (31Q) in the cylindrical portion (31A), the N portion (3tB),
and the length of the cylindrical portion (31A) ATFIiJ is similar to the one described above, where
1) is made longer than the thickness of the conductive diaphragm (1). However, in the relay
device U, the sixth to first ones. As apparent from FIG. Nff1m1H1) ffi (a,) ヲ MiJ statements L7
'c40) U)! As compared with tjs (H, d), it is regarded as one faster than the other. Such a center
tool button) (as shown in FIG. 5) is inserted into a hole formed in the tubular portion (31A) in the
first vibration and (1). (4) 98 1 1 1 1 1 jg L-■ The flange portion (31B) of one end is in contact
with the inner surface of the conductive diaphragm (1), and in that state, the relay tool CI
phantom is crimped to the conductive diaphragm (1) It is fixed. Then, the gold wire drawn out
from a position “relatively close to the connection with the conductive diaphragm Q) in the
voice coil (3)” is inserted into the bent hole (31c) of the relay tool @ 0 and the terminal board H
Connected to According to this, the pillow seat which prevents the gold thread wire from coming
into contact with the conductive vibration is maintained. In addition, second one. In FIG. 5, in the
case where the same element as the element described in FIG. 1 is shown, the same sign is
attached and the description thereof is omitted. As apparent from the above, according to the
present invention, the following effects can be obtained. (1) In the conductive diaphragm as well,
as with ordinary non-conductive diaphragms, the parts for relaying gold wire (middle jig) can be
mechanically determined first as a work-in-progress product, so the neutrality of the gold wire is
@ It becomes easy and the workability improves to Inuyama.
(The relay device has a tubular portion and a buttock portion, and these are used to crimp and fix
the middle tool in place of t6 + 98 (Slip plate and backlash disappear in S ° CA). (3) Even if there
is a risk of contact between the gold thread and the guiding general distribution board depending
on the shape of the conductive diaphragm and the relay position of the gold thread, thicken the
days of the buttocks of the center fitting. By taking it, contact or short circuit can be prevented.
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