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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic sectional view showing a
conventional example, and FIGS. 2 and 3 are schematic sectional views showing an embodiment
of the present invention. Explanation of numerals, 1 ... diaphragm, IA ... dome part, vc ... voice coil.
The present invention relates to a multilayer diaphragm suitable for a speaker, a microphone,
etc., and more particularly to a dome type moving plate capable of expanding the reproduction
frequency bandwidth as much as possible. is there. In a common dome-shaped imaging plate, the
piston operating area, that is, the element which establishes the frequency bandwidth B up to the
lowest mode division resonance frequency f of the diaphragm is as shown in FIG. The ratio a / 2b
of the diameter a to the edge portion @b and the phase 019 / nono, of the dome-shaped
diaphragm 1 are already determined. However, determining the acoustic characteristics of a
speaker, a microphone, etc. JPI is not only limited to the conditions of the above-described
moving plate, but also depends on the combination of a magnetic circuit and an acoustic circuit.
Furthermore, there are design requirements, such as increasing the diameter of the perturbation
plate in order to increase the low-frequency reproduction capability, and design limitations such
as the need to miniaturize the magnetic circuit. It has been difficult to select the optimum one by
giving priority to the above, and there has been the problem that the piston movement fixed
number bandwidth of the moving plate is expanded and tC <i>. The present invention solves the
above-mentioned miscellaneous simmers and increases the value of f only after satisfying the
requirements of the design of the microponsby 1 fu etc., thereby expanding the piston operating
frequency bandwidth of the diaphragm. The present invention provides a dome-shaped vibration
plate. Next, for the embodiment shown in FIG. Is this invention? As shown in Fig. 1142, in the
small size of 1142 in the KJG moving plate, the vicinity of the central dome portion 1-A of the
020 center is made of the same or different materials to form a multilayer structure (8 layers or
more). J 屯> 24+ '2 E: Young's modulus, I: Second moment of section. The layer of Ell is the
outermost layer, EllI2. E3I3... E, lI, /) become the inner layer in order, and the layers E, lI, l
become the innermost layer. Incidentally, at least three layers are required as shown in FIG. 3 in
order to expand the piston operating frequency band of the vibrator and to reduce the amplitude
of the vibrator at the edge division resonance frequency. That is, it is necessary to satisfy the
following conditions. E、I、+E35≧E2I。 G2 <GIIGa <GsQ: Rigidity factor A voice coil
VC is provided vertically at the lower end face of the dome portion IA and can be loosely inserted
in the cap of a known magnetic circuit and used as a low motor for a speaker or a microphone.
As described above, according to the present invention, the central dome portion of the dome JSV
diaphragm is formed of the first layer, the second layer,..., The n-th layer 1 (1; Since the
relationship between the Young's modulus (E, h: 2-E, l) and the breaking mj second moment (If,
1r = 1,) is E, I, tE, 1. 、 1. Ej I, i It is possible to increase the value of divided resonance frequency
1 □ by increasing A by fixing 111 of low-frequency matched frequency 4 while satisfying the
design requirements of the = 2 microphone, a speaker, etc.
That is, the piston operating frequency band of the diaphragm can be expanded to obtain a
speaker, a microphone, and the like with poor acoustic characteristics. 4, 1 111 plain description
of the drawing Figure 1 1 (· 11 orthographic 1 1) 1 town tfnl '+ 6 Figure 2, Figure 2 Figure 2, and
Figure 3 Figure 3 is an example of this scheme It is a cross-sectional schematic diagram shown.
4] No. m of the issue ■ · · · shooting + + 171 temporary IA · · · · Dom section VC · · · · voice coil
practical model nodori Tode out · name of nine people Aiwa Co., 10 and 2 Figure 1 2 Convex γ
Figure 2 □ · No to ~ Enln Figure 3 E construction h (G2),, l + town C 10 609 690 utility model
registered applicant's name Aiwa Co., Ltd. 5 feast of the above or L (, <t ? f1 "Kyoto Taito-ku
F631. III; F 2 A 4 Aiwa M J "Yukai? l l L cedar center cuff 'v? The IT Soken Atsuta Tomo 6 024 Z
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