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DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a ribbon 1 to 14k
which has a large release factor from a four-body part and a large nausea allowable input.
Conventionally, two points of holding a ribbon-type speaker (that is, having a bowl with a ninesymmetry plate and having a large conductive weir are retained). Conventional ribbons 1050 as
satisfying these 02 points. -J + OQ "1Y" A cast plate used is a sliding plate made of a 414-foldedged crocodile body made of aluminum or the like, or one having a conductor portion formed
on one side or both sides of a molecular film On the other hand, the electrical WF'4 human
power limit as a speaker is a ribon itself !, a heat (di crystal-4% f) or m cut off or heat distortion is
caused before that and it is not possible to endure use It is necessary to devise an effective heat
dissipation method because it is determined by the input. In this case, the heat dissipation in the
ribbon base plate formed of a single 4-base metal foil such as aluminum is conducted only by
heat corrosion through air corrosion around 5 and has a very poor efficiency. By the way,
generally it is received by radiant heat Qr-εδT4. In this C, a is a so-called radiant agate, which
changes with the 11th of a material and a scaly embroidery, and takes a numerical value of
construction O-1. Further, a051> 憂 is Boltzmann's constant k (4, 96 × 1G−IK− 乙 ♂, b− ′ ′
K4), and T is an absolute one time (0 K). And in the case of a ribbon diaphragm formed of only
11 Cg such as aluminum, and gold-r6, although it is the bar or a redundant bar, it is 6 to 0.05 to
0.10, and cloudiness 4 is ε 0.2 to 0.3 =. In the present invention, as described above, the object
made by λ is dust and the purpose is to move the heat dissipation effect to a large part of the
piece 1 or 1w of the surface or 4wL part of the peripheral surface. Acceptable-One of the
upstreams of Qi input is at V which provides a ribbon diaphragm to be released. In the following,
the first embodiment of the present invention is a + according to FIG. 11 and FIG. 1 is a ribbonshaped blood spinning board which is disposed in a genuine air gap (not shown) of the air
passage and which is formed of Al t = Um V → dL 1 i child product. 2 is a piece of 1% of the
mooring prevention plate 1. In the case of baking with a black-and-white resin containing epoxybased black hardened castwood as the main component on the surface, the insulation is formed
by means such as printing or printing. Put on the capsule. Since one working row of the present
embodiment is configured as described above, at the time of reproduction, a sound-current is
made to flow to the ribbon-like 11A reinforcing plate 1 formed of plating-foil with aluminum
conductor 14! & Exposed plate 1killl and generate heat, the equation which shows the radiation
MQ, ie, it becomes Boltzmann's constant collection δFi 8 χ 0.8 to 0.9 in Q-gaτ 4 and it is made
of aluminum conductive Tt metal foil Boltzmann 屍 腋 J of conventional ribbon #Rh board which
does not form the coating film 2 only by itself (If it is N, if it is thin on the surface, g = 0.05-0.1, 1
or 9) Some things are about 053) compared with #: l: 11.2-0.3)) Do not make the ij stab MQ of
the vJ board for the inconvenient pond direction QJ!
From the formula of #JT ', it increases to に 1000 times of the conventional single
recommendation, and since it is proportional to the fourth power of 杷 to 丁, 蔗 O increases near
the aluminum V positive melting point. This shows that heat is released much more efficiently
than heat transfer by heat transfer temples other than radiant heat C) and heat sink σ 1 L. And
showing the relationship between the human power to the diaphragm 1 and the tM degree rise
to this with the conventional plate and the row 1 execution row which is formed of the aluminum
plate 41ae + plate b4 and does not form a smear It will be as shown in 弔 2 凶. In the M2
diagram, the conventional lk recommendation is represented by a single point in7B and is added
to the main effect. As apparent from the inference, even if the VC input voltage becomes large,
the above-mentioned <, l1 lbk loaded non-performing diaphragm has a smaller temperature rise,
so the heat is larger -71054). However, in the case of C, if the collapse becomes thicker than
necessary, the bond of the good part of the 11 +% transmission in the whole bwjJ plate becomes
small, and the effect of heat radiation other than radiant heat decreases, so the heat radiation as
a whole The effect may be diminished. For this reason, it is preferable to select the thickness of
the above-mentioned coating film appropriately according to the size, shape and the like of the
diaphragm. Moreover, the wedge formed on the diaphragm 10 length surface formed of a
conductive gold h4 foil such as aluminum! , I2 protect the first diaphragm of the diaphragm from
corrosion and, at the same time, the mechanical rigidity is large, and the input resistance
characteristic is improved by 5% i. In addition, the formation of the capsule 2 'does not increase
the quality to a large extent, so that the piston can be vibrated to a high frequency, and the
expansion and flattening of the frequency characteristic of the output sound pressure can be
realized. 055> Fabricated film: Heat-cured bait 1111 1) Heat-sealed from the heat seal VC 1)
Armored or coated with a roller or the like h) Transfer to the coated surface and bake Bake + 4]
1i 11 etc. It is extremely easy because it can be formed by means of What is shown in FIG. 3 is
the other unsettled arrow ν 1 and this II! In the example, 1 'is a base molecular film as a base
material, 3 is a conductor formed with the + surround of the polymer film 1', that is, a 4-, 4 or 5
gold 4 such as silver or aluminum on its base surface. Part 2 is a coating film formed on the
surface of the conductor part 3 in the 15A-applied V + and-"taste. As described above, since the
"IC-coated shoulder 2 of the conductor g3 formed on the polymer film 1 'is formed, the coating
film 2 is not formed in the same manner as in the case of surging. The Boltzmann delay number
δ can be greatly increased to increase the late ItTl &. 05G) Furthermore, A1 and 42! i! In the
case where the coating tl12 is formed on the diaphragm 11 formed on a single transparent gold
& 4 foil alone, or on the conductor 1113 provided on one side of the polymer film 1 'in both
directions, both sides or height of the diaphragm 1 will be described. When the coatings 2, 2 are
provided on both sides of the molecular film 1 'and the t conductors 3, 3, respectively, the heat
radiation effect can be further enhanced than in the case where only one side is formed.
Also, the above paint 1! As shown in FIG. 4 and FIG. 5, a further heat radiation effect can be
expected from the f 14 ′ covering the ridge surface and the @ surface of the conductor s 3 as
shown in FIG. 4 and FIG. It is also possible to integrally form the coating film 2 to give up the
heat radiation effect. As described above, the present invention forms a coating on the single side
or both sides of the # 7R # m board, so the heat radiation effect can be increased by a simple
means, and thus the conventional 1057 diaphragm does not form a coating. As compared with
the above, the same as the allowable electric input can be made large, and protection and
reinforcement of the diaphragm can be performed without particularly increasing the mass of
the diaphragm.
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