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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 to FIG. 4 refer to a first embodiment of the
present invention, FIG. 1 is a front view thereof, and FIG. 2 is a left and right speaker unit. 3 is a
cross-sectional view showing the locking mechanism of the slide portion, FIG. 4 is a partial front
view of the cassette lid with a transparent cover, and FIG. FIG. 6 is a front view showing two
embodiments, FIG. 6 and FIG. 7 are front views showing a third embodiment of the device of the
present invention, FIG. 6 is a front view showing a fourth embodiment of any of the devices, FIG.
The front view of the fifth embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 10 is a front view and a
plan view of the sixth embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 11 is the front view of the
seventh embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 12 is a front view showing an eighth
embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 13 is a front view showing a ninth embodiment of
the present invention. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 10 ... Tape recorder main body, 11 ... Cassette
tape loading part, 12 ... Cassette lid, 15 ... Microphone, 16.17 ... Left and right speaker part, 29.30
... Pocket, 34 иии Microphone, Guard 5 и и и Jack и и и и 36 Characteristic correction device, 42.43 и и и
Large speaker, 45 и и и Jack 47. 48 и и и Left and right external speakers, 5?, 52 ... hand over part,
51.53 ... hand over part, -54 ... cassette i, 60- ии window, 61 ... cassette lid, 65 ... cassette lid. ??
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is intended to make a stereo
effect and widening of the sound field to a cassette tape recorder, a small + gO cassette tape
recorder called a microcassette tape recorder using 117y7rb (or a microcassette tape). The
present invention relates to a compact stereo cassette tape recorder. In recent years,
microcassette 1-blockers using microcassette tapes have become widespread as small-sized
cassette tape recorders. This microcassette tape recorder has 1 or 2 speed slower than ordinary
Philips type compact cassette tape recorders including the surro type, pocket size and ultra-small
tc, and not enough writing. (I can not obtain stereo effect and il-field widening for sound quality).
Especially for 111-Fl, Q was not satisfactory. The present invention has been made in view of
such conventional problems, and the speaker section of both 11111 Kk stones of the cassette
deep iron loading section is disposed, and at least one of these speaker sections is to the "Da-p It
is easy to slide and l! It is an object of the present invention to provide a stereotype small
cassette tape recorder which achieves the stereo effect and widening of the stone (2) 08 field in
one structure and sometimes makes a microcassette recorder for Hl-Fl. Hereinafter, this
invention will be described based on the drawings. 1 to 4 show a first embodiment of the present
invention. First, the configuration will be described. In FIG. 1, Q и is referred to as the main body
of the cassette tape recorder main body or less. The cassette tape loading unit 0? and the
cassette lid 0 are provided at the center of the end face of the main body. In the upper part of the
main body <11, a dial display unit-, an operation unit, and the like for a radio are provided 711).
Reference numeral a9 denotes an inner frame i11 provided at the left and right of the main body
forty-fifth. In addition, a main body U (a not shown on the upper surface a) j,): ', y antenna is
attached. [90] are left and right speaker units, and these speaker units aea ? are disposed on the
right of the cassette tape loading unit uIl. Seals sQ19tts are respectively provided between the
speaker unit 11t9Q71 and the cassette tape mounting unit a '. (3) 10??J As shown in FIG. 2,
the left and right speakers S4 07) are spaced from each other by a predetermined distance ull
from the main body 1.lIM. Incidentally, as shown in FIG. 3 tal, when it is slid at a constant interval
I11, it is locked.
For example, the concave portion of the left speaker 81161 has two concaves m121112'lr
generally spaced apart by a fixed distance. A main body (a sliding groove ?l of a weir (a locking
mechanism barrel is provided. The lock is made up of + It (the weir is biased by the spring 1 and
the spring, and the bin (d) is protruded to the slide groove (c)). Left speaker section (1 to (c'ld in
lL direction (If p slide, the bin (1) is hooked on the recess u4 by sliding and the left y side of the
left speaker section is restricted) Be done. ?????? I'm, Figure 3 (bl slides left and right '2! t
L fc The locking mechanism when sliding the speaker unit ? to the main body bending unit) /)
<1-. (2) is a four-part provided also in the main body music, and V ~ is a temporary spring having
a convex part provided in the left speaker part shout. This convex portion is a concave mQ / lK
latch G, and the left speaker unit 00 is a throttle to the main unit UUa. In addition, in FIG. 2, a
ridge is a pocket, and this jl and the like pocket (2)-are disposed on the left and right sides of the
cassette 1-pack loading portion old IJ] (4) 10, the left and right speaker portions Qe (171) When
sliding from the main body to the left and right, it appears in front of the main body ?Q. The
pocket (7) is provided with an operation unit 6 for performing characteristics, switching, mode
switching and the like of the counter 6 and the cassette recorder. In FIG. 2, the seal portion Ql (I
9 is opaque, so blurs (J ? (7)) can not be seen. As shown in FIG. 4, if the seal portion O8 is made
transparent, it is possible to check the state of the counter 6 and the operation portion (2)
without sliding the left and right speaker portions 1 eq ?. As described above, since the left and
right speaker parts QIiQ ? are arranged in the microcassette tape recorder and these sliders '6,
and ?' are slidable with respect to the main body, the stereo when C4 is slid. Young fruits 2 The
ability to improve ? compared to the prior art is realized, and the sound field is made wider.
Next, FIG. 5 shows a second embodiment of this invention, which is jlA. In this embodiment, the
built-in microphones (2) 'are respectively provided in the left and right speaker sections 119
(171), and the number of stereo sound recordings is artificially set to (5) ll Ju. This method is
particularly effective for small-sized Chiepre "~" '], by sliding the recording unit utyuD against the
main unit U?, the effect of the stereo recording similar to the conventional DP recorder can be
achieved with the mouth 1f4t. is there. Further, this method has an advantage that the vibration
of the motor installed in the main body B11 is hard to be transmitted because the mic acid is
separated from the main body 4, and appropriate recording can be performed.
6 to 7 show this invention V) as the 751 embodiment. In Fig. 6 (d) is the jack, and this jack is
provided on the front of the main music piece, Bokeno H1. ) Yasok (?) is a separate pre-repair
device (seasonal connection, P end f 1 is to be turned red. и-Wait 11 correction device 1.1 111 is
the type of tape (? U-mude-5), j и ? ? ? ? or metal tape etc. и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и hiss noise
generated in the bamboo run-His noise The source of The type-compacting range at the time of
cassette tape reproduction can be expanded to a first base by this character-locking device M. In
addition, a space factor is good by providing mn pin yanoku in ho (6) 12 kerato (2), and
furthermore, another operation part (a main body-the printed wiring board disposed inside by
arranging in the same plane as the phantom) The effect of being able to facilitate electrical
connection with Alternatively, as shown in FIG. 7, a battery power may be connected to the
characteristic correction unit mw so that the necessary power is supplied from the power supply
11. At this time, a jack (not shown) is provided on the lower surface of the main body OI, and a
unit in which the inertia correction device and the battery are integrated is disposed downward
of the main body H Connect to the jack. Also, the battery t4LI may be supplied to the main body
? as an auxiliary power supply. FIG. 8 is a view showing a fourth embodiment of the present
invention. +-, T4 Zi 43 are large left and right speakers, and the Osugi spy force... Is the speaker
lJ?? spout of the first embodiment. Therefore, the Osugi speaker 14J is slidable to the left and
right from the main body QQ, and the slide interval is regulated in the same manner as on the 1* flow side. According to this method, it is effective (7) 13 when listening with a large output in
Sakaba et al. FIG. 9 is a view showing a fifth embodiment of the present invention. The
compliance is a jack provided in a main pocket (d), to which a connector 146) is connected. The
left and right external speakers + 47114I19 are connected to the connector 1461 so that the left
and right speakers m + 161u'll WC external speaker 4 / + 1419 are added and the 71 pseudo 4
nayan stereo is brought into practice. If the connector 0-is Vtt to the jack +4 bl, the left and right
speaker cities +1 lil (I'11 may be switched to the external slider 114-).
In other words, placing the jack (C) in the pocket (2) is superior to the effect 1 similar to the one
shown in FIG. Fig. 10 shows the sixth embodiment of the present invention. 1) In Fig. 10, 5b и IHJ
is a + cover provided on the F surface of the left and right speakers @ lli + 1i +, bX 563 is the left
and right speakers S y uD It is a support body which is also used as a hand-held part collected on
the toe surface of This support 6 car is made of an elastic rod such as rubber, for example, and
acts as a customer support leg which elastically supports the entire cassette recorder when the
casenotre j-da is wedged to 1-pull ITII (AB) +8114 Do. Further, this support body 61Q serves as a
grip portion when extending the left and right speaker portions Qn from the main body to the
left and right, together with the hand rest portion ?611. Therefore, there is an advantage that
the speaker portion can be easily slid from the main body and the structure can be simplified and
inexpensive. A band-shaped member formed in a U-shaped cross section contacting the upper
and lower surfaces so as to wrap the side surfaces of the left and right speaker parts aiilan may
be detachably attached to the left and right speaker parts aean. At this time, a convex or concave
finger hook may be provided on the upper surface. FIG. 11 is a view showing a seventh
embodiment of the present invention, wherein e. Lead (b) is a cassette lid, and this cassette lid b
is 1, 1 'from left and right speaker portions ut9 on from the main body portion The cassette lid
04 in the first embodiment is divided into two from the center so as to define a cassette tape
loading sO when it is left and right, and it is integrally formed with the left and right speaker
parts (ltilQ 71). J, f = L + it '1 case (9) 15) 7--This is a window for celebration, and with this
configuration-c, left and right speaker parts ab (171 Since the cassette lid is to be additionally
slid in the history from the UllU series, the distance between the left and right speakers widens
and the widening of the i-field is further promoted. In this case, there is also an advantage that
the mechanism for opening and closing the cassette lid is simplified. FIG. 12 is a diagram
showing the eighth embodiment of the present invention ? This actual M example is a cassette
7-group Mc unit group (11) and its left and right counters and operation mtJJ7z in a pocket. It is
contained. If it is 100-f, then the counter C and the operating unit in the cassette loading unit uDcan be easily configured, so that space factor can be effectively used, and further, '', further. The
cassette lid has a configuration such that it is possible to perform fluoroscopy all at once from a
wide window, and only the left and right speaker parts ?? slide to the left and right.
Since the cassette loading unit and the pocket are also used, i can be used as a cassette lid, and
when the configuration is jC, both the Ic pot and the operation 4 are externally polished with the
cassette, so the cassette lid 6 is not opened Anyway, I can confirm the state at that time. Finally,
FIG. 13 is a view showing a ninth embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 13 fat (in bl, the left
speaker portion aer1 is fixed to the main body 4 so that only the right speaker portion ?D slides
in the right direction. When the right speaker unit u7 + is slid from the main unit-in the right
direction, the operation unit ??? appears, and external operation becomes possible. In the
right speaker section uti (I? is widened, the sound field is widened. Also, as shown in FIG. 13
(C1, as shown in C1, the right speaker portion 3Qn is also integrally formed with a cassette lidand the cassette lid is also slid when sliding rightward from the right speaker portion aD-main
body 4; The cassette tape packaging section (old part) may be celebrated. In addition, the left
speaker rule may be set as a slide, and the stone speaker unit (9) may be fixed. Even if one slider
117 is slid relative to such a main body ttU, a sufficient stereo effect can be obtained. Further, by
integrating the cassette good-with the speaker unit VC, in particular, the opening and closing
mechanism of the cassette 1-becomes simple. As described above, according to the present
invention, the small-sized forceps of the suro type in which the left and right speakers are
disposed on both sides of the cassette tape loading unit and at least one of the speakers is
slidable with respect to the sheep recorder main body. Since it is a tape recorder, it is a smallsized cassette tape recorder and can easily obtain stereo effects and widening of the sound field
with a simple configuration as compared with the prior art, and it is an acoustic system for 111Fl An effect can be expected. In addition, according to the present invention, the following effects
can be obtained by the above configuration. , J'a) In the second embodiment, since the
microphone is provided at the right H speaker unit, it is possible to do stereophonic recording
more easily. b) In the third embodiment, since the characteristic stop # ew is attached to h, it is
possible to further expand the Tinamino 418 watercress at the time of cassette tape
reproduction. C) In the fourth embodiment, since the left and right speaker sections are
respectively replaced with large speakers, a small cassette tape recorder having a more serious
stereo effect can be realized. d) In the fifth embodiment, since an external speaker can be further
attached, a small cassette tape recorder of 4 channel stereo can be realized.
e) In the sixth embodiment, the left and right speaker sections are provided with the hand rest S
for sliding the speaker sections left and right, so the slide operation becomes easy. f) In the
seventh embodiment, since the cassette good slides together with the left and right sleeves,>, and
the heaker, the opening and closing mechanism of the cassette lid is particularly simplified. ") 1g)
In the eighth embodiment, the cassette tape, the color / non-ta operation part and the like related
to the tape can be easily recognized from the outside. h) In the ninth embodiment, either one of
the left and right speakers can be made slidable from the main body to obtain a stereo effect.
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