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Description 1, title of the invention
Method of manufacturing diaphragm for flat panel speaker
8. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a method of
manufacturing a diaphragm for a flat panel speaker. As shown in FIG. 1, the conventional
diaphragm type speaker diaphragm is made of synthetic rubber such as 8BR (2 styrenebutadiene rubber), NBB (aqua ronitrile-butadiene rubber), etc. as an acoustic radiation portion
(1a) and an edge portion (1b) is integrally formed into a diaphragm (1), and a reinforcing plate
(aluminum plate) (8) is bonded to the back surface of the diaphragm (1) through a cardboard (2)
The diaphragm (1), the cardboard (2) and the aluminum plate (8) were adhered using a hot melt
adhesive. In the conventional manufacturing method, (1) a step of forming the synthetic rubber
into a predetermined diaphragm shape and roughening the adhesive surface of the back surface
(2) while making hot melt contact with both sides of the cardboard, Step of laminating sheets of
adhesive and punching into a predetermined shape (8 ') On the other hand, step of punching an
aluminum plate into a predetermined shape (4) setting a diaphragm in a bonding die, After
placing a cardboard on top and then placing an aluminum plate on it, heat and pressure to melt
the adhesive and bonding the diaphragm, pole plate and aluminum plate EndPage: 1
Furthermore, the diaphragm (1) The pole paper (2) is interposed between the aluminum plate (8)
and the aluminum plate (8) for bonding in order to absorb air bubbles present between the
diaphragm (1) and the aluminum plate. In the above manufacturing method, the process of
forming the diaphragm and the process of bonding the diaphragm, pole paper, and aluminum
plate are separate steps, and are they to absorb air bubbles? There was a drawback that required
pole paper. The present invention is an improvement of such conventional defects, and is
characterized in that the diaphragm and the reinforcing plate are bonded simultaneously with
the formation of the diaphragm. Hereinafter, the present invention will be described with
reference to FIG. 2 and the following drawings. [Example (1)] A hot melt adhesive such as, for
example, NO-220 (manufactured by Lord Far East Incorporated) is formed on the adhesive
surface of the lower mold (4) on the acoustic radiation part molding part (4a). Apply coated and
dried reinforcement, plate, for example, an aluminum plate (8) with a diameter of 800 n and a
thickness of 0.81 I, place a molding material such as S on the crucible, and lower die (4) The
synthetic rubber sheet (a synthetic rubber (5b) of the same material as (5a)) is placed on the
edge molding portion (4b). Thereafter, the upper mold (6) is lowered, and the synthetic rubber
sheet (5a) and the synthetic rubber (5b) are heated and pressurized under the conditions of a
temperature of 160 ° C. for 2 minutes, so that the synthetic rubber sheet in the mold) (5a) and
the synthetic rubber (5b) are melted and have fluidity, and they are connected to each other to
integrally form the acoustic radiation portion and the flange portion 8 of the diaphragm, and at
the same time, this diaphragm and aluminum Board (8) glued ':' ,,, 71 ..
7′54、fllH*1.9,5ともQ、3mとした。 According to the above manufacturing
method, the formation of the diaphragm and the adhesion between the diaphragm and the
aluminum plate are performed in the same step, and the synthetic rubber is melted in the mold to
form the diaphragm, so that the bubbles are mixed. There is no risk of doing so. Embodiment (2)
In the embodiment (1), a heat-resistant tempered glass plate (long diameter: 300 mm, length: 1
to 311) is used as a reinforcing plate in place of the aluminum plate. . In the embodiment (1),
since the nano 1 minicum plate is heated by the mold at the time of bonding and forming the
diaphragm, it is thermally deformed to be 308 to BO 311 with a row diameter of 8001 m, In the
present embodiment, the deformation of the heat-resistant tempered glass plate is completely
eliminated. [Example (8)] In FIG. 8, in the mold, the aluminum plate (8) is sandwiched between
the synthetic rubber sheets (5a) and (5a), and the sheet is placed on the lower mold (4). Then, the
diaphragm is formed and bonded. That is, it is a method of embedding and molding an aluminum
plate (3) in a molding material. The present embodiment is characterized in that there is no need
to apply an adhesive to the surface of the aluminum plate (8) and there is no adhesion failure.
However, when assembling the speaker, it is difficult to bond the diaphragm (7) to the pois-coy
and the rubo pin (8), so as shown in FIG. In which the diaphragm material (synthetic rubber) of
the bobbin bonding portion is peeled off to expose the aluminum plate (8) and the voice coil
bobbin (8) is bonded to this portion, the present invention can Since the diaphragm and the
reinforcing plate are bonded at the same time as forming the diaphragm, the manufacturing
process is simplified, and there are no excellent advantages such as no air bubbles intervening
between the bonding surfaces of the diaphragm and the reinforcing plate. Have.
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIG. 1 is a view showing a method of manufacturing a
conventional diaphragm for a flat panel speaker, FIG. 2 is a view showing a method of
manufacturing a diaphragm for a flat plate beaker of the present invention, FIG. 8 and FIG. 4 are
drawings showing another embodiment. (8) is a reinforcing plate, (4) is a lower mold, (4a) is an
acoustic radiation part molding part, (4b) is an edge molding part, (5a) and (5b) are molding
materials. EndPage: 2
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