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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1a is an embodiment of a speaker using a
diaphragm according to the present invention '0) a side view with a cutout of a two-part, the
same figure being a rear view of the diaphragm according to the present invention, FIG.
Reference symbols b, c and d respectively show front views 7 of different embodiments of
reinforcing members used in the diaphragm of the present invention, and FIG. 3 shows frequency
characteristic curve diagrams of a speaker using the diaphragm of the present invention. 11 ......
cone paper, 12 ...... reinforcing member, 14 ...... central annular portion, 15 ...... elongated tongues,
16.16 '. 16 ? ?, 16 ? ?...
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an imaging plate
for a speaker, and in particular to means for stiffening the edge plate. Heretofore, it has been
common to use natural fibers such as pulp as a diaphragm for a speaker, and to use cone paper
made from it. However, in terms of the required physical properties, the% diaphragm C: weight,
bending rigidity, internal loss, etc., is a condition that is not compatible with the customer, so it is
not expensive? Jbl, // 7 "," и in the two example was L, which like play for most of the vibration
plate bending rigidity shortage of the vibration plate is not Tako? to satisfy all * i'C harmful
minute ?? Recommendation Were invited. Father, in recent years, MjR11 board mainly
composed of high elastic fiber such as carbon fiber is being realized, but special manufacturing
process is required, so the cost becomes expensive / there was a problem in this invention. It was
the one that was insulted to ? '115 N Some of the conventional lightening of the conventional
paper, the goodness of the internal loss is active 8 и) and l l [1], IK aimed at reinforcing the lack of
bending rigidity . Fig. 1 fLl A single # 1 board of invention! 1) A partially cutaway side view of
one embodiment of the used speaker is shown, and the back view m1 of the diaphragm of the 1 t
+ 11 mm proposed scheme is shown. In these figures. The ill is an external-magnet-type magnetic
circuit in which a bottom plate (31, an annular magnet (41, and an annular top plate (51) are
mounted in order) having a sender pole (2). A magnetic gap 16) is formed between Po familiar
21 and the annular magnet (4), 17+ is the top play 851 and its Ii! The c part is a combined frame.
18) is a coil povin, the lower end of which is wound around a voice coil 626 (9) and disposed in
the magnetic gap (6) of the magnetic circuit (1). A circle 1101 is coupled to the upper end of the
coil bobbin 181! ??? It is a temporary movement of the mold, and the feature of the present
proposal lies in this peristaltic plate + l [I]. That is, the navel board 2 is a cone paper made of pulp
fibers etc. (The back surface of the Ill is formed by bonding a # 4 strong member 0'A made by
punching out an aromatic polyamide sheet *). For example, there is a part name Nomex
manufactured by DuPont as this positive check polyamide sheet, and it is known that it is a
material having high mechanical strength and excellent heat resistance and dimensional
stability,), no) ing. The reinforcing member 03 is shown in FIG. ??? ?????? ey181O7, @
T8, 1 from the central annular portion I surrounding the through-hole 0 of the diaphragm fl (the
radial thin strips Q511151.. A peripheral annulus oe bridging the respective ends S of these
elongated tongues asas... Is provided along the periphery of the diaphragm 0.
Such reinforcement member 03 ?: an edge portion thn is formed by the outer periphery of the
joined cone paper OB beyond the reinforcement member 03t?, and the periphery of the edge
portion 0?71 is the opening side of the frame (7) bound;] 6 ░ mesh 4 Tei Do throat like a @
vibration of the discussion of growth - ?, as described above ?? Karo?I E mechanically strong
field of high aromatic polyamide which is joined to the cone paper 011 Depending on the
number of 14 radially elongated tongues O of the reinforcement member Gz made of polymer, ...
-C1 coil bobbin (8)? There is a large degree of sleeve rigidity 1 around the central part to which
the driving force is transmitted. ??? ?, this reinforcing member + 121 elongated tongue ++
511151 и и и depending on the peripheral ring + 161 to be bent и и и и ?1 ?1 ? 911 ll ll 911 и и и и
is fixed conical C 2 1 :, R ? the above INI] 1 fi 411 sex # 4 morality effect is enhanced by one.
??? ???? ????????? ?? Yu,-Ka, different example of the use of different
reinforcing members used for moving plates! Husband: I'm sorry. The supplementary 1 member
which is not suitable for M opening is only a shed of eight thin tongues g '090 sound ... from the
central annular part I but is provided in a pasting shape, but a small [] diameter shooting plate If
so, is this enough? iIi strong effect is obtained. In FIG. 1-1, the members 14 and 1 have an
arcuate one-side annular portion IIe which bridges the base end of each elongated tongue piece
0109. It has a middle ring 645 and a city 08 for qsPl of n5 nq иии иии integrally, and is suitable for a
large aperture diaphragm. In the same figure (0) (= the reinforcement member is shown in 1 (in
the figure, the reinforcement member has a continuous circular annular ring n6t in the form of a
continuous circular arc n6 t-which has the tip of each elongated tongue [19119 ... ... ] Suitable for
diameter vibrators. 16: 1: Received reinforcement member shown in FIG. 1? The i1i strong
member and the like configuration are sold, but the side-field portion lI8 has an elliptical shape
and is used for an elliptical diaphragm. Next, the method of manufacturing the diaphragm of the
present invention will be described. After soaking for 6 minutes or more in a thermal vortex, the
sheet is toughened in advance by heating to about 200 "C. A cast iron plate with a female mold
and a mold of a female plate. Thermoforming into shape. Then, punch out this cone-shaped sheet
(depends on the central annular portion, a long old piece. And leave a series of ring parts etc.
Punching or awarding! The reinforcing member as shown in FIG. 2 is obtained.
Next, turn this reinforcement into natural fibers such as pulp or synthetic 1! According to the
present invention, a diaphragm according to the present invention 56; i6 is obtained by
laminating on the back of corn paper which is mainly composed of a rubber-based or emulsionbased adhesive. Father, according to another manufacturing method, in advance, aromatic
polyaminopo 'j' 7-i /-1 '1N stamped body into a reinforcing member shape of the house, 7 1 n A
diaphragm in which a sheet of paper and a reinforcing member are in one-to-one joint state can
be obtained by means of a stone which simultaneously press-heats and forms a sheet formed by
squeezing. The speaker Ii! using the stationary plate for the speaker of water-based east in ? 3 iI
He Ik characteristics are shown with a solid line, and that of a conventional cone set using a
continuous shooting method is shown with a broken line. As shown in the figure or two, the
moving plate according to the present invention follows. The peaks and valleys that snow on the
divided resonances at 2000 Hz in the dark are suppressed in the diaphragm, and the curve of the
fitting member and the stiffening effect of the reinforcing member are well represented. As is
apparent from the following description, the speaker diaphragm of the present invention has
radially elongated tongues from the center to the periphery where the reinforcing member to be
engaged with the imaging thin plate becomes the driving point! Since it is equipped with an
integral C two suitable textbook, consideration is given to increase the bending rigidity from the
center to the peripheral part, and the divisional movement seen in the conventional S diaphragm
is suppressed, and thus the diaphragm 667. Faithful sound reproduction can be obtained using
aJ. In addition, since the reinforcing member is also provided with a bridge portion for
connecting the strips to each other, the strength of the reinforcing member itself can be
enhanced, and the bending rigidity of the diaphragm with two large diameter diaphragms can be
obtained. Reinforcement can be realized.
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