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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing an embodiment of
a full drive flat speaker according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a sectional view taken along
the line A-A of FIG. 1 and FIG. FIG. 4 is a plan view showing an example of a core member
constituting the present embodiment. 1 и и и и и и и diaphragm, 2. и и и 2 'и и и и и Magnetic circuit, 3 и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и lead wire, 8 и и
и и и Yoke, 9 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и ...
[Detailed description of the invention] Uninventive, by using as a core 4 o't poise coil, all of the 1
l I 1. L ? ? ? ? ? 5 songs% lll1 bond radio speaker ? ? 7 conventional, ? 111 j of the +
surface speaker as a recommendation of the ? 111 j of the voice coil of 14 times through Pobin
under the frequency of- -Insert into the air gap. Then I made a voice coil, and I worked on
squeezing c to make a voice coil ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? power system.
However, as a drawback of Izumi Midori-1 IB method, since the driving force to the meander
plate is focused on VC, it causes a division i 'due to ? @ frequency. Boiled-boiled soup is made in
the manner described above, and it is intended to have 41 places, and the objective place is -4
points high, and all 1111 pieces of sea bream are equalized according to the power of the soup
voice heart pillow The purpose is to prevent the minute tJ ? by providing VV ?, and to provide
a full-fledged (?) full-length phrase ? ? surface speaker t-+. Details of the present invention
will be described below with reference to -vsn 141. Reference numeral 1 denotes a diaphragm
attached at the middle of the lower air flow 4217 to the middle of the lower air flow 42.12, and
this 1 и ?4j 1 sheet 1 ?m can be added to the next KF to be a honeycomb, 4i, c (Q core member
30 member exposition 191 and the sheet-like 7% faces 4.1 '4 and 4 such as paper are made to be
Iil + (-J by using an adhesive). The core material 3 is a ribbon-shaped ? gt 4l material as shown
in l-11 and 4th L4, and the row is aluminum 11 as shown in FIG. . Core sack bottom 5 and j +
(equal to small size non-equal "shearing material? -A core (7, soot base material 6 and t + m,
opposite to each other, and 61 pairs with each other) which has been bent in a face 11A? cedar-
like shape, and the opposite portion thereof is treated with a glycolytic agent Formulated and
further core + 14 coverage 5, 5.5 or right start, и 4 and 1 P tones were mutually replaced with
each other using lead mind T, and they were VC followed by p ? contact The core # # bottom
material 51-'F surface serpentine,-formed. In this case, the reason why the lead-1 is attached to
the 1llyll for the purpose of use is to cause the conductive core acidation 5B that contacts
instantaneously to flow in the same direction and the opposite direction. A 5-m deep car, 5B is an
output-. Each of the -A circuits 2 and 2 'is held by holding the magnet 9 between several scents 1
and a part of the scent 8 and the burnt agent is used for 1! i contact yoke 8 mutual i 'Nl! i, or S ?
, to be unique.
???? It is a slit formed between the yoke 80 and the other. Also preferably, + 'i' of the '' & m
path 2.2 '? The core component 5 formed of aluminum and the core component 6 formed of an
insulating material are disposed at 14 points in the same swinger between the yokes 8 and 8 and
the core component 6 formed of an insulating material is removed, and at the time of
regeneration The vibration efficiency of the wedge plate 1 is good 83183. ? ? ? ? и 11 and 12
are damper materials for welding to the middle of 1iii moving plate 1t-air passage 2 and 2 facing
up and down, damper mounting base,% on the left and right ends of lower atom air circuit 2 The
diaphragm 1 is slidably supported by the damper 11.11 which is 1 m on its four edges it- on the
damper pedestal 12.12 which is solid-laminated in parallel. The arrow a indicates the
longitudinal direction of the core material 3. Since the first row of the present invention is
configured as described above, a conductive screw core structure is provided in the inner portion
111 of the diaphragm 1 and is connected in a plane series to a serpentine spring using a lead @T.
When voice power is fed to the material 5 from the input -5 m, the core components 5 5.5 и и и & и
in the iI connected in series flows in the reverse direction IEtIt according to the right-handed
screw law As shown in Fig. 9 ? 2 Each core configuration # 50 lap 1! lK is clockwise or 1984
PIi, but the difference of-is underperformed.-Right between this up and down and opposite up
and down a path 2.2'6, 4f MKrtl-between yoke 8.8 11 with constant one-day East! j All the
members of the board 1 move in the thickness direction vc1 over the entire surface of the whole
of the board by 6 in response to the human power of the voice. The f fatigue produced from the
diaphragm 1 is uniformly discharged from the large number of slits 10 formed in the yoke 8 of
the Ai circuit 2, 2 'below 1. ???? In this case, since the diaphragm 1 is housed in the
honeycomb-shaped core material 3t of which the cedar is remodeled by the core component 6 of
the continuous trapezoidal shape and the core component 6 of the 116 vc continuous trapezoidal
shape among them, i + 1 ribbon of aluminum + 1! 9 from I, or synthetic I! The conductivity of the
conventional vibrating plate (not shown) K having a pattern formed on the surface of the tI 111
sheet is higher than that of the conventional vibrating plate (not shown). Because of this, the
yoke 8fdl magnetized to different poles mutually in the horizontal direction of the magnetic
circuit 2, 2 'for the 85 facing up and down Ij! In the meandering cold state, the conductive core
components 5 and 5 which are in a line -LL: are cut off substantially over the entire surface.
Therefore, as in the conventional O-Fu-Cen-sugi flat-panel speaker, there is no concentration of
four excitation points with respect to the probation, and therefore no split deflection occurs.
Further, since the vibrating plate 1 accommodates the core component 5 formed of the
conductive electric quantity in the inside thereof and forms a fill by goodness, a collecting center
in which a voice coil is attached to the eyebrow bin fixed to the lower surface of the diaphragm
every time. Kanesugi V! The speaker itself can be thinned compared to the flat speaker.
Incidentally, in the above-described example, in the magnetic circuit 2.2 'which has been paired,
the four-polarity, continuous trapezoidal 0-core component 86? 1 ?, 15 between the lumps 8
and 8 magnetized respectively to different poles. Although a honeycomb-shaped core member 3
in which insulating and continuous trapezoidal core components 6 are butted is formed in a
single plate II vc while arranged in a diaphragm IIt, although not shown, the yokes 8 and 8 are
appropriately selected. Several core members 3.3 ... are arranged and their conductive core
components 5 mutually connected in series with each other, and 111 are paralleled with each
other between 1 and 8.8 removed as described above. It is also possible to form a diaphragm 1tby connecting in series conductive core components 5 connected in series so as to meander +
using a lead bundle 7. Then, when the voice Ieilf is mem- ber 10 of the diaphragm 10 [5 Me], the
appropriate number of vc connected in parallel between the yokes 8, 8 magnetized respectively
to different poles in the opposing magnetic circuit 2.2 ' The voice current flows in the opposite
direction in the 81s of the adjacent yokes s, a: a, a ? ? in the conductive core component 5 of
the above. How is the flow of the ceremony 1! According to ilK, a clockwise or counterclockwise
magnetic field is generated. For this reason, the V ? -plate 1 is voiced by attraction or repulsion
with a constant passing magnetic flux between the yokes 8 and 8 when the magnetic field of the
grain and the magnetic circuit 2 and 2'O different poles interrogated vertically. According to the
input of current, it vibrates in the thickness direction over a period of time, but between the days
8 and 8 as mentioned above, several core components 5 are appropriately arranged in parallel.
Since it is connected, the phase of the magnetic field generated when a voice current is supplied
to these core components 5 is larger than in the case of the above embodiment, and the
diaphragm 1 can be vibrated more efficiently by the voice electricity fL. . As described above,
according to the present invention, in the case of ? <?, the substantially entire surface of the
diaphragm is uniformly shaken according to the input of the sound Fll flow Q 88 ? 1! ,-Can you
so minutes WJhsw? 1 ? ? prevention and 11 reminiscent of regeneration. 1 6 ? 1 16 lk
explanation +1 Figure 1 is a view of the entire iiI + ', ? ? и и ? of the present invention to
receive an example of a single-point view of the speaker, Figure 2 Mooms possible + Figure 1 of
Figure 1 1 and the hair 4 are a group A showing a core material of -1 and 11 of the present
embodiment: J, respectively.
1 и и и ? plate, 2.2 'и и и magnetic 1! ! l ? N 3 иии Core material, 5.6 иии Core purchase base material, T
иии Lead 5j 18 иии Yoke, 9 иии Magnet, 10 иии slit. Practical # ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
???? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?-?),) 0a9 \ \: 514 ?? / и-/ '7, the 9th to ?-h' '7) q grave "L
immediate 2 Ha 02 , ', L / ? 7 inch i 15A, 4, j ... 95/5 B 119 Q B 8 / two for the new 18! : FXt;equation 47 V51
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