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Description 1, title of the invention
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention is a diaphragm such as a speaker,
etc., in which the property 1 function of each material is mutually complemented to combine
high strength and high mechanical loss by combining different materials. About. For a
loudspeaker, in particular a so-called tweeter diaphragm for highs, it is desirable that the mass be
as small as possible and as high as possible. Therefore, as the diaphragm of the tweeter, a dome
shape or a disk shape has come to be widely used instead of the conventional cone shape.
Conventionally, as such a diaphragm, for example, one having a configuration as shown in FIG. 1
was used 141, this figure is an example of a dome-shaped diaphragm, 1 is a substrate formed in
a dome shape, 2 is a vapor-deposited film scared to the surface. The substrate 1 is formed by
molding a metal foil of aluminum, titanium or the like, and a vapor deposition film 2 of a material
having a high specific elastic modulus such as beryllium or boron is applied on the surface
thereof to form a diaphragm. Here, the reason why the substrate 1 is used is that processing and
forming is extremely difficult with a single material such as beryllium or boron. By the way, in
such a diaphragm, the increase of the mass by the substrate 1 is effective, and the characteristic
is deteriorated correspondingly, and the acoustic characteristic of the substrate 1 can not be
neglected, so the characteristic can not be uniquely determined by the deposited film 2
Therefore, there are drawbacks such as EndPage: 1, which is difficult to exert desired
performance. On the other hand, separately from this and V, after forming the substrate 1 as a
molded product of copper foil and applying a deposited film, it is dipped in an appropriate
solution, for example, a suitable solution to chemically etch only the copper foil substrate 1 It is
also known how to obtain a suspended diaphragm consisting only of the steamed 4 membrane 2
except for the above. If this method is used, there is no risk of performance deterioration due to
the increase in quality, but a process step of removing the substrate 1 by chemical corrosion is
required, and the removal process causes stress on the deposited film 2 As a result, deformation
occurs and characteristic deterioration occurs, and there is a disadvantage that a measure is
required to prevent it. Yet another method is to use an extremely thin plastic film molded
product as the substrate 1. According to this method & J, the forming process of the substrate 1
is extremely easy, and since the amount of increase in mass is small, almost no characteristic
deterioration is induced. While the heat resistance of the substrate 1 can not be sufficiently
obtained, there is a disadvantage that some protective measures are required to eliminate the
influence of the radiant heat from the vapor N source in the process of forming the vapor
deposition film 2. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The object of the present invention is to
provide a diaphragm at a low cost, which has a simple manufacturing process and hardly induces
the performance deterioration due to the processing process and the increase in quality, except
for the above-mentioned drawbacks of the prior art. is there.
In order to achieve this object, the present invention uses an epoxy resin or phenol resin as a
binder, which has good heat resistance and little expansion and contraction due to heating, and is
rigidity improvement and deformation anisotropy? A material to which mica powder or 1 scaly
aluminum powder is added is formed into a predetermined shape to be a substrate, and a film of
a high specific elastic material is physically deposited (Physical apor I) eposition on the surface. ,
And PVI), which are characterized in that the diaphragm is formed. Hereinafter, embodiments of
the diaphragm according to the present invention will be described. Dissolve in a thinner based
on a highly adhesive bisphenol doll epoxy resin or phenol resin etc. with a hardener added to it,
add mica powder or scale-like aluminum powder as reinforcement, and suspend It becomes
turbid, then the thinner is splashed and the remaining evaporation residue is rolled into a
prepreg film of a predetermined thickness. The resin content in the prepreg film obtained here is
20 to 50 at maximum, the reinforcing material mica powder or scaly aluminum powder is 50 to
80 weight percent, and the degree of curing of the resin is low and it is in B stage. . .
Subsequently, the prepreg film obtained above is formed into a predetermined shape and size,
and this is used as a PVD substrate. That is, the prepreg film is used as a work (workpiece to be
molded), and this is inserted into a pair of male and female molds of a predetermined shape and
size, and heating / addition molding is performed to obtain a molded article of a predetermined
shape. Then, as Y, a PVD substrate is formed on its surface by titanium, aluminum and nitrides of
those metals, oxides, and carbides by a kind of vapor deposition film YPVD to obtain a diaphragm
7. As a PVD method to be adopted here, a high frequency ion plating method is preferably
desirable. According to the thus-obtained diaphragm of the present invention, most of the
components of the substrate are plastic, so it is easy to process and form, and there is little
induction of characteristic deterioration since there is little mass increase, and itself does not
exhibit acoustic characteristics. The characteristics can be determined by the vapor deposition
film alone, and a diaphragm having any excellent characteristics can be obtained. Further, since
the heat resistance of the substrate can be sufficiently obtained, no special consideration is
required when forming the vapor deposition film, which can be extremely easily performed.
Specific examples of the present invention will be listed below. Example 1 Dissolve 10 parts of
bisphenol epoxy resin and 0.5 parts by weight of 1 ° C. curing catalyst, here 1-cyanoeth 2-7
enylimidazole, into 200 parts of acetone Vc, and scaly in this solution The aluminum powder 300
heavy forged part was dipped and stirred, and then it was blown into a warm air stream at 60 °
C. (dew-air dried, and the residue was rolled to obtain a prepreg film of a predetermined
thickness. The blending amount of each of the bisphenol doll epoxy resin and the scaly aluminum
powder dispersed therein is determined according to the purpose after the curing of the prepreg
after curing it is decided that the EndPage: 2 should be adjusted according to the purpose.
In this example, scaly aluminum 65 weight company barcentizing is obtained by the film after
curing. The degree of curing at this time was B stage, and the formability after chewing was
good. Subsequently, the prepreg film obtained above is sandwiched between a pair of male and
female molds for 11! Heat and pressure are applied at 160 ° C. under a pressure of 50 kg / cm
2, and held in this state for 30 seconds to fully use the bisphenol doll epoxy resin. The cured film
thus obtained had a thickness of 111 tm, a bulk density (δ) of 1.58 g / cTL 'and an elastic
modulus (E') of 4.88 x 1.011 dYne / cmt, which were determined from these values. The specific
elastic modulus (r,... /.Delta.) Is 3,09.times.0 ".quadrature.z (27 sec @ 2, which corresponds to that
of aluminum. In addition, using the molded product obtained above as a substrate, on the surface
thereof ((Titanium nitride by high frequency ion plating method! It formed in thickness of
IIA'r13micrometer. The main conditions for forming this titanium nitride film are evaporation
source titanium, the reaction formula for forming titanium nitride is Ti-1-'4N-) TiN, the distance
from the evaporation source to the substrate 1 1Ill 200 mm, the gas pressure in the vacuum
chamber 5X10- ("porr, high frequency electric field / high frequency electric field force) 200 W,
and the speed of titanium nitride film formation under this condition was 0.3 μm / min. The
product obtained in this way has a beautiful golden color and is rich in design. The bulk density
was 2.15, S '/ cs3, the elastic modulus was 9.85XIO "dyne / C1n", and the specific elastic
modulus determined therefrom was 4.58X10 "crrL" / 5ec2. Example 2 Dissolve 0.5 parts by
weight of bisphenol A type W fat 80 parts by weight 1-shifno-2-phenylimidacil in 250 parts by
weight of acetone 2 and disperse 300 parts by weight of mica powder in this solution The postwrinkle treatment was performed in the same manner as in Example 1 to form a 13 μm prepreg
film into a predetermined shape in the same manner as in Example 1 to obtain a cured food
product. Here, the content of mica powder # was 68 weight percent and the resin content was 32
weight percent. Subsequently, an aluminum nitride film was formed to a thickness of 10 μm in
the same manner as in Example 1. Here, the evaporation source is aluminum l. The resulting
product is bluish black and so-called iridescent. Also, the density is 2.32. ! i'7 cm "+ elastic
modulus is 10.23 x 10" dYne / cm2. The specific elastic modulus was 4.41 XIO "C1rt", / 5 ec2.
Example 3 100 parts of resol-type phenolic resin, 2 parts by weight of alkaline thread curing
catalyst, and 150 parts by weight dissolved in an alcohol solvent; 250 parts by weight of mica
powder are dispersed therein; A 13 μm prepreg film was obtained in the same manner as in 1.
Subsequently, a 9 μm prepreg cured film was obtained in the same manner as in Example 1? ! !
た。 Also, a cured product shaped into a predetermined shape was obtained in the same manner
as in Example 1. Here, the content of mica powder was 58 weight percent, the resin content was
42 weight percent, the density was 1,66,117 cm "and the elastic modulus was 4,65 x 10" dyne /
cm2. Subsequently, a titanium nitride film having a thickness of 15 μm was formed on the
substrate surface in the same manner as in Example 1 as a cured molded product substrate
obtained in two steps. The density of this product is 2.3811 / cms. The elastic modulus is 11.05
× 10 ′ ′ dyne / (1 ′ ′, the specific elastic modulus is 4.64 × 10′′am ′ ′ / 8eC ′ ′ te;
hfc fc. Although the dome-shaped diaphragm has been described in the above embodiments, the
diaphragm according to the present invention is also applicable to a disk-shaped diaphragm, and
the same excellent effects can be obtained. As described above, according to the present
invention K, according to the present invention, the diaphragm is made of a substrate which is
easy to manufacture, low in density, excellent in heat resistance, gold ion ion impact resistance,
and good adhesion to a vapor deposition film. Therefore, the diaphragm having excellent
characteristics can be provided at low cost except for the disadvantages of the prior art.
4 is a cross-sectional view showing an example of the diaphragm of the speaker made of a
combination of different materials, a simple explanatory view of the drawings. 1 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · 1 substrate · · · shaped as a dome, 2 · · · · · · · Deposition film EndPage 3
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