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Specification 1. The invention (7) name Moroshinaruarufudakku type speaker 3, the detailed
description of the invention The present invention aims to improve the 晋 讐 characteristics of
the speaker Moshirona / L / field back (hereinafter abbreviated as FMFB) ijJ 15 'Beka About.
Electric sound 11 conversion of a general electrodynamic speaker has a unique sound pressure
frequency characteristic and exhibits a non-linear characteristic. The MFB method has been
proposed in order to achieve the indication of the Noto period characteristic and the reduction of
the non-linear distortion. The MFB method is configured to detect the amount of movement of
the vibration system of the speaker and to feed back the detected output to the drive system of
the speaker to control the motion of the vibration system of the speaker. There are an
electrodynamic type, an electrostatic type, a piezoelectric type, etc. as means for detecting the
momentum of the vibration system, but the piezoelectric type is superior to the detection S / N
ratio, sensitivity, dynamic range, cost, and 10 points. It is done. FIG. 1 shows a typical
configuration of this piezoelectric MFB speaker. In the figure, (1) is a voice coil bobbin on which
a voice coil (2) is wound, (3) i [a cap provided to cover the upper end opening of the bobbin (1),
(4) is this cap (3 ) A disc-like piezoelectric element mathematically implemented via a ring-like
combination (5), from which a detection signal is taken out via EndPage: 1-wire (not shown). (6,)
is a diaphragm attached to the voice coil bobbin (1). According to such a configuration, when
bending vibration is transmitted to the piezoelectric element (4), a magnetoelectric voltage is
generated according to the amount of peristalsis. In particular, at a frequency below the bending
vibration resonance frequency (fly) of the piezoelectric element (4), an output voltage
proportional to the vibrating speed is obtained. On the other hand, it is known that when the
sound 111 @ is given to the disk-like piezoelectric element used in the FE market MFH, the
element vibrates according to the signal, and as a speaker utilizing such a phenomenon 1 The
principle is shown in Fig.6, No.2181, where a piezoelectric tweeter exists, and (4) is a disk-like
piezoelectric element to which a signal from a sound IJ balance source (7) is supplied,
structurally Is identical to the piezoelectric element of FIG. (8) is a conical cone paper coupled to
the center of the disk-like piezoelectric element (4). The speaker, which has a configuration not
shown, has a vinegar ratio comparable to that of the ordinary electrodynamic type, and is
reported to exhibit flat sound pressure characteristics particularly at frequencies higher than its
resonance frequency (f-tl). ing. The present invention provides an Mf "B-type speaker utilizing
such a phenomenon, and the gist thereof is recommended as a high frequency speaker tfJ!
The pressure V! Built into the core xicell in the speaker! ! The feedback signal used for the MFB is
obtained from the piezoelectric element of the type tweeter, which will be described in detail
below. The speaker according to the present invention is shown in the 5th, 5th, 5th, 6th, and the
(1) (2) (3) (4) (6) are voice coil bobbin, voice coil, cap, disc-like pressure 1 ! r element and lowpass diaphragm are shown, and the top of the conical diaphragm (8) responsible for the highpass at the center of the disc-like piezoelectric element (4) is further The low diaphragm (8) and
the low band diaphragm (6) are distributed to the core mixer / I / and fj1 to constitute a double
cone type speaker. The element (4) outputs the disc-like pressure according to the vibration of
the voice coil bobbin (1) [fE demonstrates this pressure as the vibration source of the element (4)
as a source of the high-frequency squica At most several percent to several percent of the input
voltage supplied for the purpose. Therefore, if the frequency characteristic of the speaker input
voltage is made flat, the output voltage obtained in response to the vibration of the voice coil
bobbin (1) in the low frequency range is smaller than the input voltage, so it is impossible to take
out the detection signal. Therefore, in the present invention, as shown in FIG. 4 ', a capacitor and
a resistor are used between the piezoelectric element (4) as a high frequency speaker and the
acoustic signal source (7) to the element (4). Insert a captofill "QO", pressure! A configuration is
adopted in which the low band input signal to the element (4) is cut and only the low band
output signal obtained according to the vibration of the voice coil bobbin (1) is output as a
detection signal in the element (4) There is. FIG. 5 shows the drive system of the loudspeaker
according to the invention shown in FIG. 5; the f1 compensation from the sound source (7) is
amplified by the amplifier a and the low v, Xi @ overfill The signal is supplied to the
electrodynamic speaker 03 in charge of the low band through (b), and to the 8E1i element (4) in
charge of the high band through the low band cut fill 41GO. On the other hand, the detection
signal corresponding to the vibration of the vibration system of the dynamic I'll 'type speaker by
this al-w element (4) is applied to the comparison circuit α9 through the level / V adjustment
circuit 0 荀, and the sound source (7) Compared with the input sound vII signal from! Then, only
the component deviated from the input sound 1 signal is used as a correction value via the highrange capt filter α · to be fed back to the amplifier (υ. In addition, in order to prevent the high
frequency cut filter a · from being influenced by the vibration of the voice coil of the
electrodynamic speaker (most) in the high frequency and the vibration of its own as the high
frequency speaker. Provided in
It is sufficient that the resonance 18 wave number of the high frequency band (the high
frequency band) 74A / JQ 呻 be several times smaller than the cross-over 3174M number of the
low frequency band speaker (the far end) and the high frequency band speaker (4). Here,
considering the configuration of FIG. 4, of the acoustic signal from the sound source (7), the low
band is captured by the low band cut filter a1, but at the same time it is generated in the
piezoelectric element (4) The detection signal of the vibration system of the electrodynamic
speaker in charge of the low band is also absorbed by the low band capt filter α1, and the level
reduction phenomenon of the detection signal is observed. Another object of the present
invention is to prevent this phenomenon. That is, as is well known in the piezoelectric element, as
shown in FIG. 6, Do <, a unimorph lv7 type color in which the piezoelectric material aa'n is
warmed on one side of the metal substrate (1)) There is a pattern mouth. Of these, EndPage: 2 BiSelf type) is adopted, and as shown in FIG. 7, one rf: of the substrate (7) is manually converted to
a material QD, and this piezoelectric material Q11 and the substrate As the high frequency
speaker, 1a function as the high frequency speaker, and the detection signal of the vibration
system of the recommended 'it type speaker is obtained from the piezoelectric material of the
other side, and 41 as the detection element by this piezoelectric material and the substrate (4)! It
is working. By adopting such a configuration, the desired processing can be performed largely
independently without interference between the human-body force signal and the detection
output signal. Favorable results are obtained as MFB. As apparent from the above description,
according to the present invention, the high-frequency portion of the double cone type speaker is
configured by using an a: type speaker and the feedback signal used for ME'H is obtained from
the speaker. There is no need to use a detection element, the number of parts is reduced, and the
structure is simplified, contributing to cost reduction. Furthermore, in the present invention, a
bimorph-type piezoelectric element is used, so fl) there is no interference between the input
signal and the detection output signal, and the high-pass Sbee force and the detection element
are separately provided The same effect can be expected.
Brief Description of the Eastern Drawings FIG. 1: /: i: Cross section of car's MF “B-type Sbica”,
2nd meat is a cross section of piezoelectric Sbica, FIG. 6 is a cross section of the speaker of the
present invention, FIG. The figure is an electric circuit diagram of the main part, Fig. 5 is a block
diagram of the drive system of the MFB type Sveker of the present invention, Fig. 6 is a sectional
view of the piezoelectric element, and Fig. 7 is a cross sectional wiring diagram of the main part
of the loudspeaker of the present invention (1) is a voice coil bobbin, (4) is a disc-shaped
pressure element f, (7) is an acoustic signal source, aO is a low-pass cut filter, (1) is a metal
substrate, It shows the 1IK material. EndPage: 3
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